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One of my Canadian Sikh friends has joined the Sikh Blogger "Club" with his new blog called Maple Leaf Sikh. It’s great to see a new blog with some interesting content. He always seems to find unusual and interesting videos related to Sikhs. When I last spoke to him he said that it was like his "bag of tricks" so when friends come over, or he visits other people, he has some fun and interesting videos to show.  

 His blog is still new, but there are quite a few interesting videos and blog posts. The first was about "Project Punjab" which is about Christian missionaries in Punjab "bringing people to Jesus Christ". I’ve read stories of this, but seeing a video like this puts a whole different picture out there.

Then there is this great video of a news story talking about Italy’s Sikh Cheese Producers. There they are making this high-end cheese for the world, and they are even fluent in Italian! I thought it was pretty cool. Let’s see what’s to come in the following months from the Maple Leaf Sikh! 

These days it seems that most of the Sikh bloggers have dropped out and don’t post things anymore. It’s great to see some fresh "faces" with original content. If you haven’t seen The Langar Hall, that’s another good Sikh blog that has lots of regular original content. If you have been thinking of blogging, go for it! It’s a great way to journal and express yourself to the world.

In the mean time, enjoy Maple Leaf Sikh and the other Sikh blogs out there.

4 Responses to “Maple Leaf Sikh Blog”

  1. Alvindar says:

    something new

  2. Sardar Simran Jeet Singh(Oceanside)San Diego Vale aka Sim says:

    What can we do about Punjab from a Khalsa Missionary project perspective.

  3. Kirit says:

    what punjab needs is a proper government. Sikhs in Punjab have no government, ..sikhs have no autonomy. Sikhs in Punjab have to literally ‘beg’ the indian government to change its language policies in Punjab but india simply ignores everything. personally, i believe india has no government and it is to large and diverse as a nation to be controlled by only one type of government. Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the Sikh kindgom was the golden age for sikhs and it is sort of funny because that was 100s of years ago but sikhs were much better off…they had TRUE freedom, there was equality amongst everyonee even though sikhs were the minority, and muslims majority, the sikh kingdom was able to be fair and there were no problems in punjab (thats until british imperialism of course)…but those golden days for the sikhs are gone since the british messed things up and then when the british left they gave power to the congress who messed things up EVEN more so sikhs are now powerless…not much say…doesnt matter if the PM of india is a sikh…(obvisouly hes not a true sikh)…hes just one of those clean shaved sikhs who ‘starts to wear a turban’ when they begin to bald. The PM is a puppet politic.  but anyways my point is that MANY THINGS in PUNJAB need to change, POLITICALLY, SOCIALLY, and Punjabis need to be taught thier own language from the day they start school until they graduate (so then they can understand gurmukhi and read the guru granth sahib)…insitutions need to change also (make punjabi the number one language, not Hindi, english anD THEN PUNJABI)…so if these things cant change, then sikhs would just continue to leave punjab, migrants workers from poor places in UP and MP will come in Punjab becuase they need work, and the christian missionaries will target these poor low-castes who are helpless and will get manipulated by missionaires promising hope and all these false beliefs….also one new thing i learned today that was very interesting was that during the sikh golden age, free health care was provided to EVERYONE?? ALSO, the death penalty was abolished in punjab way before some western nations abolished it…alsoo maharaja ranjit singh use to feed the poor…ive never seen the PM of india feeding the poor…and india today does not provide free health care and still has the death penalty.

  4. Canuck says:

    It is so true, the project Live an Inspired Spiritual Life was going strong for some time: but it came to a quick end when I lost inspiration.
    But then re-inspired and re-invigorated, I came up with a new mission:
    and we must act to become exemplary models of health as prescribed by the Sikh lifestyle…