Honor the 300th Anniversary of Guru Gaddi

Honor the 300th Anniversary of Guru Gaddi by making a Pledge
to deepen your own personal relationship with the Guru

For so many people, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is deeply revered, but not always understood or meditated upon. This month, as our global Sikh Sangat remembers and celebrates the 300th anniversary of Guru Gaddi, we can each make a Personal Pledge to deepen our own relationship with our Guru.

"Walking one step towards the Guru’s feet, the True Guru walks millions of steps to welcome you…" – Vaars of Bhai Gur Das Ji

We have selected a simple list of things you can choose from and pledge to do.

Guru Gobind Singh - Give me your Head

We invite you to participate, along with us here at SikhNet, in taking one of these pledges – or perhaps to create another personal commitment of your own. As we commemorate our gifts from Guru Gobind Singh, and the significance of his last instructions to his Sikhs, let us remember that the presence of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in our lives was purchased through the sacrifices of many generations. Let us honor those sacrifices by each making a personal commitment to more deeply understand and experience the power of the Shabad Guru in our own lives

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The cool thing about the pledges are that you are not alone! These are group commitments that you would make along with lots of other people. You can actually see how many others made the same pledge.

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