Snatam Kaur’s Baby Shower and Weekend Pictures

Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh
This weekend was pretty relaxed and nice. On Saturday we had a Baby Shower Party for Snatam Kaur who is going to be having her first child! Arjan was busy organizing and co-coordinating everything for the party. Normally only girls go to these parties….but Snatam and Sopurkh wanted it to be open to all, so us guys were allowed.

It turned out to be a very fun and special event. It started with 31 minutes of beautiful Kirtan by Sat Purkh Kaur and company. We then had lunch/food/socialized and then played some games. We played a custom version of the game called “Pictionary” where a someone reads some word or thing and they have to draw it on a paper with your team members trying to guess what you are drawing. The variation was that Arjan made baby/pregnancy related words so it was lots of fun. My team did pretty well because we had lots of veteran parents. Hahaha… it was good fun.

We then ended with a nice video which was a compilation of short little videos that Arjan recorded after Gurdwara one day. In the videos she is asking people to share advice and stories for Snatam Kaur, related to having a baby and being a mother. She just used my little digital camera to record these short videos and the night before the party I put the video together as best I could without spending too much time. Even though the video is directed towards Snatam Kaur there is some good advice that any of you woman out there might enjoy.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Click on the image to view a large version and captions about the picture.

7 Responses to “Snatam Kaur’s Baby Shower and Weekend Pictures”

  1. When I gave birth to Guru Mustuk Singh….LOL. No one could believe that he was coming….least of all.the dr/midwife who I had visited that morning. I knew I was going to give birth that day. It was 3 weeks before the due date and nobody, but me, could believe it was time. At least the doctor said it would be a few more days.

    So, I walked around the house pacing and geting Braxton Hix cotractions that I had for many months. I did a lot of walking like you, Snatam. I was really open and Guru Mustuk was very anxious to come into the world.

    My intuition said he was coming today and the formal labor never really occurred because
    I never noticed the water breaking, and there was no need to push. By 3pm his head just dropped down and I could feel what they call the baby “crowning”. Fortunately his father intuitively decided to come home and was there to help.  At that moment I felt his head crown I lay down and asked my husband to massage the perineum. But before Govinda could do a thing, he said that Guru Mustuk Singh popped his head out. Then the most amazing thing happened. The midwife was at the door knocking…no one heard her, the doctor was stuck in traffic. The umbilical chord was wrapped around GM’s head 2x. Govinda calmly slipped it over the baby’s head and freed him up…..and then infant GM turned his head face down and delivered himself into this world by bring first one arm out and then the other. Now, most people in the NATURAL world of infant birth will tell you that Babies deliver themselves. This was truely our experience. After that little moment with the umbilical chord he came out so smoothly and effortlessly. So, you could say I had no labor at all….just VERY intense braxton hix contractions…which were more like cramps. 

    It was exhausting but I felt so good in just a few hours. As infant GM lay in my arms he just slept and looked beautiful. Govinda called the Siri Singh Sahib and told him of the birth. SSS ji said, he is beautiful and he has a destiny of the Guru…..good fortune written on his forehead…..Guru Mustuk Singh Khalsa. Truely beautiful boy.

    The midwife finally arrived after the event and checked everything and just said all was great and he cut the umbilical chord. My husband and I were alone for the birth which was really what I had wanted. And God made it that way. After the birth many of the people who were staying with us for Khalsa Council came rushing in, sauteed Almonds and just oohed and aahed and gave friendly appreciated smiling witness and support.

    In this experience it was all happening to me, I had no control or say that,,,,I do not like this and it should be different. But I was gazing at a bottle of SUNSHINE SCENTED oils when they used to have the smiling sun as their logo…..and noticed that the smiley face on the sun logo was winking at me. That wink turned me from being involved deeply in myself  to standing outside myself and seeing humor beyond that moment. Thank you God and Sunshine Scented oils and thank you Snatam for this opportunity to share.

  2. Amrita Kaur says:

    o snatam is expecting? thats great news..congratulations :) 

  3. Sat Bachan Kaur says:

    Blessings for Snatam Kaur Sopurkh Singh and the baby in that blessed family.
    With my husband Rai Singh are expecting a baby too, and for us talking to other parents,
    and sharing the experience has been so important. It is such a different world , with so many
    new things that listening the others stories give us the understanding that we can doooo this!!!
    Feeling that we are servants of God in the mission to carry this souls that are so pure and with the mission to bring peace and change in this world make us feel so blessed and in continous reverences.
    Thanks for all the mothers and fathers that give light to this world throught their saints children.

    Thanks Arjan Kaur for the idea of the video ;)

    Sat Nam,
    Rai Singh and Sat Bachan Kaur and  Singh Ji

  4. Mother of four says:

    Congratulation to Snatam and Sopurkh.  Even though I have never met you I feel I know you.  You have inspired a lot of people with your singing.  Keep up the good work.  You will have a permanent assitent soon.    I have had 4 children and each labour was unique and very different.  Tears of joys through them all.  BUt there is one thing I will share.  Nomatter how long or hard the labour is.  Once you hold your bundle of joy in your hands you forget all the pains.  Love every minute of your child.  They do grow up fast.  Most importantly Please Please Breastfeeed your child.  It is such good bonding and it is your time with your baby.  It may seem hard first but after the first two weeks it will be so natural.  Trust me I breastfed for 10 years.  Lots of love.

  5. sawitar kauar says:

    satnam to you snatam. you are a blessed soul.

  6. Uma kaur says:

    Sat Nam to you and your husband,
    As a mother of two I had a difficult labour with both, but it is only for one day and the joy is forever! Many blessings to you both and thanks again to you and your freinds for the beautiful music. Snatam do you have any plans to put aap sahaee hoa suchay da  suchay doa har har har on an album or Wahe guru sat nam hari hari ram ram.
    May you be light in air everywhere.

  7. harpreet singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh
    very nice pics..i am very happy when i saw english men and women adopt sikh culture and religious things.its a new path for sikh religiounand we save it