NEW! Sikh Childrens Audio Stories Section


Many of our SikhNet visitors have discussed with us and asked us, how can we give our values our virtues and our valor to our children? Why must we raise our children on Mickey Mouse and television cartoons? Soul Spirit and Reality – that’s what our children really want from us as parents. As Sikhs of the Guru we have such beautiful stories of wisdom, valor, love, devotion and sacrifice which is a natural part of our heritage.

Here at SikhNet, we asked for storytellers. Storytellers raised their hands and came to our microphones to tell wonderful spiritual stories / sakhis for our children. So, today we offer a new section on SikhNet called "Sikh Stories for Children." Just click and listen. Bed time stories or any-time stories. We’ll be adding new stories regularly every week.

So please spread the word to all your friends and family who have children. 
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3 Responses to “NEW! Sikh Childrens Audio Stories Section”

  1. The Art is by a Guru Tej Singh (Mexico). He and his family came to Espanola for the summer to be in the community here and he was looking for some work. I was happy to give him some work and make use of his skills for the stories.

    The watercolors were good because it wasn’t very complicated and a painting could be done quickly. I just game him some audios and he came up with the paintings, which made it easy for us, because we are so busy all the time.

    He has since gone back to Mexico (and he isn’t a computer person)….so we probably won’t have any more art by him until the next time he visits here :)

  2. shanu says:

    singh ji i sent a few examples of artwork to yourselves…i’m still happy to help!