The Miracle of Guru Ram Das

The Miracle of Guru Ram Das

Excerpts from an address by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sometime it’s very difficult for an individual to understand this, but it is the essential part of life.  In the past five thousand years, all effort has been made to make a man understand “you are made in God.” Man has adopted different deities and worshipped different aspects of God.  He even went to the point of controlling certain supernatural powers which belonged to God to prove to his fellow beings that he’s superior.

It is the faculty of the human to pretend to be exclusive and superior.  Don’t misunderstand me – this is in you and this cannot go away.  If you have a misunderstanding about this, you are starting off on the wrong foot.

When as Sikhs we do Ardas, “Kaam krodh lobh moh ahankaar to bichaao,” we are doing a wrong Ardas.  “Kaam krodh lobh moh ahankaar” are the offshoots of akasha, air, fire, water and earth.  They are outcomes of these five tattvas.  Five tattvas have five projections and there are three gunas.  So we have a very ceremonial way of talking about things.

Everybody wants to get rid of everything.  We always feel that we should get rid of all the negativity.  It means we are not accepting one side of the coin, and we want to look to the other side of the coin.  Either the whole gold coin has to disappear or we are going to be prejudiced.  There’s no fault in us.  Nobody on this earth can be unhappy.  It is that prejudice that we only want one side.  When we choose one side, we become judgmental.  When we become judgmental, we start testing.  When we are testing, then we are not trusting.  We are unhappy.

Happiness has seven steps, and nobody can be happy without these seven steps.  It doesn’t matter what you study and how you educate yourself.  The first step of happiness is commitment.  When you are testing, then you are doubting.  When you are doubting, then you have duality.  When you have duality, you cannot have trust.  If you cannot have trust, you cannot commit.

So you have a commitment.  What does commitment do?  Commitment gives you character.  What is the caliber of that character?  It’s not anybody’s problem, but you will have an absolute character.  Character will give you dignity because your trust will gain others’ trust.

We have forgotten that God has made us and unto God we have to go.  We have forgotten that God has sent us.  We have forgotten that God has nurtured us and we go to God.  That is the main problem.

What is a Khalsa?  The purity which you have to exercise is that here you represent God.  And when you represent God, you represent both sides – negative and positive, right and wrong.

Some people love to be wrong.  I once saw some people doing kirtan and they were in ecstasy.  I saw some other people dancing and drinking later that night.  They were in ecstasy too.  And somebody said to me, “I wish all those people could have been at the kirtan.”  I said, “No.  These people are doing kirtan, they are in ecstasy.  God wants this ecstasy.  There is equal ecstasy in this dance.  Drinking and dancing, to them that’s ecstasy.  Who are we to judge it?”

In our subconscious character, we have a faculty of self-destruction.  It starts with all those who love us, we start testing them… even God.  Therefore we cannot trust God.  And when we cannot trust our own Maker- our own reality, our own infinity – then we do three things.  Either we isolate, or we become hookers, or we become crooks.  Without God three characters have to be formed.  You want to fish for people.  And you disguise your hook with bait and call it love, or call it affection, or intelligence, or reason, or logic, or a philosophy, or an idea.  If there is a one God, there is ONE idea that is that there is One God.  There’s no more ‘philosophy’ about it.  There’s no more ‘reality’ about it.  There’s no faculty for it.

I am trying to make you understand that are already 17 years into the Age of Aquarius.  Four more we have to go in.  (now, in 2008) Whoever of us survives must understand what Nanak said: In the identity, Naam, I have established myself.  And my identity is God.  Minus Atma (soul) there’s nothing in me.  I’m a dead body which will disintegrate or which will be put on a pyre or put in a graveyard.  Beyond that… so long…

The wick of God in you, as in the light of a candle, is the breath of life.  And all breathe the same way.  Some short, some long, some big, some hold it and some don’t.  But so long as the breath is between us, we are alive.

You must understand that Guru Ram Das is a Lord of Miracles and His house stands as a crown on this earth.  And those who are the servants of that crown, shall serve.  You’ll be tested, tortured and mocked.  It’s not your fault.  It happens.  But let you all be understanding this: when you go and serve in the Name of Guru Ram Das, the Lord of the Miracles.  All miracles shall happen.

Dnu Dnu rwmdws guru ijin isirAw iqnY svwirAw ]

pUrI hoeI krwmwiq Awip isrjxhwrY DwirAw ]

Blessed, blessed is Guru Ram Das, the Lord who created Thee,  He alone has embellished Thee. Complete is Thy miracle.  The Creator Himself has installed Thee on the throne.

– Swayas in praise of Guru Ram Das, uttered by Rai Balwand & Satta, the drummer, Ang.  968

Those who shall act in the Name of Guru Ram Das, God shall embody Himself to fulfill the act of performance.  All I can do is to testify to it myself.  All you can do is test it yourself, and we shall ask nothing in return.

If once in lifetime when you don’t have the answer, just call on Guru Ram Das and let Him take over.  Make it a habit.  I know your ego cannot take it.  “Why should not we do it ourselves?”  I’m saying, “Do what you can do, but when there’s nothing to do, then give Him a chance.”  There’s nothing wrong in that.

Sooner or later this Panth must carry the load for the world, and you must remain united.  You have to use this miraculous power which is around you for the sake of humanity.  I see it.  Also I have experienced that they have mocked us.  And they will keep on mocking and keep on dying.  It is so written.  Malech.  They have become malechas.

Malech Khalsaa hosee naas.  Panth Khaalsaa hosee parkaash. When the Khalsa shall destroy evil, then the Khalsa Panth shall rise up – Guru Gobind Singh

These are the words of your Father, Guru Gobind Singh.

So, as a Panth we are self-cleansing, self-rinsing and self-purifying.  And so long as anyone mocks us, so long as they make jokes about us, as long as they think they are the majority and we are the minority, we are safe; because the world is drunk with ego and arrogance.  But out of all this a New Age is sprouting up – the Age of Aquarius – where there shall be knowledge and interlocking connection for each human being.

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  1. Shanu Kaur says:

    That was a very inspirational post. 

    Quick question though – when we call on ‘Guru Ramdass’ are we not calling Guru Nanak or Waheguru? Because I mean Guru Nanak’s ‘jot’ was within Guru Ramdass wasn’t it? So when we call on Guru Ramdass aren’t we kinda…deiti-fying (I made that up I know) Guru Ji?

    So why not just call Waheguru?

  2. Yesturday I woke up so excited anticipating that this was the day of Prakash Utsav of our dear
    Guru Ram Das ji. Because in every way the channel of Guru Ram Das has been such a comfort and healer and miracle worker in my life. I turned on Z TV channel and saw the beautifully decorated hour of Guru Ram Das, the Golden Temple of Amritsar vibrating with kirtan and brilliant decorative lights of celebration. In the evening we joined our local community in Brooklyn and sang the praise of Guru Ram Das for 62 minutes. What a joyous event to join together and counter the disparities in the world of Maya that face us in the news daily. Our Guru’s declaring the other path of reality is present and available to us.

    In the toughest time of my life I started singing “Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur….” shabd for 2 1/2 hours daily. I continued non stop with out missing a day for 2 years. Everything shifted, including my home from LA to New York. And the shift continued as I recited “Mera Man Loche gur darshan taa-ee……..” in my new home for the next few years. You can see the shift for yourself.

    Hail Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world. Hail Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world.
    Hail Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world.

  3. I love Shanu Kaur’s comment. It is a very valid question and important to understand.

    We were given 10 personalities or channels of Wahe Guru.
    Each channel has qualities and naad of Shabd that is specific to it.
    Nine Guru’s and Bhagats were  in Bhakti. Then our tenth Master expressed 
    in Shakti Bani.

    Our Spiritual culture is so family oriented in the metaphors of God consciousness
    being available to us in possibiblity of age and even as all members of our family……our Grandfather Guru Amar Das, our little
    brother Guru Har Krishan, and so on.

    The more I sing and experience the Shabd of the Guru the more I find this personal in the impersonal manifesting
    as the human qualities and of each Guru and their specific mastery or contribution being a guide post to my life of experience.


  4. HKaur says:

    Hi G,

    That was a lovely post! Really got me moving and understand! Thank you on this post! :)

    Just a quick Question if u can please help. I was reading some of Yogi Bhajan’s lectures, and in one of them he talks about ”time and space”. He relates this to women and that how should men act, but i dont understand what he means by this. I dont quite understand what he means by ”time and space”. If you, or someone could please exaplin this to me i would be so greatful!

    Thank You!


  5. Guruka Singh says:

    HKaur Ji – time and space is are the limitations of the physical world as we perceive it. But it is only our mind and body that is limited by these constraints, our consciousness is not limited and can transcend both time and space. Now I’ll say something seems not to make sense but is absolutely true:

    Everything is happening now.

    You can be anywhere in the universe.

    That is the experience of the subtle body, which exists beyond the limitations of time and space.


  6. HKaur says:

    Thank you Guruka, im trying to understand it. It seems very easy to understand the words, but i dont know why im finding hard to understand. Yogi bhajan says ”men shoudnt give women time and space”.  should it be that men should live in the moment? is this what is ment by time and space? is there another exaple you could please give?

    thank you Guruka singh

  7. Guruka Singh says:

    Shanu Kaur Ji – Each of us has a personal relationship and experience with our Guru. It is the most intimate and personal relationship of our life. More intimate than husband and wife or parent and child. That relationship is sacred and it is different for each of us. So, while all our Gurus have the same Jot – Paramatama (and so do we!) it is expressed through each with the qualities and characteristics of that atman. In this way our personal experience of this sacred relationship is unique. For many of us who are called to serve Him, it may be a personal vision or experience of Him…. whether Guru Nanak Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji or any other form, it matters not. He calls each of us into his service uniquely according to the experience of our soul. For me it has been Guru Ram Das Ji. Each soul’s awakening is unique.


  8. Guruka Singh says:

    HKaur Ji – Aha! Now I understand what you are saying! Thank you. He is giving very practical advice here. He is telling men not to give their woman exact time and space promises, such as: “I will meet you at 4-o-clock” unless they can commit to it completely. That is because women’s and men’s perception of time and space is different. Women are very literal, and men are, by nature, very casual regarding these things. It is better for the man to say, “I should be finished around 4PM, call me around that time and we’ll arrange to meet.” The problem comes when the man promises (even inadvertently) and then does not deliver. This creates mistrust in the woman. He is giving advice to men to be careful not to create such mistrust in their woman. See?


  9. HKaur says:

    WOW! thank you Guruka! i think i understand now. dont be exact! thank you.

  10. sarbjit singh says:

    I have gone through the whole article. It is OK except the para related with Guru Ram Das Ji. Becuase Yogi Bhajan was over fond of Guru Ram Das Ji, so he and his followers are over inclined to Him as He is supreme to other Gurus. Whereas one of the the basic things of Sikhi is that all Gurus are ONE.
    The verses given describe Guru Ram Das Ji same way as the other part of this composition describe other Gurus.
    Any way, the verses talk not about any miracles of Guru Ram Das Ji, but Miracle of God that he has shown through the Gurus (Guru Nanak and His successors) revealing the True Path.
    When we use Guru’s word out of context for our motives then we try to show our miracles by using our wit!
    Hail Guru Ram Das Ji on His birthday same as we should Hail other Gurus!!
    Let us be Guru’s true Sikh and, not our own Sikhs!!!

  11. Sarbjit SIngh beta,

    Guru IS saying Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur.

    Just as Guru talks about the devotion of Guru Amar Das, and the beauty of Guru Arjan Dev and the wisdom of Guru Teg Bahadur and the vastness of GuruNanak and Guru Angad and Guru Hargobind.   Guru Gobind Singh’s bani is so specially different
    that his bani has a separate Granth. Guru gave us this diversity and variety of manifesting HIS “JOT”as 10 human channels. Choose the channel that works for you. No judgement here.

    The whole point of this sharing of the lecture was to give you some inspiration to deeply meditate on the words of
    the Guru. 
    I have had such a profound experience of chanting DHAN DHAN RAM DAS GUR……Just as I have had equally profound experience of chanting CHATARA CHAKARA VARATEE and so on. I feel very lucky.  I am glad you made these comments because you will have to give yourself the moments to experience the deeply wonderful and varied bani of our Guru. 

    Our Gurus’ had personalities. And their personalities addressed a variety of needs, a variety of challenges, a variety
    of ages and a variety of devotions. It is so amazing that we have 11 channels with which to enter the space of the Guru. Choose and get to know them all. 

    Many blessings to you in your experience of Wahe Guru in all its  Infinite colors, shapes and forms.

    SatKirin Kaur Khalsa

    These times are KAL YUG. Guru says over and over 

    On Oct 12, 2008, at 12:31 AM, Comments wrote:

  12. shanu says:

    wow thank you for the explanations Jio! It makes sense, I suppose I have more of a ‘relationship’ with Guru Gobind Singh Ji and since listening to Chardi Kala Jatha’s Kirtan – Guru Raamdass Ji…. interesting how human nature is that we need a form or image or entity to cling to.

  13. During the fall when we celebrate Guru Ram Das’ birthday I can’t help but tune into the being, the miracle, the grace that is Guru Ram Das.
    When I was a kid, I heard a lot of stories of Guru Nanak and I loved (and still love) Guru Nanak dearly. Later in my life I started to feel so much energy around Guru Gobind Singh. Sometimes I just want nothing but to experience Guru Tayg Bahadur’s 30 year meditation. Guru Tayg Bahadur has really blessed me so much.
    When I was a kid I thought of Guru Har Krishan as a peer, a very holy peer, but another kid, who was the best kid you could be.
    The different bodies, the different lives, the different circumstances, personalities, and teachings, all eminated from the same light. Each divine channel of light leads to the same light.
    I can’t agree that “Yogi Bhajan was over fond of Guru Ram Das Ji.” I don’t think you can be over fond of your Guru, ever. Some people might say I’m over fond of Guru Gobind Singh Ji because I just want to be exactly like him. But how can I help it? You cannot conform your love and devotion to fit a certain standard. It flows naturally. Blessings to everybody :-)

  14. sarbjit singh says:

    But the Gurus said: ‘They think the ten Gurus as ten channels and thus are in delusion and misled by themselves. Only those who realize that they are not ten or eleven, they are ‘One’, get the ultimate Bliss!’
    May He bless us all with His true wisdom and we can follow the Guru’s true Word (remember Guru’s Word is the Guru not anyone else, whosoever) and attain peace for ever!!

  15. sarbjit singh says:

    Dear Shanu,
    Sikhs never cling to any form or image. The Gurus say ‘foolish are those who cling to such images’. Contemplate and live by their divine Words. Only these spiritual Words can lead us to liberation once for all! Otherwise we just be clinging to one after another throughout the life!!
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Fateh

  16. shanu says:

    I understand what you mean Singh Ji but my point was not what we are supposed to do - but what we actually do and how human nature is, not a sikh’s nature. I’m sure we’re all aware of Guru Ji’s expectations (through reading Bani) and aspire to reach them – but how many of us have or ever will reach them, due to our own Selves…our Ego’s…our Matt’s? 

  17. Inderjeet Singh says:

    Guru Fateh Ji

    I don’t know weather I am eligible to involve in this discussion or not.

    But can I ask you something, don’t you think that When ever any ones means Our Guruji prakash utsav comes means any one (from Guru Nanak Ji to Dasam pitta) we start discussing and feeling that we are now getting closer to  that particular Guruji more.And rest of the year remembering other guru Ji whose prakas utsav comes
    Sorry is I said some thing wrong

  18. Kirpal Vir Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh.

    You all are much more knowledgeable than me. I have no parity with the kindest and purest of thoughts that you have. Yet i must make a statement here.

    Eko jaan Gur Parmesar Eko Jaan.

    Don’t anybody ever think that Waheguru is any different from our ten rather 11 Gurus (Guru Granth Sahib ji included). Dasam Pita had the courage to pronounce that the one who shall call him God shall be condemned to hell, but bani can’t be wrong.

    Hence it makes no difference if you remember God or anyone of our Gurus (They were and are the Jyot of that one almighty)

    Bhulan Layi Khima.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  19. Bhupender singh says:

    Malech Khaalsaa hosee naas
    Panth Khaalsaa hosee parkaash.
    in which Granth this gurbani has been written by Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh and in which page no.,
    I have not got this gurbani till now……….