Sahaj Singh

On Thursday October 2nd, a good friend of mine, Sahaj Singh was stabbed nine times confronting an intruder in the garage of his home.  The assailant was attempting to gain access to his wife’s vehicle after his wife and two young children had returned home.  Sahaj Singh sustained nine knife wounds, including one that punctured his larynx (throat).  He was flown to University Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he underwent emergency surgery to repair his neck injury.

Sahaj Singh is a Paramedic with Espanola Valley Emergency Medical Services and an instructor for the Para-Rescue Program of the United States Air Force, and a co-lead instructor with the Paramedic Training Program at Santa Fe Community College, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sahaj Singh is more accustomed to being the one treating people in need, but now is his time to receive the support and love of those around him.  It is expected that he will be out of work for 4-6 week.

A bank account has been set up in his honor to offset mounting medical costs.  Please send checks, of any amount, to:  "Benefit Account for Sahaj S. Khalsa" and send to:  PO Box 1741, Santa Cruz, New Mexico 87565 USA…

Wife and DaughterWhen this happened It was quite a shock to hear. We had all just come back from Kirtan at someone’s house nearby in honor of Guru Ram Das Ji’s Birthday. Every year a few weeks before the Gurpurb, we have kirtan at different people’s homes every night to celebrate and come together. Sahej’s wife was there with her kids and apparently she drove home just when this person was coming by and was attempting to get her car so that he could flee form the police (after robbing a gas station). Luckily she locked her doors in time and honked the horn really loud to get Sahej’s attention in the house. That would have been a really scary thing to have to go through. She was there in the car with her two small children.

I didn’t hear all the details but apparently after being stabbed/injured multiple times he was able to get the knife from the attacker, stab him back and then hold him down until the police came. He was then rushed by helicopter to another city and was in intensive care. You have to think that in spite of this tragedy that Guruji gave him the strength to overcome this and keep his family safe.

It reminds me of a few weeks ago when Barack Obama was visiting Espanola and giving a speech and someone in the front of the crowd went unconscious or fainted and he was one of the first on the scene to help the person. When this happened Barack stopped his speech and called for someone to come help and then said,  "What we are seeing here with the EMT folks; that’s the spirit that makes this country great".

My prayers and love go out to this serviceful friend who is always there to help those who are hurt and in need. Love to you and your family!

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  1. Navpreet Kaur Sidhu says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa

    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    May God Bless him and his children who saw this happen.

  2. Alvindar says:

    is there a sure way to prevent crime ??

    or maybe being a victim to it ?

    coz its sickening to hear of someone's loved one being hurt

  3. jeet72 says:

    our prayers are with sahaj singh khalsa ji  & his family . may waheguru bless him good health

  4. Canuck says:

    This is a saddening story indeed. Meditating we shall pray that our brother heals, by sending prayers and healing peace to him and his family. Realising that he is a Sikh of the Guru, we know and Trust that friends like you will meditate and pray by his side. The fact he lives, and breathes, is evidence of the Inspiration that raises us and continues to sustain us. With help, love, and purpose those who are surrounding him will surely imbue him with the colours of healing and happiness that will lead him to the road of recovery. Let us come together, and make such a healing prayer “May our Singh heal his wounds, the spirit of family to repeat the True sounds. The Prayer has now come, that God the Sustainer, Keeper shall bring him home. Inspiring the breathe of life, together and healthy will be he, his children, and wife”. Waheguru

  5. sarbjit singh gill says:

    May Waheguru bless Sahaj Singh.

  6. Gurukarm Kaur says:

    Jio, is it possible to set up a way to donate through PayPal, for instance? If I could help with this, I’d be glad to do so – so many of us are online all the time, and find it much easier to give money to causes we care about in that way. Please email me!
    Wahe Guru,
    Gurukarm Kaur

  7. Dharam Pal Singh Khalsa says:

    Hello all (and Gurukarm Kaur), my name is Dharam Pal Singh.  I am a paramedic co-worker, and friend of  Sahaj Singh, and I am heading up the benefit account for him.  I have a Paypal account that can be used for this purpose.  I think you just need my email address, [email protected].  Thank you all for your support.  An update..Sahaj was discharged from the hospital yesterday, and returned home to the love and support of his wife Sat Shabad Kaur, and his two young daughters, Suraj Kaur, and Padmani Kaur.  Please keep Sahaj in your prayers, as the healing process continues.  Also, please spread the word…Sat Nam

  8. … kirpa karay…..

  9. Mr Singh UK says:

    May guruji keep you and your family in chardi kalaa, arm yourself with the gurus shabad and never be un-armed


  10. Darshan Singh says:

    This is Sahaj Singh’s father.  I just wanted to add that when Barack Obama was in Espanola and the EMT people were needed, 2 Espanola people were on there and helped the woman in the crowd.  One of them was Sahaj.

    I also wanted to express my gratitude for how responsive and inspiring so many people have been.  It is truly heartwarming and a wonderful positive to this very —- what? — challenging incident.  This includes Sikhs from all over the world, and his co-workers in Espanola.  Wonderful things have been done to help Sahaj and his family and speed their recovery.   Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Sarib Singh Khalsa says:

    I understand that his surgery was sucessful and he is expected to recover completely.

    This kind of unhesitating courage and total determination is what defines a hero.  Being a Peramedic he surely knew exactly how fatal his injuries potentially were, but he fought through, held and stopped this man; and protected his family nearly at the cost of his life.

    Sahej, you are awesome.  You did it!  I am so thankful you were not injured worse and that you will fully recover.  We love you and your family so much.  May you all fully recover in every way and be in 100% Chardi Kalaa.

  12. Shabad Atma Singh says:

    Sahaj is clearly a modern day warrior, and a hero in the truest and biggest sense of the word. Thank you God for protecting Sahaj and his family… and thank you, God, for the man who is Sahaj Singh Khalsa. 

  13. Dr Savi says:

    So shocked to hear about this.
    Wishing him and his family strength at this time.
    Hoping that he will recover asap and come back stronger.



    Heal Heal in the Lap of Guru Ram Das, Sahaj Singh.
    May your Khalsa Spirit always know Victory.
    May Guru Gobind Singh & the Infinite One be your protector in all places.

  15. Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa says:

    Where is Guru Dham’s story?  It was so inspiring.  Others should read it as well.  Jivan Joti Kaur