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I just started playing around with service called FeedJit which shows you live traffic on your site and other cool things. So in real time you can see people coming to the website. It shows the country of their internet connection, what they are looking at and where they came from.

You can see the latest info on the right sidebar right now, but check out the live feed page which updates in realtime so you see people "popping" in every few minutes. Cool eh? 

One Response to “Live Stats of”

  1. Nirvair Kaur says:

    Sat Nam, Ji,
    I think this function is cool — it’s amazing to see from how many different places in the world people click onto your site.
    I noticed that my live listing showed that I arrived from Yahoo Mail, and when I clicked on that link I went right to my Inbox!  Is that only because I was already in my Inbox?  Not something anybody else can do from your site, is it??  :-)

    Nirvair Kaur