Beautiful Happy Children


The past few weeks have been non-stop and exhausting, however this weekend was what I needed. I just relaxed and kept the force fields up around the computer to prevent the black hole from sucking me back into work on my precious weekend. Since it is Sunday and the day is just about over I was able to compromise and get on the computer to post this message. 

Being a parent of two children is definitely a challenge. It’s like another full time job that goes on and on. HOWEVER, there are those times when you take the time to enjoy your children and it is all worth it! It’s those times also when you are home alone with it deadly quiet and the kids are out of town. The house feels empty when the screaming, laughing, crying is not present anymore. It’s then that you realize how much you miss these dear angels.

Narayan was feeling a bit sick yesterday with a sore throat and we didn’t have any other plans or obligations so we just laid low at home on Saturday. Me and Charanjeet had loads of fun in the back yard watering the pants with the hose, digging in the sand, swinging on the hammock and the playground swings, jumping on the trampoline, laughing, smiling and eating Arjan’s home made peach ice cream. Aaaahhh. That’s relax and fun : )  I quite often get so busy with work that I don’t take the time to enjoy my children who are rapidly growing up and changing every day before my eyes.

Fall is here and the weather is beautiful. It’s not too hot and it so beautiful out. I’ve been really enjoying playing with the kids out in the back yard. My daughter Charanjeet is changing so much. She is talking a lot and learning so much. It’s really cool seeing your children learn and grow. Narayan is becoming a "big boy". He has full days at school from 8am till 5pm and doing Soccer (AKA: Football), which is great, since he is learning a lot and needs to stay really busy.

Anyways, it’s been a fun relaxing weekend enjoying my beautiful children. I am thankful to have these bright happy children and am working on making more time to enjoy this precious time with them.

Here are some cute pictures from earlier today and yesterday (mostly of Charanjeet Kaur, since Narayan doesn’t let me take picture of him much anymore and he makes goofy faces when he does). Click on the first image below and when the picture opens up you can just click on the "next – previous" links on the bottom corner to navigate. This is the best way to view them because they are large and show the full picture.

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  2. 1199443 says:

    i love the first and the fourth photo. charanjeet kaur looks so cute. thanks for sharing them.

  3. 1199443 says:

    charanjeet becomes an artist on the eighth photo. god bless her.

  4. Canuck says:

    Precious moments, all that we have is now.

  5. aman says:

    great children looking so cute

  6. Sikh Kara says:

    i love to make happy to everyone