Lifetime Achievement Award – Siri Ved Singh Khalsa


Many of us know certain individuals who serve, and serve, and serve selflessly behind the scenes. One such individual is Siri Ved Singh Khalsa, who I have known since I was born. For over 30 years he traveled with SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa yogiji and recorded over 5,000 audio/video lectures. These recordings have captured the many inspirational teachings of the 3HO lifestyle, Sikhi way of life, healthy living, spiritual living, healing techniques, etc. They have inspired countless people all over the world to be better people, live a more spiritual life and to start following the path of Guru Nanak as Sikhs. These are definitely treasures to keep, and because of Siri Ved Singh’s efforts we have many of these captured for future generations to benefit from as well.

 I know many of you reading this might not know who Siri Ved Singh is, but he is a humble quiet man who continues to serve even today in-spite of health challenges. I remember as a child seeing him with his recording equipment and boxes everywhere organized with cassette tapes.

His daughter (Sat Kartar Kaur) was about the same age as me and we were together often as kids in those "old days" in Los Angeles, California. I have many fond memories of lectures in the Gurdwara, while I slept on the floor or colored. I am personally so grateful and thank God that he was there to do this seva. May Guruji continue to bless him and heal his body so that he may continue to serve others. Thank you Siri Ved Singh!

Below is a video clip from last month where he was awarded the lifetime achievement award here in Espanola, New Mexico.

Ps. Siri Ved Singh is so behind the scenes that even I couldn’t find a picture of him! Thanks Ravi Kaur for capturing this video clip for others to see.

4 Responses to “Lifetime Achievement Award – Siri Ved Singh Khalsa”

  1. SatSundri Kaur says:

    Wahe Guru, what a great blessing and foresight…..thank you…sat nam

  2. Kanwar Singh says:

    What an amazing contribution by one individual! I listen and watch  Yogi Ji’s lectures constantly so it’s a much appreciated seva.

  3. Sat Hari Singh Khalsa says:

    Every Tantric, meditation, class, and solstice he was there.
    They should name a high School after the guy. Although I haven’t seen him in a few years I still consider him my friend. Every time I watch a video, hear a tape read a transcription I feel the hand and soul of Siri Ved Singh.
    We all owe him a debt of gratitude.
    Sat Hari Singh NYC

  4. Canuck says:

    Unsung heroes in the background, doing great service, are the only ones who makes the world a better place unbeknown to the mindless masses of humanity