Live Youth Online Film Festival Event – Success!

For those of you who didn’t tune in this past weekend, we had the first event Live SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival Event. For the first time ever, hundreds of people joined in simultaneously to watch the videos in a unique virtual event. People watched, chatted, and enjoyed the many different messages told in the videos. It was also cool for the video directors to watch the films and interact with people when their video was playing. You could never get this type of experience just watching a single video alone. This was truly a virtual event where people from all over the world watched at the same time!

On the first day (Saturday) the SikhNet team held a live show where we broadcasted video live from the SikhNet office during the event and talked about the different video submissions. It was a lot of work to pull this event off, but it was fun and a unique experience. 

We had three live showings over two days and around 300 people turned up for each live broadcast. I would have hoped (and expected) that more people would have turned up and participated in the event, but I guess live events online are STILL too techy or "cutting edge" for Sikhs these days. After doing live broadcast events for over 10 years on SikhNet I have found that it is hard to get a HUGE live audience. Oh well. It was a cool experiment. We might have to wait for internet broadcasts to be more accessable on TV’s before it becomes more viewable. Eventually we’ll have a "SikhNet TV".

During the evening broadcast on the first day we invited some friends over and it was fun having langar together, watching the videos, eating pop-corn and interacting with people in the chat room. Many of us even stayed in the chat room after in the evenings and just hung out which was lot’s of fun.

If you didn’t watch the videos you can start checking them out on SikhNet. We are going to be posting more up each day.

The online system we used to manage the live event

3 Responses to “Live Youth Online Film Festival Event – Success!”

  1. G. Singh says:

    Excellent sewa Gurmustuk Singh ji….It was good to watch the videos. This live broadcasting concept is really very good. It creates excitement before the event….and would also inspire more people to make videos more in quanity and quality. The feedback through viewers would help them to think how to make it better next time.
    Great work ….Keep it up…..

  2. PKaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    It was just great….even the word “gr8” is too small to describe how I felt.  It was fun getting up at 2.30am and watching the videos and interacting with our brothers and sisters from around the world.  Stay in chardi kalah virji.  :-)

  3. Canuck says:

    Congratulations GSK, I am sure that many people just didn’t realize as the advertisements didn’t show up on their daily drama channel or local punjabi dreaded news channel.