The REAL SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

In case the 3rd Annual SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival wasn’t on your mind, the submission deadline just passed. This year I got seriously nervous!! EVERYONE literally waited till the very last day to submit their videos. Before the deadline we only had ONE video submission. I thought we would have to cancel the event. My wife tried to remind me of how it went down last year…..but at least last year we had a few more videos a week before the deadline. I’m sure everyone procrastinated till they knew they had to make the film. How many of you that sent in videos started your video a month or earlier before the Sept 1st deadline?? Grrrrr…..

This year we received about 23 or so video submissions. This is smaller in number than last years 40 some videos, but we still had some great participation. Despite the smaller numbers it’s been exciting watching the videos that people submitted. There are a great mix of comedy, drama and documentary style videos from participants 11 years of age and up! It was great to see so much creativity and everyone’s effort. Every year brings a few of the previous contestants and lots of new people.

This year we are going to do something totally different for the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. In the past we just featured a few new videos every day for a few weeks and allowed people to watch them on demand. We will still have this same method, however before that we are going to have a REAL Online Film Festival. On the weekend of September 13-14th we will have three timings (on Saturday and Sunday) to tune into a live broadcast of the film festival event. Through your computer you can tune in and watch the live event along with lots of others.

This will start off with the SikhNet team (Guruka Singh, Gurujot Singh and Myself) on live video talking about the videos (while the rest of the participants chat in the chat room next to the video). I think of it like a "Pre-game show" where we talk about the "players" before the Superbowl starts. Everyone will watch the videos at the same time and be able to chat with each other and see who else is watching.

We plan to have two one hour segments of videos and three different timings for the live event (Geared towards India/Asia, England/Europe, and North America).The first hour segment we plan to have around 6-7pm on Saturday (of each of the three time zones) and the same on Sunday for the second hour segment. So, block your calendars and make sure you have your popcorn and butter ready for the nights! This will be the first of it’s kind as a true online film festival! I hope to see you all there.

Stay tuned on SikhNet for more information and a schedule of the events to come!

2 Responses to “The REAL SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival”

  1. Savraj says:

    Sounds exciting — looking forward to it!

  2. This will be a first of the kind event. I’m looking forward to it as well :) We’ll be posting up more details tomorrow and in the coming day or two, but in the mean time you can see the information that we have up so far at:

    Did I mention “Spread the word???” Please tell everyone you know! It would be great to have a huge live audience.

    Ps. In order to watch the live broadcast you’ll need a fast internet connection (DSL/Cable modem/etc). If you can watch youtube videos without it stopping and re-buffering a lot then you are probably fine.