Making a Statement

A few weeks ago I was parking at my office and noticed this vary characteristic car parked next to mine. I’m sure we have all seen cars with one or two bumper stickers on the back, but this was another story! Hahaha, the whole back of the car was plastered with messages. I guess the person definitely wanted to make a statement to all who drive near by!

3 Responses to “Making a Statement”

  1. sikhpath says:

    “One who stands for nothing, falls for everything.”

  2. Rajinder says:

    Best sticker I read, when I visited Fairfax, CA, goes like this: “You know you have a big problem when your bombs are smarter than your president”. ……

  3. PSK says:

    BhaiJi can you blur-out the most top right stickers profanity???? PLease :)     I just saw it and had to let you know I noticed it really quick so I thought to tell ya.