Ignorance and Anger

Along with the MANY beautiful and loving emails that I receive all of you at SikhNet, there are always those people who have a lot of ignorance, hate and anger in their life, and seem to try to suck energy from others by spreading their hate and negativity. I’m a very sensitive person, so when I get emails like the one below it always hurts that someone would be so hurtful in their words. I deal with this by imagining the hardships that they must have in their life that would give birth to this anger and hate and then mentally pray that they can work through this and be more loving, open and compassionate to others.

 Ultimately anyone in a position of leadership or in the public eye is bound to have to deal with people like this. My challenge is to not let these things effect me and be able to stay neutral. 

The below email was sent to me as a response to the email about the "Sikh Stories for Children Project". I guess the person must have been holding this anger for a while and my email and name just opened the door for them to share their poo-poo. (ps. I have no idea who this person is and have never interacted with him. Waheguru! May Guruji bless everyone to be compassionate to each other!)

How do you call yourself Gurumustuk Singh "Khalsa" when you are not even a Sikh? You are just a kundalini yogi who peforms white tantrik rituals on summer solstices and plasters personal hyped-up trivial family details in american chewing-gum language on the internet for all to see and read. Khalsas don’t do that! If you think others look up to you as some kind of role model, you are pretty deluded. You can’t even manage your website properly.You don’t answer members’ queries.Your printer-friendly links don’t work.What are you anyway? Stop fooling others and yourself and get your act straight. Get yourself in order instead of going around like a big grinning orang-utang. ~ BV Singh"

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  1. Surinder Singh says:

    I wouldn’t worry about people like this.  I am sure you have way more people in your life who have a positive attitude, and people who haven’t even met you yet, who you have made a positive impact for.  You have done so much for people who use your website; just to name one example, there are children who go to your website and see many positive Sikh role models and use them as motivation to develop their own spiritual lives.  Whenever one does something in life that impacts others, there will always be critics.  Only Guruji is perfect.  Do the best you can in life and keep focussed on your goals- take inspiration from your success.  As long as you rely on Guruji, your results will always be blessed.

  2. Amira says:

    Dear Gurumustuk Singh,

    Honestly, if I were you I would just delete the email and not even think about it at all. The person who sent you the message is obviously seeking attention, and you gave him/her exactly that by posting a blog about him/her on your web page. My suggestion is, delete the post and do not EVER give into such negative energy. It’s a waste of time.
    If you know what you are, a truly devoted Sikh in my opinion, you should never be offended by some loser’s tantrum. He/she probably wishes he/she could do half of what you are doing through this website and your outside dedications.

  3. vahguru jee ka khalsa vahguru jee kee fateh

    I am very happy that you put this post up, because this is a situation which happens to us all.  Individuals judging us and telling us how we are not a “Good enough Sikh.”  I would like to point out to a comment that was left by Gurinder “G” in one of your last posts and I think her message is most eloquently written. 

    Gurinder “G”
    August 12, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Some people will keep on dictating their own likes of dislikes on others. As if they have reached perfection or as if they owe Sikhi as their personal property.   I personally started to ignore these narrow minded people.
    All human beings have one light in them no matter about their careers.  Bottom line is don’t dictate your likes or dislikes on others.

  4. Amira, I normally just delete the email when I get messages like this, and do my best to not let it affect me. I’m not insecure about anything that people say, because I know who I am and why I do what I do. It’s just hard sometimes as it can sometimes effect me physically and mentally. Something that someone says doesn’t have to be right to effect you. If someone comes in front of you and curses you says all kinds of bad things, it’s hard to not let it effect you in some way, even if what they say is totally untrue. It’s like your stomach goes in a knot/tight as a physical defensive mechanism.

    This user doesn’t know that I posted the message on this site, so it is not directed towards this user. It was more just me processing and sharing what I have to deal with sometimes. Whenever I get emails like this I wonder what kind of hardship or life the sender has, that they can just spout out this kind of anger. For me it’s a lesson in compassion and to know that people a lot of times act outwardly what is going on inside themself. What comes out is a reflection of what is going on inside.

  5. Kanwar Singh says:

    I occasionally get mail like this from Sikhs who feel that I have no right to paint images of Sikh history since I’m not amritdhari and sometimes they are quite insulting. Although I probably get one such email out of every 100 positive and heart warming sentiments, they still leave a negative echo that follows you around for a the rest of the day. I often wonder how these Sikhs fail to see the paradox of slinging mud at a total stranger for not being as spiritually enlightened as they think they are. Everyone’s journey into Sikhi is different but it seems there’s no route by which you can bypass the judgment of some twisted individuals. Still, learning to deal with this sort of thing without succumbing to negativity ourselves is a great lesson in itself.

  6. Kanwar, I think you hit it right on. That’s exactly how I feel.

    Ps. How do you like the little icons next to the comments? Quite peaceful :) If you want to have a custom icon like mine with your own picture or any other picture register at http://www.gravatar.com and upload the picture (easy to do). This image will then show up on any gravatar enabled site that you use your email (which is lots of sites).

  7. Singh says:

    Waheguru ji kaa khalsa, waheguru ji kee futeh.

    Veerji, let what I say affect you both mentally and physically. Following on from Surinder Singhs message, I am that youngster, unfortunately not quite a child anymore :-) who used your website as a springboard for my own spiritual path! The seva you have done via this website is unbelievable! For the past three years your website along side personal life events (all part and parcel of maharaaj’s blessings) have helped me sieve out the negative culturally influenced thought processes from my beautiful sikhi…I aspire to take amrit once I have mastered the conduct. The daily reflections of your own life have always been relate-able and honest…and the blog itself easy to follow. From the videos/pictures you posted I was made over and over again  to look upto my father tan tan Guru Gobind Singh ji as the ultimate role model… :-D and yes you are also a role model: father, husband, sikh…who still finds the time to share the whole lot with us.
    I longed to come to summer solstice but not once did I feel I missed out after you posted that beautiful kirtan.  Its thanks to this site I even knew about chardikala jatha, from whom I learnt some of Japji sahib by heart (via mp3 postings on this site) and I’m thankful because i read gurmukhi with difficulty and slowly (its improving)… Its true- what comes out is a reflection of whats going on inside. Im feeling thankful and this is my thanks.


    ps. saw Chardikala jatha – awesome, with any luck will also see mata ji next week :-D
    pps. Happy belated birthday to N singh!!

  8. ordinary sikh says:

    I might not be in a position to tell you something, but my experience with negativity is to be more and more humble. The more humble I become, less the negativity bothers me, the less I have to fight it and more I can praise the God, and more I can pray to be one with Him.

  9. Daas says:

    Gurumustuk you should no take heed of such comments, as Guruji says

    jhakh bolan ki-aa jag si-o vaad. jhoor marai daykhai parmaad.
    Why do you speak such nonsense, and argue with the world?
    You shall die repenting, when you see your own insanity

  10. Singh says:

    SSA Gurmustuk Veerji, I feel bad why somebody should write such an email to you. But please do look into fact what part of website did not respond ?

  11. Rajinder Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I think and know that you are a wonderful person and you have taught me a lot thru your website about life and sikhism.

    Be Cool and celebrate LIFE.

    Sat Sri Akal.

  12. Kamaljit says:

    People like that are usally speaking about themselves, not about you…That’s how they are!He/she is reffering  about what type of person she/he is… You are doing great seva and I admire you for what you do.. I have learned so many good things from your website.. Keep your head up all the time..

    May Guru ji bless you.

  13. Happy says:

    Dear Gurmustuk Singh Ji,

      Just wanted to let you how i see you, ” you are a true and beautiful Khalsa of the Guru’s” and if it made the other person slighlty happy by accussing you of the things you are not , then bless him and bless you too. You were just an outlet for him to release his anger.

      Take Care,



  14. Jagjiwan says:

    Gurmustuk Singh Ji = Role Model of Khalsa
    That’s the beginning of the Story.

    We all can guess predict about his person and possibilties are unlimited.  Recent hyped up RSS agenda is to counter Sikh Websites on the internet.  Just last night on a blog this site was mentioned and today I got to read this.  Gurmustuk Ji I might not be Khalsa, I might be clean shaven but I can stand like a wall who ever looks with a bad eye towards my Guru’s Khalsa.  Forward his mail to me rest I’ll take care on my own, you have better things to do for Sikhi.

    Guru Fateh.

  15. Paramjot Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji,

    You know that for every single ignorant and angry email you receive, there are 1,000s of emails, comments, and feelings of SUPPORT and SOLIDARITY with you as our brother in divine, a true KHALSA in service of Sikhi and helping all around the world to have access to materials they most likely would not. I am also very sensitive to emails/harsh comments, but I know that being reminded of how utterly empty, false, and pointless they are to your path and work can be refreshing. Here’s to you, Gurumustuk Ji!

    Sat Nam,

    Paramjot Singh

  16. Mahan Deva Kaur says:

    Sat Nam Ji,
    What a blessing to see the wonderful supportive comments. You serve us all well Ji,
    and situations like this only serve to remind us of the gift of your service!
    Through God’s Grace, you set an awesome example  of living a path of truth & seva.
    My gratitude to you and  God for this blessing.
    “One thing to remember is ….ALL THINGS COME FROM GOD & ALL THINGS GO TO GOD!
    As difficult as it is to hear such negativity, it actually serves you and all of us by invoking compassion for those who slander. It also reminds us that true seva comes through us from God  which makes it easy to not take such slander personally!!  This actually strengthens  committment and character.
    When I first met Yogi Bhajan in 1975, his first words to me were:
    “BE STRONG SO THAT NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU!”.  At 16, and now at 49 and holding,
    those words are my compass which always leads me to Guruji, WAHE GURU !
    In the words of Yogi Bhajan,
          “It is not the life that matters;
                     it is the courage you bring to it. 
                      Courage won’t let you give in.
              Consciousness won’t

    let you talk negatively.”

    May the Beautiful Light of your Soul reflect in all you do!
    With many Blessings through God’s Grace,
    Mahan Deva Kaur

  17. Surinder says:

    Dear Gurmustuk,

    My brother used to say that ignorant people aren’t recognised by horns sticking out of their heads -  it’s with their actions.  Whoever this person is, needs therapy.

    You are doing fine – carry on.


  18. I totally agree with what’s being said in the previous posts, particularly the one by Kanwar Singh. Just ignore the foolish comments and keep up the good work!

    I’d like to take this chance to bring up the subject of the SikhNet forum. At times I’ve felt that members are bullying each other rather than being in a debate. I personally no longer use the forum. I would like to ask if anybody else has noticed this and if the forum should be under more moderation?

    Kind regards,
    Varinder Singh.

  19. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and thoughts! I’m not worried about this person or feeling bad. I just thought it was interesting to share this type of situation with you all, since it is fairly common (though a small fraction of the email communication compared with the emails of appreciation).

    Before I posted this blog post up I sent BV Singh an email asking if there was a particular problem he had with sikhnet or any issue, and I would be happy to help, and that there was no reason to start with name calling.

    His response this morning just shows how when people are so set in their thinking and opinion, that no matter what you say they will never change. Generally when I get negative emails I read between the lines to judge if they are someone that is actually open to listening. If not, then I don’t bother responding because it becomes a waste of time and energy debating and arguing a point that will never get made in the person.

    I sometimes wonder where people get their mis-guided information?? One of the main purposes of me having this MrSikhNet blog was to have a window into the life of a “western sikh” build bridges of understanding and get rid of mis-conceptions. BV singh must be visiting the so called “Rick Ross cult expert website”, which is full of biased, one sided information, and is a honeypot for anyone with hate or anger towards 3HO/Yogi Bhjana/etc. I cringe when I read those pages, particularly because it’s sole purpose is to discredit any of the good work that so many Gursikhs have done. It’s like slander. I hate hearing anyone talk ill of someone else, because even without being true you can all of a sudden think bad of someone. It’s like a virus that spreads negativity.

    Here is the response email :
    I have not done any name calling but only used simple parliamentary English.I have just stated the facts about you and your other fellow white Sikhs the way they are.Can you refute any of the facts I have stated?I used to be a number one fan of Sikhnet, making regular donations. But after seeing the unsikh practices of you so-called sikhs,I have now stopped all contributions to Sikhnet and will campaign ceaselessly to alert the mainstream Sikhs and the others about the fakery and hypocrisy being practiced by you under the name of Sikhism. Yogi Bhajan never intended you to turn out the way you have.I have heard his lectures, he decried yoga as an outdated and false means of attaining God.Yet you people have progressed so far as to now practice ‘white tantrik yoga’! What in the name of God is all that humbug and how do you relate it to Sikhism? In your collective arrogance you have gone so far as to spread your nefarious and misguided ‘message’ to south Americans as well.You people are far far away from Khalsa. Please don’t make a mockery of the pious and holy concept of Khalsa.You are all really neo-christians wearing turbans and long hair pretending to be sikhs.Tell me honestly how much Gurbani do you know and practice and understand?All you do is your kundalini mumbo-jumbo and sit in rites of white tantrik and think that makes you sikhs and even Khalsa! What a joke. My God, isn’t that openly blasphemous and insulting to Sikhism? You thought you could all get away with distorting Sikhi and go and preach your misguided ‘teachings’ world wide and no one would notice. Well you are mistaken.I for one will not accept it and be assured there are countless Sikhs out there like me who will oppose your unsikh ways.Does a Khalsa ever plaster his family’s private details all over the internet in public for self-adolation? What kind of person are you anyway? Mind you this is not hate but warning you to get your act straight. Let’s see if you can reply to me coolly and rationally instead of getting all emotional and sermonizing.

  20. harmanpreet singh says:

    gurfateh  gurmustuk singh ji khalsa
    firstly i want to congratulate that guru sahib selected you for great sewa  to panth ,

    sir, many sikhs such as me are totally  unaware of this  tantrik yoga or aasans as frog aasansans as mentioned in    http://www.sikhnet.com/voices/white-tantric-yoga   plz justify how it is acc to  guru granth sahib ji..
    ਤੈ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਕੀ ਬਾਤ ਜਿ ਆਖੈ ਕਹੁ ਨਾਨਕ ਕਿਆ ਦੀਜੈ
    says Nanak, what shall I give to Him who brings mesage of lord for me

    ਸੀਸ ਵਢੇ ਕਰਿ ਬੈਸਣ ਦੀਜੈ ਵਿਣ ਸਿਰ ਸੇਵ ਕਰੀਜੈ
    Cutting off my head, I give it to Him to sit upon; without my head, I shall still serve Him

  21. hari singh says:

    Hi Gurumustuk Singh and Kanwar Singh ji,

    Please forgive these folks for they do not know anything about Sikhi! A Sikh should always be positive. Negativity is not part of Sikhi.
    The Guru knows the wonderful seva that you and others in the west have done for Sikhi and the Guru. I congratulate you and give you all a big pat on the back. You have a good understanding of Sikhi and are a beautiful example to others.
    Kanwar ji, Wow, what beautiful pictures; such powerful visualisation of 1699! – They are an inspiration to all Sikhs; may Waheguru bless and assist you even further so that the message in your pictures gets even sharper.
    I have first hand experience of the western Sikhs travelling to the UK and helping thousands of youngsters with camps, at Gurdwaras, at samagams, etc. Who else in the world is promoting Sikhi in such a positive and active manner?

    Unfortunately, a lot of the “Punjabi” Sikhs believe they have a God given right to Sikhi and that only they know best. They have never studied their own faith and so expect others to be the same – ignorant of the Guru’s real message. Their outlook about certain things is culturally fixed. They cannot appreciate yoga; bana; positive portrayal of Sikhi by modern media – website, pictures, videos, etc. They are trapped in their 18th century views.
    Please do not be offended by their views – they may look like sons of our Guru but they do not have respects for others; they do not know how to behave with other Sikhs – just see how the top Sikhs in Punjab behave among themselves; they have not understood our Gurus’ teachings; they do not know how to be humble; how to be sweet to others; to be considerate; to be polite; they have not taken even one step on the path of Sikhi.
    The Guru says “Her speech is sweet, and her way of life is humble. She enjoys the bed of her Husband Lord.” (SGGS p31) and also “How handsome is your turban! And how sweet is your speech.” (SGGS p727). Do these folks speak sweetly? – Never, are you kidding – they never speak politely – to be nasty and aggressive is their habit; they do this without even thinking; its second nature.
    I know that as Sikhs we should never pass judgement on others but gosh – these Guys are just too much! They never stop! So pardon my harshness.
    Let us always look on the positive side of things; assist people where ever possible; Naam Japo, Kirit karo & Vand kay shako – This was the basic message of Guru Nanak in 1400s. Let get to the basics! Let us share, enjoy the Lords gifts and remember Him together. What a simple and lovely formula.
    Please don’t let these guys get to your heart. When a dog barks, do you take offence? Excuse me, but take it just like that. They are trapped by their habits just like the dog. No offence meant to them or to dogs! Just making a point! Guru rakha, Hari Singh, http://www.SikhiWiki.org

  22. Kanwar Singh says:

    wow..I’ve heard from my parents generation that there was a lot of irrational suspicion of white Sikhs in the 70’s, I was talking to an uncle who was involved with a gurudwara here in Toronto and he said he was always so frustrated  because back then white people were either openly turned away or only grudgingly accepted and they soon lost interest since the ill will was so apparent.  The problem then is the same as now, these sorts of people feel that they own Sikhism and gurudwaras are little fiefdoms to fight over.  This is exactly the vibe that I get from this individual and I honestly think that they feel threatened by the spread of Sikhism because it’s like their share of the pie gets smaller.  I grew up in a predominantly Sikh neighborhood but I judged Sikhism by what I saw locally, and to be honest, when I routinely saw fist fights in my local gurudwara over elections, I pretty much gave up on my religion.  It wasn’t until I broadened my search and started to look at other sources (and Sikhnet primarily) that some inkling of understanding for my faith came about.  I love this window into Sikhi that Sikhnet provides and it’s great that you allow us to see your community more intimately.  I think that these negative individuals just don’t want to admit that their way (Sikhism with a stick) has failed miserably.  The general apathy among todays youth towards Sikhism is more due to this hard headed approach than any other external factor.

  23. Kanwar Singh says:

    ….as for criticism on yoga.  I’m thirty one years old and my knees crack when I go up the stairs!  Whether it’s recommended by the Guru Granth Sahib or not, It can’t hurt if stops you from being a complete wreck by 40!

  24. Harpreet Gill says:

    I cannot resist, this is the deluded petty zealot other posts



    makes me sick, a symbol of all that is wrong in the world.  Its not about sikhi, it is about the Malignant Spirit that inhabits “Bharat Vir Singh”. It is the same Malignant Spirit that animates Wahabists, Westboro Baptists, White Collar Middle Managers with 90 IQ’s.  This deficient way of life lived by these individuals can logically lead only to one place….hardcore predatory behaviour…..where no one is good enough or pure enough, & everyone must be gunned down figuratively & literally.

    & Yet none of these malignant spirits will ever create anything in their lives or do anything of note……thats what probably motivates them to become so called “true believers”.  Its not about Sikhism, Bharat Vir Singh could easily of been a Muslim, Christian, Atheist.  His Malignancy of Spirit could also express itself in hardcore ultra nationalism, hadcore petty devotion to some corporation.

    But all these people have to offer if they ever reach critical mass in numbers or are given any authority & power  is……….The inquistion, Punjab Police Torture Rooms of the 90’s, Torture of Falun Gong in the 21st  Century.

    The Inquistador believed in the Holiness of Papal Rome
    Punjab Police believed in the greatness of Indian Union
    Chinese Torturers believe in the Unity of One China delivered by the Communist Party
    Bhart Vir Singh believes in the purity of his Sikhism

    So Bharat Vir Singh tell us how many ppl you have converted to sikhism.  I am betting none.  Tell me are your children Keshdari Sikhs, I am guesssing no if they are adults.

    The reason for this is not that your Sikhi is so pure, ppl cannot withstand the radiance of it….it is because your dry prescriptive interpretation of Sikhism is heavily deficient

  25. Surinder says:

    Dear Gurumstuk,

    This is to our friend BV Singh.

    The fact that you are referring to Gurustuk and company as ‘white’, shows how far removed from understanding the Khalsa, you are.
    Sounds to me that you have some chip on your shoulder – you should seek therapy, as I have suggested.

    Bye – the -way, Mr BV Singh, it’s not ‘parliamentary’ english, it’s the Queen’s english.


  26. bhupinder says:

    Bharatveer thats not nice!

  27. Mahan Deva Kaur says:

    Forgive me if I offend as it is not my intention.
    When I think of our Beloved Guru Nanak’s inspiration as the founder of  Sikhism,
    it was to dispel  persecution and bigotry due to one’s religion, “caste”, gender,  race etc
    Nanak ji came out of the water and blessed us with the eternal Song of the Soul; JAPJ.
    In Guru Nanak’s words there is the divine knowledge that belongs to All, and it is in this bani that one can grasp the essence of Sikhi.
    So my hope for all is that when reciting Japji, (and all the daily banis) that we take time to allow the  EXPERIENCE  of  Naam to awaken  the Infinite love and truth within us. In so doing may we shine the Light of Wahe Guru  in service to all.   
    Let us be steadfast in our grace and tolerance and may we strive to uplift rather than slander.  May we know that we all come from One Creator who blessed us with this human life. We all have the birthright to follow our own unique soul’s journey. It is ALL God’s Will.
    It is in the EXPERIENCE of Naam that the pain of ignorance is released.

    When the Golden Temple was built, it was done so with foor doors, in each direction to show that ALL are welcome.  It is time to open our minds and hearts to more than one direction.
    Mahan Deva Kaur

  28. Jaskooner Singh says:

    Dear Gurmustuk,

    This is hatred from this man to you and through you to all us. The hatred might be originating from within his own heart or something may have been done to him that transmitted the hatred to him. Either way this illness has now been transfered to you. The only way to conquer hatred is love not hatred or ignoring so that it festers in your mind. A practical way I have found to deal with such situations is to do something positive, a good deed, an altruistic act to other human beings while remembering this persons act of hatred to yourself. These things just dissapear then. 

  29. Goldie Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

    Dear Sadh Cyber sangat,

    I can see why many people can be angry towards such a negative email.  The way it has attacked one individual is embarassing as Gurumustuk has done so much for Sikhi on the web.

    It is good that you have received such an email as it is a test in itself.  It can be termed as a process in which you can learn something from the situation.  You will know how your body responds to such conflict.  Personally speaking I would be angry, upset and probably compassionate after that because the email has come from Guru Ji sikh.  Regardless what the message says it can help you re-affirm your connection with oneself.  Like a breaking and re-molding process.  I don’t think I have to explain to much you you personally Gurumustuk as I think you know what I mean.

    Please be happy with the message received and bless the person for sending it.


    Goldie Singh.

  30. I think the guy is jealous that Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa Ji can smile so much.
    I would love to debate this character because none of his arguments are sound and most of his bigoted opinions are based on half-truths and misunderstandings.
    Just a few:
    He said there was no name calling even though he called Gurumustuk Singh Ji a “big grinning orang-utang”
    He says that he respects Siri Singh Sahib Ji and what he taught and then doesn’t realize that his students are doing exactly what he taught us.
    He talks about rehit and claims that “white” Sikhs don’t follow the rehit. Give me a break, where else in the world does 90%+ of the sangat keep their hair and wear the bana of Guru Gobind Singh? Even still, what does it matter, the rehit is for us to live by and enjoy, not for others to measure people against.
    Finally he talks about living by the message of Gurbani, yet he uses slander and hatred to make a point about the Siri Guru Granth Sahib being opened and photographed! HELLO!!!!!! How are we supposed to read Gurbani if we don’t do Prakash????? What’s the problem of taking a photo of the Guru in prakash? Personally any single image that reminds me of the Guru is a blessing in my life. Somehow this guy things the Guru is naked when opened and somehow that is disgraceful. It seems to me he’s never read the contents of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.
    It all starts with EK Ong Kaar.
    Blessings to my dear family.
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

  31. Happy says:

    Dear Gurumustuk Singh Ji and for my brother Mr.BV Singh,

     In my humble opinion i personally think that Gurumustuk Singh JI is a good exapmle and reflection to me and many Sikhs worldwide to be a better Sikh, you act as a mirrior for many of us, and i would really also request Mr.BV Singh if you are reading any of the messages and response that you have generated by accusing Gurumustuk Singh Ji and other so called ” white Sikhs” for various things, to please look into yourself and see what does the SIKH in you means, and there is really copyright on who can be a Sikh, i beleive that we ourselves cannot even choose to be one, it just has to be there from the beginning, and it really dont matter that you realise that when you are born our at the age of 80. If you are a Sikh, then you are a Sikh..period. Caste and Color is just your misconception of this beautiful path the Guru gave us to choose my brother. And lastly if it really bothers you so much you can firstly take it up with Guru Nanak Devji who was born in a Hindu Brahmin Family
       , and then work your way to our remaining Gurus. And also dont forget that our Guru Granth Sahib Ji has alot of Angs written by Muslim and Sufi Saints also, so just go ahead and make your day . Please do have a thought about what i said please. I am always available to hear from you BV Singh my brother, email is [email protected] .

      Guru Teri Mehr,

  32. AJ says:

    yo BV singh whoever u r , if ur so true khalsa, y u saying stuff like this. if think ur a true khalsa u put a shame on the khalsa by saying stuff like that to such great gursikhs. i dnt even no gurmustak singh rite but thanks to this guy and his website i learned a lot about sikhi and experianced anand in the audio section. i love this website.
    BV SINGH i think u should get urselff in order first instead of going around and spreading the filth from ur mind in such language like that comment!
    gurmustak singh ji, if im rite gurbani says moorakhai naal naa lujhiyey, which means don’t argue with fools. this guy is some everyday fool that has gained hankaar thinking hes such a true khalsa that he thinks he can judge ppl. dnt worry about this everyday fool, when a dog barks what can we do to stop it barking , if we go near it it while bite us, if we shout he’ll bark louder , if we walk away he’s shut up so thats wat we need to do.
    And BV singh i think wat u said is a sin, u think that juz coz its on the internet it will not get recorded, everything will be judged by the true judge dharam raj. i suggest u say to sorry to gurmustak singh ji and carry on walking towards the true path towards god and Ask guru ji to not to let u speak ill of anyone through ardas.
    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

  33. S Kaur says:

    All I know is whenever I am on sikhnet.com or mrsikhnet.com I am further inspired to live the life of a Gursikh. Your pictures of family and friends is equally as inspiring to see how happy and joyful life can be practicing Sikhi with other sangat. It helps counter the 100s of images I see in the regular western media about their ideals of what happiness is all about.

    Maybe BV Singh may benefit from attending Summer Solistice next year :)

    It’s far to easy to critique everyone else instead of looking inward, changing yourself, and inspiring others with love.

  34. Pritpal Singh says:

    Gurmustuk Singh,
    I would like to reiterate the points made by the vast majority of people on the website and congratulate you on the work you have done. I am a British born Sikh, whose family have lived in the UK for around 70 years. Growing up as a Sikh with a turban in a predominantly white christian environment had its challenges. Had the internet been available in those days, with sites such as yours, I would have had so much more confidence in growing up with my unique identity that Guru ji has blessed me with.
    Please continue your good work, which transcends across different communities in different countries. I have recommended Sikhnet to many people I encounter in my life, who enquire about Sikhism and they have all commented positively about the information available on the website.

    Last week, I had the opportunity to join the Chardi Kala Jatha on their UK tour during 2 of their diwans. I felt honoured to be in the sangat, while they recited the beautiful words of our Guru ji.

    Be proud of your work and your seva to the panth.

    May Guruji keep the whole world in chardi kala.

  35. gurdev kaur says:

    :-) thats why i stopped my blog i was getting a LOT of comments like this from an anonymous user at almost every post…. i miss blogging!!

  36. ਜਸਵਿਂਦਰ ਸਿਂਘ says:

    ਗੁਰਮਸਤਕ ਸਿਂਘ ਜੀ | ਤੁਸੀ tension ਨਾ ਲਵੋ | ਇਕ ਵਾਰ ਗਲ ਕਰੋ | ਆਪਾ ਬਂਦਾ ਕੁਟ ਦੋਨਾ ਐ | ਜਰਾ ਨਾਮ ਦਸੋ ਓਹਦਾ | ਕਿਥੋ ਕ ਭਲਾ ਰਹਿਂਦਾ ਐ | ਆਪਾ ਕੋਲ ਬਂਦੋ ਬਥੋਰੋ ਨੋ | ਗਲ ਖਾ ਕਰੋ ਏਕ ਵਾਰ , ਕੇਹਨੋ ਤੁਹਾਨੂ ਬੁਰਾ ਭਲਾ ਕੇਹਾ ਐ |

  37. Karmjit Singh says:

    Wahguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

    Dear Gurumastak Singh ji, there was a day when I was in India and I was going far far away from Sikhi. Even I born up in Gursikh family, still I cut my hair.

    Now I really inspired from Sikhnet and coming back to Sikhi now. With Waheguru’s grace I started to keep my kesh now and begging Waheguru all the time to give me some place in his feet. Thanks a lot Gurumastak Singh Veer ji for inspiring thousands of sikhs via Sikhnet who are forgetting their sikhi.

    The main point of my message is that this blog is turning to a haterd blog. Many people are saying lots of wrong facts about Bharat Vir Singh who is also a guru ka sikh. {The God (ParamAatma, Waheguru) is in everyone} Who knows how many good things he has, how much love for Guru he has. He just want to be a pure sikh and do not want himself to confuse in any other things. The only mistake he did is, lost temper. Just leave it……

    If you can please please turn this blog OFF now. By reading all that, it feel me sad that Sikhnet should never ever, ever never scatter hate. Also the sikhnet users gets into this blog, go upto the end of this blog and I think waste atleast couple of hours easily just reading it (as I did). It might be a distraction. We can use this time to find useful contents on Sikhnet instead.

    I hope you and all the Sangat can understand my point of view. So please STOP IT.
    Ps: Loves to meet Gurumastak Singh and Guruka Singh ji someday.

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

  38. HS says:

    Please donot stop blogging gurdev kaur ji or anybody else just because someone is playing pranks or trying to deviate us from the right path. Please go on for inspiration starved people like me.

    Thanks !!!

  39. ਜਸਵਿਂਦਰ ਸਿਂਘ says:

    Gurmustak singh ji,
    I know you are right, but i guess you are making a big deal out of its. its not that bad as you projected. It more looks like you are trying to get attention. Please close all blogs and posts you initiated . There are many more important things out there to be fixed than this.

    P.s. you have to agree that yo do white/blue/green tantric yoga in summer solictics etc. . just kidding… and please dont block my post. thansk much

  40. Prabhu Singh says:

    Jasvinder Singh Ji,
    I think it’s worse than Gurumustuk Singh Ji projected. Read what the guy wrote, he was being a total jerk! Nobody deserves the ugly wrath of his and especially Gurumustuk Singh Ji, who spends his life in service of the panth. Gurumustuk Singh Ji doesn’t need attention for it, I think he was just trying to bring to light the fact that some people in our community think it is appropriate to write such trash.
    You’re right there are other important things that can be fixed, but like Guru Nanak said “man jeetay jag jeet.” So issues like this are important because somebody with so much hate and misunderstanding in their mind will only hurt the world. We can achieve victory in the world (jag jeet) if we can achieve victory in our minds (man jeetay).  All our actions start in the mind, so we should address issues of the mind. A spiteful and insulting person going around declaring who is and isn’t a Sikh should be censured by the whole community.
    Gurbani says the hearts and minds of all are like precious jewels and that we shouldn’t harm any. So as a community we should stand up to people doing that, and we should use examples like this to reflect on our own behavior towards people with differing beliefs than our own.

  41. Kanwar Singh says:

    With all due respect, I don’t think Gurumustuk is trying to get attention for himself….I’m sure he gets more than he wants just by running Sikhnet.  He’s just bringing attention to the fact that negative comments are flung around so callously on the internet without regard.  Unfortunately, some of us have been a little over zealous in our defense of him since we know how unjustified these comments are and the discussion swung away from the original idea he put forth i.e how do we deal positively with the massive amount of judgment that is thrown around in our community.  How damaging a few words can be and the energy it can take away from any individual whose intention might only be to serve the community.  How do we as Sikhs reconcile with other Sikhs who spout negativity and anger because they are equally convinced that such actions are justified and necessary in defense of Sikhi.  I’ve seen a lot of people get discouraged from discussing and participating because of this sort of attitude and what does it really achieve?  Forums just devolve into a haven for bullies and antagonists.

  42. Kaur-kaur says:

    Guru Kirpa to 1 and all

  43. Siri Hari Kaur says:

    Stay cool and ignore a fool. From time to time, a negative person catches us off guard and we react. He’s happy, spins us into his cycle, and down the drain we go. It must be a universal law since every time we energize a one-trick pony, we become miserable, and he’s rolling in clover, stoned on catnip.
    Satanama and wha hey guru,
    Siri Hari Kaur Angleton-Khalsa
    PS: Keep up the good work to spite a jerk. Jealousy can be a good thing!

  44. Kiranpreet Kaur says:

    I think BV Singh should not have been so rude, but let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water here!

    All the Yoga and new-age stuff that goes on has absolutely nothing at all to do with Sikhi. It is this type of stuff that Guru Nanak has written about and states clearly that it’s all pretty much useless.

    The true Khalsa is imbued only in the one Naam and Gurbani, nothing else will help us spiritually.

    May God bless us all!

  45. sikhpath says:

    You are an inspiration to me (PERIOD) I have ssooooooo much respect for you, because you had to fight soo many battles and self doubt to become a Sikh both within and outside. keep doing what you are doing and dont let those negative forces detract from such a positive life.


  46. Pinder Kaur says:


    I have recently started accessing your website and have found it very enlightening and a pleasure to listen to the chanting and mediation recording of Snatam Kaur. I have found that it is not always possible to view some of the video of Guruka Singhji, who along with Snatam Kaur are favorites of my 8yrs old daughter and I. Would it be possible to obtain a copy of all Guruka Singhji’s videos on a couple of CDs, I think there should be more people like him who are able to plainly explain what it is to be sikh and live the way God wishes us to. In this day and age with all the influences which drawn us further and further away from God. A mentor, like Guruka SinghJi is helping to keep us on the straight and narrow, he has a unique gift in the way he comes across to the young and old. Would you know if Guruka Singhji will be visiting England soon as my family and I would be honored to meet him?  I would also like to be part of next year summer solstice where and when does it take place and are overseas visitor welcome.
    As for the comments made by BV Singh, pls be advised not all punjabi sikhs look at the colour of our brothers and sisters and made judgements. I believe your website and content is very informative just what we need to help us share joy, happiness and empathy and above all God with each other.

    God be with you and your family always.

    Pinder Braich
    London UK 

  47. Sarib Singh Khalsa says:

    What is a Sikh that does not revere the words of the Guru?  For anyone who wonders about Yoga and what the concept of it really means, why not see what the Guru’s themselves wrote about it?

    In this day and age technology makes it easy.  Go to http://www.srigranth.org, search the word “Yoga” in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and learn what you find.

    It is as irrational to hate all aspects of so called “Hindu” heritage as it would be to hate all science.  No intelligent person who has read from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib can deny that there is a gigantic amount of shared reference and heritage with “Hindu” culture.  What is there to be so intimidated about?  Our path is truth.  Open your heart.  Besides the Sikh Guru’s there are the writings 18 other Saints.  15 of them were not Sikhs.

  48. kiran preet says:

    i believe it is his insecurities that made him write such harsh words. people who are born sikh (majority n i am one)know not even half as much as khalsa’s.thanks to this web-site n SSS YOGI BHAJAN that i have come to know about things i had never heard off n still on my path of learning.keep it up!u r doing a great job.keep it up!

  49. Qurban Singh says:

    Gurumustuk you rock — keep it going — Mr Sikhnet is a favorite place of mine and it always helps me be a better sikh — which no one will ever take from me