Narayan Singh Turns 7 Years Old

The weeks seem to fly by….but then again….where did all the years go?? Before I know it I’ll be a grandfather. Life does zip by.

Well, today is a special day for us since it is Narayan’s 7th Birthday. Because it is a weekday we had a birthday party celebration this past weekend at the Abiquiu Lake. This was soo much fun and something totally different from the normal Espanola Birthday. We lugged out tons of food and drinks and all of Narayan’s friends (plus the many aunties and uncles). It was like we were in the Italian Riviera (sort of…)

Anyways we get some good fun swiming, flying kites and just chilling out. We’ll definitely have to do it again before the winter :)


Charanjeet with her backwards hat and cool drink


Lakhmi Chand and Siri Chand flying a kite. They went to the end of the string which was 1,000 feet high. 



7 Responses to “Narayan Singh Turns 7 Years Old”

  1. toniji says:

    Happy birthday Narayan!!!! You are quite a chardi kala person and on your way to great things.

    And thank you Gurmustukh ji thanks to you and your family for sharing these moments of pure joy!

    Everything is good,

  2. Jaswinderbir Singh says:

    Belated Happy B’day Narayan

  3. wow you guys have so much fun! i  really should of have stayed,
    what are you trying to do to me Gurumustuk ji?
    is Narayan ji still headed out here to GA this weekend?

  4. Daas says:

    Happy birthday!! It was sure full of mirth, eh? When you remarked life zips by, it reminded me that this world was transient.. Anyways this world is so awkward, I hoped you thanked Guruji in Kirtan Sohila for taking one more step to Guruji so you may merge with him when beloved death comes by.


  5. Harjot Singh says:

    happy birthday bro!!

  6. Poonam kaur says:

    May Guru shower you with His blessing ,my dear Narayan.
    Guru Rakha
    Poonam kaur

  7. Kanwal says:

    Many Happy Returns of The Day cute Narayan. May Waheguru Ji Bless You!!