Bollywood Star Craze in New Mexico

Last week I wrote about my chance encounters of the filming of one of the upcoming bollywood movies called "Kites", which was being filmed here in New Mexico (USA). Tonight I got a taste of the star craziness that seems to be common when it comes to film stars like Hrithik Roshan.

A Sikh friend Pawan Dhindsa who lives in Santa Fe invited my family to his BIG open house party along with what we thought was going to be about 200 people (but must have been double that! Everyone probably brought their friends, friends). Guess who was going to be visiting the party? You probably guessed it, Hrithik Roshan, "Kites" Director Anurag Bas, Barbara Mori, Rakesh Roshan along with others. The house was amazing and HUGE! Talk about a lot of square feet and rooms in the house! Anyways, the attention of the large numbers of people who were there didn’t seem to be on the house or the "house warming party", but on certain individuals (if you know what I mean). There were crowds of people anxiously waiting near the entrance for the moment when Hrithik Roshan would drive up. Almost everyone seemed to have some type of electronic device to capture a picture of this star. I smiled as I looked back from the door entrance seeing everyone with their cellphone cameras and digital cameras poised out and ready pointing in my direction towards the door (and they were not waiting to take my picture, that is for sure! hahaha!). At one point someone said Hrithik was coming in and many started to scream in excitement. I couldn’t help but laugh. It reminded me of the videos I have seen of fans of Michael Jackson and others screaming in excitement (though I didn’t notice anyone crying with tears "I love you Hrithik!"). 

I can understand really liking someone and admiring them, but it was as if he had "god status". I admit, I know very little about Bollywood movies and actors, though I have watched many movies during my years in boarding school in India and back home. However, It didn’t seem like the attraction to him had anything to do with major accomplishments. Hrithik Roshan ArrivingIt seemed like a purely superficial attraction because he is extremely famous (and attractive to the ladies I’m sure). I think sometimes people project this fantasy of the non-reality of scenes from the movies to a person, as if they are a the actual person from the movie (rather then an actor playing a role).  I don’t think being famous or having "star power" makes one a great person. However, I’m sure it was an exciting and fun event for all these people getting to see up close and personal this movie star that so often lighted up their TV screens.

Having Second Thoughts?Eventually when Hrithik actually arrived it was quite a scene. Everyone was snapping pictures from every side with flashes going non-stop. As Hrithik walking inside it was like he was entering into the lions den and being attacked from all sides. At one point he turned around as if he was having second thoughts about going any further since he was swarmed in the crowd of people. Everyone was pushing trying to keep up with him as he moved and my son Narayan got trampled being so small in the crowd of people. (pictured above is when he turned around probably asking if he can go another way, rather then through the crowd)

 Eventually, he got to his table and people continued snapping pictures right in front of the table and swarming around like bees on honey. On the microphone someone kept repeated again and again, "Please sit down so that we can begin" (or something like that) but the people in the front didn’t seem to pay any attention and just kept on taking pictures. It was as if they were going to get a gold reward for their pictures. Hahaha! All I can do is laugh. It was quite a scene. Eventually the bodyguards and security pushed everyone back and then things settled down.

Bibiji Inderjit Kaur with Hrithik RoshanAfter Hrithik and the others with him settled down behind the protection of a long table (and a few body guards standing close) some awards/proclamations and recognition were given. These were given to Hrithik, his father and to Barbara Mori, by various New Mexico government officials (I don’t remember the details) and also by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur on behalf of the New Mexico Governor (in her role as Ambassador to India for New Mexico). Hrithik RoshanShortly after that everyone was invited to eat dinner and Hrithik and the others went inside to escape the crowds.

After this I went in side and luckily my wife Arjan had already gotten me a plate of food, so I didn’t have to wait the the long line. I sat down and ate, and then we left the party because the kids were pretty tired after a long day.

As we left and started talking about the evening we shared what we thought about the evening. One thing I realized is that no movie star comes close to what you can get from developing that connection with the Guru and living a spiritual life. Also, I have been with a lot of spiritual people over the years, and movie star appeal doesn’t even come close the impact and presense that some spiritual people have. All this attraction to the fame and fortune of some is so superficial. It’s all maya, and an illusion which is just a distraction in life. It’s like a game. You get a picture of someone and then tell all your friends that you met/saw "so-and-so", and this is supposed to make you feel good and special.

So often these days I see people trying to show off their wealth and status. It is so empty and sad. This wealth DEFINITELY does not mean you become happy or are better off then someone who has less money than other. In reality it’s now how rich you are in worldly possessions, but how rich you are inside.

Ok, I’m on a bit of a tangent so I’ll stop here. The evening just made me think about all the things that some people hold as important in their life and how empty it can sometimes seem.

By the way, I’m not bagging on Hrithik Roshan or anyone in particular. I am just sharing the thoughts that went through me and what I felt. Maybe Hrithik Roshan does some great things for the world? I don’t know. Anyways, it was an interesting evening and made me think about these things.

Ok, and now for all of you who didn’t get to be there or didn’t get any good pictures while snapping away, fear not, I managed to get a few pictures that turned out ok. I particulary like the pictures with my friend Tejinder Singh (blue turban) and Bibiji Inderjit Kaur (wife of SSS Harbhjan Singh Khalsa Yogji). Hrithik was quite respectful to her, touching her feet and then giving her a hug.

Bibiji Inderjit Kaur and Hrithik Roshan

Tejinder Singh and Hrithik Roshan Barbara Mori from the movie KitesRakesh RoshanBarbara MoriBibiji Inderjit Kaur with Actor Barbara MoriBibiji Inderjit Kaur with Rakesh RoshanHrithik Roshan giving a hug to Bibiji Inderjit KaurHrithik RoshanHrithik Roshan touching Bibiji Inderjit Kaur\'s feet out of respect

Ps. The woman who has black hair in some of the above pictures is Barbara Mori who is an international acttress who is one of the stars in the upcoming film called "Kites". The first picture is of my son before the crazyness. He has been starting to tie his own turban and was so was proud to be able to do it on his own (the simple things are so cool as a kid).

27 Responses to “Bollywood Star Craze in New Mexico”

  1. Daas says:

    What an experience Gurumustuk! It was a little disheartning for you to be trampled down along with your son (did he get hurt badly??????) for just a snap shot of anfFamed actor, its just some people are crazed of viewing an actor eh?

  2. Daas, I wasn’t trampled. My son waas fine. The word “trampled” is a bit dramatic. I moved around fine….but my son who is small was probably scared and squished as he is small compared to adults. Sometimes in writing things it cam come across as more extreme then it was.

    It wasn’t that chaotic like one sometimes find when going to bow to the Guru at Sri Harmandir Sahib. Those situations are terrible where people just shove and push rudely (particularly when it has something to do with going to bow to the Guru or when they take the Guru out.

  3. Amira says:

    Hi Mr. Singh,

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. Seems like everyone went crazy there. Hrithik Roshan is a current favorite in Bollywood, so the mania is quite understandable.

    Those are the only pictures you have from the event? And if I were you, I would copyright the pictures before any Bollywood or Indian media website lifts them from your website without approval. :)

    I’d appreciate it if you contacted me in my email. Thanks!

  4. As you know I was there, but I didn’t know what Roshan Ji looked like, so I didn’t see him. It did seem like a big spectacle. I came in with about 10 other Khalsa and we were in our bana and probably got just as many looks – hehe. The party was kind of alright, but I think I would have felt better staying home and doing my laundry – nothing like getting something done when you need to :-)
    (P.S. I’m doing my laundry now – hehe)

  5. Amira, I don’t mind people using the pictures on this blog, so long as it is used for non-commercial (personal) purposes, and as long as credit to this website and my name are listed next to any of the material used. I don’t make money from these pictures, so if it brings joy to someone then great! People will rip off the pictures whether I watermark/copyright the pictures or not.

  6. Amira says:

    That’s true.
    I just said that because some people do end up using pictures without giving the photographer/author credit…

    I too enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with people, but tend to get upset when people post it all over the place without permission.

  7. Gurpreet Kaur says:

    Woahh it is evident from the pictures how crazy the evening must have been!! Your son is adorable, buchara getting squashed. We have all been there,as you stated above when bowing down to the Guru at the Sri Harmandir Sahiband getting almost trodden on :O!! I just have to say it is so good to know that reqardless of whether actors use their fame/wealth for good causes they have the respect towards elders and those worthy of such respect regardless of whom they are in society or media :)

    P.s Great pictures

  8. heee! I was there and it was kind of fun to see the party, more than a particular person, I love to see the differences of all the Indian-Punjabi-Sikhs and “western” … and God in all of us, I was part of that group of 10 (maybe more)  that Prabhu Singh Ji mention… everybody was doing something different and fun… for us was the dinner time, crying because the food was spicy for some of us (hahaha) I felt like in a “real” Indian movie -colorful…Just an other experience…

  9. and to think i got invited but i had come back to atlanta…
    i should of stayed in NM for another week =(

  10. tanzy0 says:

    Thanxx a zillion times Gurumustuk Singh for posting Hrithik Roshan pics from the whole community of Hrithikrules.Com fansite. We are all really grateful for ur favour : )

  11. G-Singh says:


    Bhai Sahib Jeeo, i dont understand such a fuss is kicked about sum actors. Bollywood has nothing much do to with sikhee, we shud have the pyaas to meet the sangat and most of vahegurooo jee. may guru sahib bless us

    bul chuk dee kima


  12. ਜਸਵਿਂਦਰ ਸਿਂਘ says:

    why gurmukh people like ‘Gurumustuk Singh‘ or bibi ji have craze for bollywood ??? LoL that`s just so rediclous

  13. Vin says:

    Lovely Pictures. Thank you.

  14. e-singh says:

    I tend not to watch bollywood movies now but I used to before and it is amazing how much feelings people develop for film actors and actresses (either bollywood or hollywood) and even I can imagine what people must feel like.

    I surely feel great when I imagine old sikhs (there are some even now) having the same sort of feeling, if not more, for Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and I only wish that we can develop those feeling for our Guru.

  15. Prabhu Singh says:

    Jasvinder Singh Ji, did you read the article?
    It’s clear from the article that Gurumustuk Singh Ji was not at all crazed for Bollywood and was curious why everybody else was so into it. Bibi Ji was there on official duty being an ambassador to India for the state of New Mexico. You have to read the article, not just look at the pictures before commenting.

  16. Gurinder "G" says:

    Some people will keep on dictating their own likes of dislikes on others. As if they have reached perfection or as if they owe Sikhi as their personal property.   I personally started to ignore these narrow minded people. 

    All human beings have one light in them no matter about their careers.  Bottom line is don’t dictate your likes or dislikes on others.  

  17. also may i add that Pavan Singh ji looks really handsome in a pugh =)

  18. Satwant Singh says:

    As mentioned by Gurinder Jee, “Bottom line is don’t dictate your likes or dislikes on others”.  I fully agree with statement and added this teaching into my life.


  19. toniji says:

    Bravo Narayan! Good dastar my friend!

  20. Siri says:

    The bollywood actor is hot!!!!!

  21. Dearest Gurumustuk,

    I am so happy that you had the same opinions that I did.  I felt overwhelmed with the whole shindig.  When I did get to see Hrithik behind the scenes, I was disappointed.  He wasn’t as big as he is portayed in the movie Krish or as approachable.  I seemed to have clicked with the father and the Bollywood staff more.  Anyway, I do feel people put their actor Idols on a pedastal, but in the long-run I do feel that they are no better than us. 

  22. Amira says:

    Don’t you think you’re being a bit too harsh Mr. Harpeet Bhullar? Yes, we all tend to have an ideal image in our minds of how an actor would present himself if we were to meet him…but that’s just in our minds. I have seen Hrithik in concerts and at an event, and witnessed how he connects with his fans and I can honestly say he is a thorough gentleman. He is probably one of the very few down-to-earth celebrities in the WORLD. Of course he isn’t going to be “big” in person like he is portrayed on screen. That’s just fiction/fantasy. The fact that he is of regular build makes him even more REAL.
    I don’t understand why we always have to compare people to another. It’s a bit childish, really.

  23. pritamKaur says:

    Hehehe: )….. I do enjoy bollywood, hollywood, kollywood, mandarin movies ( jackie chan, jet li, gung li etc…..historical chinese mandarin movies..great to watch..)
    So the diff is the culture in each type…..end of it, people never stop talking about their fav actor/actrese be it bollywood or hollywood.
    Let’s not be too critical about them…They are entertainers and like any star…they too get attention and this is impt for thier career..thier fans!People do outgrow them as they grow and mature..I m sure Hritik is a good soul too…he is married to his childhood sweetheart, and i think he is a dad too…so sweet! Maya is everywhere…chocolate, starbucks, shopping……nice house…..all is Maya…but let it not consume us…just enjoy it.

  24. pritamKaur says:

    By the way Hapreet….singh or kaur…or just Bullar?

  25. Jagandeep Singh says:

    wjkk wjkf………satsriakal gurumustak jii….tusii great ho jiii……really wat the ideas u hv got after that party…all those r common …you also have fans…which r uncountable…you ever come to india…..I will the first person who take ur snap…..dont think that I m comparing u with hrithik…because comparison is only possible between… r the true hero..A hero is not only someone who dies for the country or kills for the country. But a hero is someone who motivates someone to become a better person and help make this world a better place to live. ….you r motivatng whole sikhs alaround the world to join with GURU’S feet…no one can do even any bollywood hoollywood actor cant do…..really since from four years we r maintaing relationship…this is wat….this is known as SERVICE TO HUMANITY….which is the true..teaching of our GURUS…..

  26. ik singh says:

    wow!  gms, i hear and feel you brother. 

  27. Rakesh Ranjan says:

    comes to know bout the premire of the kites i m reaally xited to know bout the upcoming of the bollywood superstar………in a new passin