JAMTSE: Love and Compassion

During my days of going to boarding school in India and as a youth, one of the things which stood out was the Tibetan people that lived in the area as a result of being displaced from Tibet. In the hill town of Mussoorie (where my first school was) there were quite a few tibetan people who would sell various handicrafts in town that they made.

Then when I moved to a new school in Dehradun, our school was in Rajpur which was right next to a Tibetan settlement, so I got to interact and see the Tibetan people quite often. I didn’t have a chance to interact very often but I will always remember their smiles and the softness in their eyes. When I would get out of the school I would walk up to Rajpur with my friends and we would get this tasty soup with noodles and vegetable dumplings (I forget the names).

Anways, I have always felt the sadness and need of the Tibetan people who have been exciled from their homes in Tibet. There is a beautiful energy, peacefullness and innocense in these people.

A new music album was just released called "“Jamtse: Love and Compassion – An Offering to The Tibet Fund” which all the proceeds will go exclusively to The Tibet Fund in support of their work. 

This digital compilation features such renowned artists as Nawang Khechog, Snatam Kaur, Jai Uttal, Deva Premal, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, MC Yogi, Toshinori Kondo, Krishna Das, Bill Laswell and more. Top independent record labels Sounds True, Spirit Voyage, White Swan, New Earth Records, Wah! Music, Alif Records and others, all donated tracks to this worthy cause.

This is an all digitial album so there is no physical CD to purchase. You can purchase the two "disk" set on iTunes or Amazon.com. It’s a great collection of spiritual music to uplift your spirit and support a good cause at the same time. You can get a preview of each of the audio tracks on either of the previously mentioned websites.

Let us all fill ourselves and those around us with….Love and Compassion :)

One Response to “JAMTSE: Love and Compassion”

  1. Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh says:

    Thukpa!  How could you ever forget the name of that wonderful noodle soup?!  I was excited when I saw it on the menu at the Tibetan restaurant in Santa Fe, but disappointed when I ate it.