Illusion and Reality 2012

Here is an interesting video that someone forwarded me about the scientific view
on how everything is all one. It is also interesting seeing some of the information in regards to emotion/thought/vibration and how that effects the human body. It gives a nice explanation from a scientific perspective about the changes which are starting to happen as we move into the "Aquarian Age" (starting 2012). 

Watch Part 2 0f 2 of the above video

4 Responses to “Illusion and Reality 2012”

  1. sarbjit singh gill says:

    Thank You for sharing this video

    Sarbjit Singh Gill

  2. S.R. says:

    Excellent blog which continually keeps me coming back.
    Not terribly impressed with this though. The divine light emanating from the Muslim women in the video doing their japa, who the narrator tries to use as an example of “oppressed women”, speaks for itself.  And yet time continues to slip by…

  3. JassaSingh says:

    The video is not working kindly fix it

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    Fixed now. Thanks for the catch.