Gagan Damama Bhajio

Someone forwarded this audio track of Chardikala Jatha from their last visit to Singapore. Have a listen and download :)

Direct to file system on mrsikhnet

[Audio: gurbani/chardikala jatha/Chardikala Jatha – Gagan Damama Bhajio.mp3] Download

GMC download with audio module – file path:


GMC download with audio module – node path:


GMC direct to filesystem of audio


GMC download with audio module (song 2):


Chardikala Jatha is heading out to england very soon so if you are going to be in the england area, check them out.


One Response to “Gagan Damama Bhajio”

  1. manpreet says:

    Gurumustuk ji,
    I am a big fan of CK Jatha and have been listening to all their shabads which are available online..Was wondering if they have any plans to visit vancouver..There is a large sangat on the west coast of canada who would love to see them perform live..And also is any of their recorded CDs available for sale in India..My dad would love to have one in India where access to internet is not common.