Science of The Siri Guru Granth Sahib & Story

A talk about the science of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, followed by a Sakhi inspiring us to practice Shabad Guru. This is a video with Guru Jodha Singh from Los Angeles.

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11 Responses to “Science of The Siri Guru Granth Sahib & Story”

  1. HSingh says:

    I totaly agree with you! I think you have a great understanding of life which i can learn so much from! :)
    I would love to have you as my guru if you would accept me.
    Guru Jodha Singh, when will you be coming to the UK?



  2. Siri Pritam Kaur says:

    Sat Nam. That was beautiful said…. thank you. Siri Pritam Kaur, Yuba City.

  3. sarbjit singh gill says:

    i am amazed how misled the respected speaker is. Vibrations ? The words in the Gurbani are to be read the soul and understood as a high spritual level, not to let the body vibrate.  i seriously thought you were going to say something about science .
    Would have been better if yourself spoke about how Guru Nanak said life starts from water and how we are going ot MARS to search for water. That is science to me.

    Telling me Gurbani was written for us to vibrate our senses, is a joke. I think SGGS is meant to be read and understood and followed.

    Thank you letting me put my comments/reply.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
    sarbjit singh gill

  4. AJIT S says:

    wow! =D
    that was reli helpful! and very nice

  5. sarbjit singh gill, he is referring to sound vibrations, not moving your body or vibrating it in a physical sense. Gurbani is all about “Naad”, the sound the vibrates at a certain frequency which creates change in a person.

  6. terry singh says:

    i’m not trying to put a downer on the video or nor am i disagreeing with it…but isn’t this his opinion (sorry if i missed the point of this being a opinion)…to say all of the things about the *science* of religion. Personally i do not thing you can mix both religion and science together. He is saying and making statements without any reasoning to back things up seems rather false to me( although they mentions personal experience, i do not count this a hard evidence), backing it up with scientific (Biological mostly) words to make what he is saying to sound more of a factual nature. I can remember they used the term Osmosis which i don’t think had any relevant connection to what he was saying. i.e Osmosis 101: The movement of Water molecules from a region of high water conc’ to a region of low water conc’ across a partially permeable membrane…i do not see what was the need to use that term other to make he’s opinion sound more scientific but granted he did and i could see why but i think he could have used any other term as not to cloud and bombard people with scientific words to make his arguement sound scientific . I know Gani Jodha Singh must feel some sort of ‘peace’ while reading the Siri Guru Granth Sahib but i could bet you a 1000 people have felt or claim to of felt the same sort of thing with other religious text. i do not think we should go push science and both religion maybe at this point in time. Moreover on the vibrations, again seems a little too much…i’m not saying the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is wrong, NOT at all, just maybe we can’t use human science to it and everyone has experiences with the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in there own way (i take Gani ji’s view but i feel we must not go tooo over the top so to say)

  7. Gurinder "G" says:

    sarbjit singh gill and terry singh,

    If any concept or hypothesis is outside of or beyond your understanding does not makes it false.  Here the discussion is on Sound vibration.  Do some research on sound vibration …

  8. Terry singh says:


    …nor does it make true either!…im not saying i do not understand sound vibrations, On the country, i am a physicision and have studied sound and waves probably alot more than you have. But this was not the point i was making, you misunderstand
    the point i was trying to make…the was no evidence for the examples he was giving and no real reasoning for
    why science has anything to do with religion…just statements…not facts made on his part. we are all seeking truth and that is all i’m after. If you live your life without
    any reasoning, nor questioning and follow everything blindly thats up to you i for one do not. i probably you have not done hardly any research of your own before you made that reply…or
    have been indoctrination in such a way that maybe you cannot see ‘inside the box’ first.

  9. Gurinder "G" says:


  10. Alvindarjit Singh says:

    I love this discussion. I’m not taking sides, but somehow I agree that any statement made needs to be backed by hard evidence. And I respect the way both Terry and Sarbjit question, for questioning is our only path to more knowledge.

  11. Khalsa Ji,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    From my native village- Guru Ki Wadali, Amritsar, the birth place of Sri Guru Har Gobind saheb, bandi chode, Miri Piri de malak, 6th guru’s parkash purab di lakh lakh wadhayee hove ji.

    With waheguru’s blessing I earn a living being a scientist, my field is communications and signal processing research. And with Guru’s Grace, understand some of the popular scientist ways of hitting and trying until we get something kind of right, and then hiring a team of lawyers to patent our “technology”, that “we discovered”. Its almost funny. We just found something that already existed- gravity, bernoulli’s theorem, stem cells etc…all the stuff we get fascinated with. It is nature and Guru explains, That one source of energy made Nature. Science in that case becomes a vehicle for human kind to understand(or try to) and appreciate yet another creation of Almighty- Nature.

    Asa Di Var:
    “Kudrat disse kudrat sunie kudrat bhao sachsaar,
    Kudrat patali, akasi kudrat sorb akar.
    Kudrat Ved Puran kateba, kudrat sarb vichar,
    Kudrat paon, pani baisantar kudrat dharti khak,
    Sob teri kudrat tu kadar karta paki nahi pak,
    Nanak hukme andar vekhe varte tako tak.”

    I see all our science, as a part of making livelihood and following a constructive passion. It is Kirt, just like farming. Science in a sikh’s view is just a vehicle to try to understand some wonders of nature.

    With science one can try to initiate someone to start liking a guru or a pill but someone who is too logical and too scientific, will sooner or later start thinking he is above the Guru.

    Science is not to be used to sell Sikhi, but if used as a tool, very carefully, and conciously, it is an amazing way to understand somethings that we have not. Worldly knowledge and possesion of power and materials can make us blind and proud, thats why its a good rule to keep science out of Hukam.

    The same pill or pesticide found to give relief today, may cause cancers in a few years. Althogh scientist will claim he was perfect both times.. Science is evolving, just like our thoughts, and its not perfect, where as SGGS is perfect guru. And Guru Ka Sikh doesnt need evidence for that.

    Aad sach, jugaad sach, hai bhi sach, nanak, hosi bhi sach. It is true and will be true always.

    Last year, I tried to explain my intern about a signal processing block in a receiver that we designed, he couldnt follow a word I told him. At times he said, this doesnt make any sense, or this is ridiculous.

    He was going to college. Then I gave him an exercise, told him to read a couple of chapters and some notes about 10 times, and come back to me about 15days later.. And keep reading some rules, even if he doesnt understand them completely, because he will slowly but surely start picking up. NONE, and that includes everyone except the true guru can understand everything, not at the first reading. HE came back after 10 days, not knowing a whole lot more than the week ago, but he was ready to learn. He was in a state of giving up his self ego and trying to learn.

    A kid crawls, falls, walks, runs, and then may even do horse riding in steps, At each stage they dont need to understand the next few stages.

    Sikhi has a concept of Awastha. Some are farther than others. Some people are experiencing something that other person did, 10years ago. Sikhi is one, and our stages are like science, limited by thought.

    Reciting Gurbani has a very peaceful and positive effect on our body and mind, just opposite of listening to bad things. Guru says the same thing Mr. Gill saheb said above.

    Bani Guru, Guru hai bani, wich bani amrit saare, Gurbanee kahe sewak jan mane, partakh guru nistare.

    Agreed that Understanding gurbani and following gurbani is the final optimal stage where we start getting pulled out by Guru, from this world ocean. Sooner we can get there, more good we will do in this world.

    But, in order for someone to get there, they have to read gurbani, love gurbani, which help lose ones fake pride of possesions and knowledge, and allows them to pray and submit, ardaas, so that the true guru can bless them with then will, courage, time, motivation to learn the path, understand it and change their fortune, so that the true guru gets happy and says ok, I am going to bless this one, because he/she is sincere. They have shown me the commitment to work on purifying their KARAM(actions), I am going to light him up with true knowledge, so he can walk the walk and talk the talk..

    Jin Mastak Dhur har likheya, tinha Sat Guru mileya ram raje,

    Agyan andhera kateya, Guru Gyan Ghat baleya,

    Har ladha ratan padartho..

    Karmeen aawe kaprha, nadri mokh dwar.

    Reading Gurbani is not to be confused with the final goal, but it is definately a very very positive and very necessary step forward for falling in love with Guru.

    Thats is the way I read Siri Jodha Singh’s words. Asking my conscience and looking at my own background, I beleive that it took me 20 years of reading and all the sangat’s blessings to start understanding Gurbani. And everytime I did read the Gurbani, it changed my consciousness, even if I didnt understand it.

    And some of my friends that have reached a stage where they understand and follow gurbani should remember that they learned Gurbani from their mother’s milk, she read it for them, continuously and tirelessly, long before they even knew. And the ones that didnt get that, and want to get there, they have to read it, love it, and serve it for a long time before Guru’s light shines on them, and they can shine.

    Bhul chuk maaf Karni ji, I am not sure if any of this made sense. I am a fool.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki fateh.

    Inderjit Singh.