Family Fun During July 4 Holidays

A bunch of my family came into town so it was really nice being with everyone. Narayan loved having his cousins visit, who came all the way from Mexico (The REAL mexico….not "New Mexico") to visit and go to Khalsa Childrens Camp. Also my cousin Ananda and her son Badri visited and went to Women’s Camp which was also really nice. I don’t get to see some of my family very often so it’s nice to catch up and visit each other. 

This past weekend I drove up to crested butte, colorado for some outdoor fun with Arjan’s sister and parents. It’s so beautiful in Colorado! New Mexico is great as well….but in a very different way. Here are a few pictures from the past week.

4 Responses to “Family Fun During July 4 Holidays”

  1. Sat Nam says:

    I enjoy your pictures they are quite beautiful. Question- amongst the pictures there is one shot of a lady with a young boy in her lap; it is just before a shot of someone strumming a guitar. Is that Nirbhe Kaur from NJ?! She was my teacher many years ago!
    sat nam and thanks

  2. Gursimran Singh says:

    Pics were mind-blowing. I am happy to see that Sikhs are now all over the world. Proud to be a Sikh.

  3. dimpu mangat says:

    very beautiful . wish u all happy 4th july. thanks