Live WebCam Broadcast From Summer Solstice

For those of you who are not able to come this week to the Summer Solstice Sadhana event here in Espanola, New Mexico you have a chance to take little sneak peaks into things going ons in the main shelter building. Starting sometime tomorrow (Saturday June 20th) I plan to have a computer broadcasting some audio/video and continuing at different times during the week. (When I am NOT broadcasting other videos will display instead)
Because the event is up in the mountains there is limited reception and I am attempting to do the broadcast using internet connection through cell phone which will limit the quality. Preliminary tests outside my office went fine. So next test is on the mountain. There is a chance that it will not work very well at all, but before I head up the mountain I wanted to let you all know that you. Anways…we’ll see how it goes.

To watch the broadcast go to:

Update: 6/21 – Seems to be working. Can’t really test from here since the internet speed is pretty slow, but just enough for the broadcast. Our main camera is missing the power supply so having to use a regular computer webcam which isn’t the best.

Update: 6/22 – Sunday – 9am, wedding and Gurdwara. Chardikala Jatha, Prof. Surinder Singh and Jatha (UK) and others.

Update: 6/27 – Rensabhai Kirtan – Kirtan will be held all night long until around 3:45am and then the morning Sadhana / yoga/ meditations/ Gurdwara. 

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