Visit to SikhNet Office and Solstice

The Akal Takhat Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti Ji along with the Head Granthi of the Golden Temple, SS Gurbachan Singh Ji and a few others came to visit the SikhNet office today. They are in Espanola, New Mexico for a few days.  After visiting the Gurdwara they came to the SikhNet office and I took a few minutes to tell them about SikhNet and the various services that are available online, as well as how many people it reaches. Their visit reminded me of my days in boarding school in India when the "Chief Guest" would come to visit the school and we had to clean everything up and be ready to greet them. I would clean up for any guest….but it reminded me of those old days. (Below are a couple pictures)

Lots going on this week and next with so many people coming in town from all over the world for the Summer Solstice Camp! It was great meeting up with one of the groups of Sikh youth that came in from England. I went up the hill at 6AM this morning and setup my tent, and I’ll move up the mountain on Saturday for the week. I have a verizon broadband card so I might have internet access and am going to test out a casual live webcam/broadcast (though don’t expect to get the solstice experience from a webcam!). Let’s see how things go. Will post updates so check daily just in case.

Below: Me and Gurujot Singh (White Turbans) along with the Jathedhar and Head Granthi.

Showing them and the various services

One Response to “Visit to SikhNet Office and Solstice”

  1. Balprem Kaur says:

    Sat Nam Gurumustuk!
    Thank you for all you do for these websites!  I know it has been exhausting but they have been of value to me, a non-Sikh.
    Happy Summer Solstice!
    Balprem Kaur