Flying High in the Skies of Espanola

This morning we had a bit of fun and adventure flying as the sun was rising above Espanola. My friend Krishan Shiva Singh likes to fly airplanes and invited us to fly with him. In the earlier days he used to do a lot of Sky Diving (Jumping out of an airplane, free floating and then parachuting). Last night he called my office before I went home and said he had space so at the last minute decided to go with him along with Narayan. Yippeee….!  Most of you have flown in a commercial airplane, but it is a whole different thing flying around in one of these small planes. We flew all over Espanola checking out the various landmarks. It was cool flying over the Summer Solstice Campsite and seeing everything from up above. Everything looks so different from high up. We "swooped" down low past a car driving up the dusty solstice road and then headed in the direction of our house. I called her up on the phone and we saw her in the back yard.

Here is a quick little 2 minute video that I made from some of the pictures and tiny videos clips that I took.

Download Video

There are so many fun things to experience and do in life and it’s nice to get out do them. Here are a few pictures from this morning….


7 Responses to “Flying High in the Skies of Espanola”

  1. Poonam kaur says:


    Wahe Guruji Ka Khalsa Wahe GuruJi Ki Fateh !


  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    That video is so AWESOME! I loved the pictures of the solstice site with everything set up already for next week.I also did this with Krishan Shiva Singh Ji. I went with my brother and his wife. We had a fun time and he let me fly the plane. I was flying very cautiously and he said I could be a little more adventurous, so I did a few fun moves. I had a great time. Thanks for sharing the video and pictures!

  3. Amar Atma says:

    Next time I’m out in Espanola, Krishan Shiva, let’s fly!  I haven’t given up on gettin’ Dad to bring you on as a copilot when he’s flying those doctors around the state.  My goodness the Enchanted state is incredible from 20,000 feet.

  4. Krishan Shiva says:

    Amar Atma, definitely. will you be out for solstice? maybe we can find some time then.

  5. Balraj says:

    Wow some beautiful shots there!
    Are you flying a C172?
    Im currently flying a C152 and a Diamond Da40
    SEP planes rule don’t they!

  6. Wahe Guruji Ka Khalsa Wahe GuruJi Ki Fateh !
    Singh sahib you are doing a great job for sikhism and sikh in touch with for a long time.and it helps me in all ways.
    Guri kirpa kare
    Gurinder Singh

  7. Pavanjeet Singh says:

    Hi Gurmustuk, Thought you might like this video of another Sikh pilot in the US.