The Turbanizer – No Fabric Required…

Ok, it’s just about friday so now for a bit of fun. Last year myself and Ashvinder Singh were brainstorming ideas for an all new RateMyTurban website where you could purchase stylish turban fabrics for all kinds of festive occasions (or for every day use too!). The idea was to promote the regalness of the Turban and make it more fashionable so people could go beyond the basic black or single colored turban (patterns and all!). One of the ideas I got was to have a way for someone to virtually try on a turban and see it with different fabric styles. The idea was that it would be fun and draw more people to the website as well. Some of the hair/makeup companies use this method for trying different hair styles and colors, so I thought why not a turban?? Anyways, Ashvinder Singh went running with this idea and rather than doing another Rate My Turban website he came up with this cool website (Turbanizer) based on this simple concept of seeing what you might look with a turban on (or a different style).

 When you go to the website you upload a picture (from your computer, webcam, or various websites online) and then you have a chance to choose from many different turban styles, some Sikh styles and others from various cultures. You can move it around and size it to fit. The trick is to use a photo that is close up and you are facing straight ahead (otherwise the turban won’t fit right). You can pick the Manmohan Singh Pagh, or the famous Siri Chand Turban, the desi Punjabi pagh along with various nihang style dhumallas.

Anyways, your sure to have some good fun trying on various style turbans and then sending them to your friends and family. Sure you could do this in photoshop but it’s good fun, and so easy. You can even buy a custom T-Shirt with your "Turbanized picture" on it with a simple click after you are done. 

Here are two Turbanized pictures of my son Narayan and daughter Charanjeet Kaur:


Here are some more turbanized pictures by other people:

11 Responses to “The Turbanizer – No Fabric Required…”

  1. Manjit Singh says:

    This is a great fun site!  I am putting turbans on everybody! Ash, can we get some mustaches (up, down, curled etc), beards (long,  short etc) , eyes, noses and eyebrows.  Kind of like in the video game Wii to set up players! Thanks!

  2. Ash Singh says:

    Hey Manjit,
    Thanks for your feedback. We will consider your suggestions as the Turbanizer evolves. Our mission is to solve the following issues related to youth and turbans through new media.

    The issues include:
    People make fun of me because I wear a turban

    Racism is driven by being afraid of the unknown. People that do not wear a turban need to connect with the turban to understand it. helps by allowing anyone in the world to visualize themselves in a turban. If someone insults your turban, just TURBANIZE THEM!

    I don’t want to wear the same style turban as my dad

    Youngsters that want to wear a turban are left with few choices when deciding on what turban styles they want to adopt. helps them visualize themselves with diverse varieties of the turban crown at an early age.

    I look stupid when I try to tie a turban

    Turbans are the most fashionable and vibrant headgear in the world. Turbanizer helps you find the style that suits you and allows you to visualize how royal you will look with the turban.

  3. R Singh says:

    Its awesome ^^

  4. Definatelty a brilliant site! I’ve been turbanizing my friends and teachers and sending them the photos :).
    Hey, I’ve got an idea for a new website. What do you think Gurumustuk/Arjan Kaur ji. :)

  5. shanu says:

    That is SO cool!

  6. singh says:

    to Ash singh/gurmustak singh

    nice to see this website.I dont know who actually controls this site but one thing that concerns me very much is that people are using turbans on animals and on some objectionable pics.So by doing this i am think we are making too much fun of turbans specially when it comes to dhumalls,nihang blue and nihang navy.So we are letting people play with respect of turban.So u should take measures to screen for these pics,before these  get uploaded  finally in gallery and remove these from gallery.
    besides this i think u should put more styles of turbans which are being tied in punjab .


  7. haha !! love the site. It’s so  addictive. Think once a day i have to atleast go on it jus to turbanise all my friends or the idiots i hate…lol
    **managed to even get Varinder in a Nihang style ;)

  8. shanu says:

    I got an idea… can you try and make a way of rotating the turban too? That would make it a lot easier to fit a face…no?

  9. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
      Firstly may we commend the projects being undertaken by various individuals attempting to promote the Sikh turban in a positive limelight. Unfortunately, the Nihang Singh community in particular find certain aspects of this website highly inappropriate and offensive, namely the use of the Dumalla with Aad Chand and various shastars. Please do not take this as religious fundamentalism; it is an attempt to prevent the distortion of religious symbols
     The Aad Chand is a sacred symbol of the Khalsa. Therefore, it is very offensive when dumallay adorning the Aad Chand can be placed on dogs, let alone those not keeping to the Khalsa Rehat. Shastars are worshipped by the Khalsa as the almighty Sarbloh and are adorned in the Dumalla, the highest point of the body to ensure up most respect, this ideal is entirely shattered when they are used comically on animals. Even more concerning is the use of the Dumalla adorning the farla. The farla is unique to the Nihang Singh traditions and has historically been given to those who have proven themselves worthy servants of the Khalsa and have entirely immersed their souls in Akaal (timeless God) through the opening of their Dasam Duar (tenth spiritual gate). Those adorning the farla, are said to be the very form of Mahakaal. Thus, I am sure you can understand the hurt that aspects of this website has caused for those following the Khalsa traditions. These traditions introduced by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji have been distorted, disrespected and ridiculed as a result of the features of
     Majority of Sikhs adorn the turban style invented by the fashion conscious Maharajas of Patiala, and therefore there is little objection to its use for purposes of promoting the turban as fashionable. The Dumalla is not for the fashion conscious, nor is the Aad Chand a mere accessory and the importance of the farla has already been made clear. Therefore, we humbly ask that turbans relating to the Nihang Singhs be completely removed from your website in a prompt manner, reducing the hurt of our sentiments.
     The intentions of this website are clearly very innocent. We hope that you have taken onboard our constructive criticism and will take viable action where necessary. We look forward to hearing from one of the website coordinators in regards to our concerns.
    King Regards,
    [email protected]
    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

  10. dr raman chawla says:

    guru fateh. this site is very diffrent and full of knowledge.

  11. Ramneek Singh says:

    WOW! This website is aewsome and heaps of fun…lol….i was on this website for more than 2 hours trying out all the different pugs.dastaars on different poeple including the PM — Kevin Rudd
    aewsome website…and tank u so much for creating it1 ;)