Passing Judgement on Others

In the below video Guruka Singh talks about how we don’t have the right to criticize or judge others about their practice (or lack) of being a Sikh.

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2 Responses to “Passing Judgement on Others”

  1. Once again a brilliant video by Guruka Singh ji. I’m finding these short videos very helpful on all levels. Keep it up!

  2. R Singh says:

    Sorry if I am off topic in this post. I am sure I am wrong, but I’ve been thinking of what a Sikh is. I think I am only a Sikh when I am meditating on Waheguru. That meditation can manifest itself in innumerous ways, be it seva, simran, yog, being compassionate or the infinite number of other ways we get blessed with. The time I love and recognise I am one with Parbrahm is the time I am truly Sikh. Some may see clearer and others to a lesser extent, but on some level we all see. One thing I am sure no human can truly 100% understand what stage a other atma is at. We can never truly comprehend where we are at let alone someone else. The time I blind myself from Waheguru is the time when I am not a Sikh. I think everyone would agree, the panj kakkar, simran and amrit, by themselves, dont make a Sikh. The way I see it, its better to be a good “non-amritdhari” person than to be a “Amritdhari” that is maleech. Thinking about it literally a Sikh is a student (shish) of the Guru. So even if someone that doesn’t know anything about what we call Sikhism, goes on the internet, reads alittle Gurbani and realizes something about himself, then he/she can be called a Sikh, because he/she has been blessed to learn something from Guru Ji. A good example of something similar to this, is the guy that made this video –

    From Guruka Singh Ji I learned if we show our love and compassion for everyone, in comparision passing judgement is nothing and not nearly as powerful tool to make others see what we deem sense. I remember a while back we showed some school kids around my local Gurdwara and the kids and the teachers loved the concept of langar and seva. I think one teacher said it was the manifestation of our beliefs and all of them said it was great. Love from Sikhs is what bought me into Sikhi, not the fear based tactics (ie. your going to hell) that we see other religions use. Love and compassion is our greatest gift.