The Little Engine That Could

What can I say but…I’m feeling pretty tired. This past two weeks have been a bit crazy with the new SikhNet website launch and all the problems that came up as a result. Moving to a totally new system can be quite complicated and there are so many moving pieces. When we moved SikhNet to the new web system it concentrated most of the web traffic onto one server and it started crashing due to the high load (you might have noticed sikhnet being down on and off and slow over the past week or so). We ordered a new server and got it setup asap, and last night I moved everything over on to the brand new super fast server. Hopefully things start to stabilize on SikhNet and I can get back to fixing/improving things on the actual website.

It is times like this when I am up till 3:30 in the morning trying to get things fixed that I wish I had a "cave" to sleep in. The thing is that no matter what time I go to sleep I can always count on my daughter Charanjeet kaur coming into my room and climbing on me at around 6AM if I am still in bed, so that doesn’t leave much time for sleep if I go to bed that late.

We have this 12 inch wooden carving of the Buddha and for some reason she loves it. It’s a bit heavy but, but she doesn’t seem to care. I worry sometimes about her dropping it on her feet, but she seems to manage it well. Regular dolls don’t seem to have the appeal of the wood Buddha. She lies it on the side, puts a blanket on top and tells the Buddha to go to sleep. She also takes him to breakfast and various other activities. We also have a similar sized statue of Quan Yin which seems to have joined the gang with Charanjeet and the Buddha. This morning she plopped it right on my face while I was sleeping. What can one do but smile and share the love that children so innocently give out.

Hopefully in the coming weeks things settle down here at SikhNet. Till then, your patience is appreciated as we smooth things over and make the necessary changes and improvements to the new website.

I’m looking forward to Summer Solstice in the next two weeks! That will be a nice break. 

I just got home and saw Charanjeet as usual playing with Buddha, so I took a few pictures to give you an idea. Even Buddha uses the potty…. :) 


In bed "sleeping"…


Buddha does everything that Charanjeet does (including using the potty). 






6 Responses to “The Little Engine That Could”

  1. Take a break Mr.SikhNet. I think I’m sure you need it!

  2. Jai Dev Singh says:

    that is super sweet! our son, Siri Amrit, is around her age.  From looking at the pictures, Charanjeet seems to have a similar disposition and sweetness. thanks for sharing the pics. The website looks great. Thanks for all the hard work.

  3. Tej Kaur says:


  4. Sat Kartar Kaur says:

    Charanjeet tu es absolument adorable.
    (Chanranjeet you are absolutely adorable)

  5. You really need to take a break Gurumustak Singh Ji. I really hope that you don’t get yourself over stress with the new software. We can wait for it, but you must have enough rest first before you can get everything in place. Anyway, your daughter is just very cute with the buddha.

  6. Christine says:

    Think that your daughter is inherently spiritually inclined, she chooses buddha over all her other dolls…that is a definite sign to me…glad she is in a family that will foster this in her!  She is really cute!!!