Pictures and Family

Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday after Gurdwara.

Family Picture  

Lastest picture of Our little happy family 

Lakhmi Chand Striking a Pose  

Lakhmi Chand Singh Striking a pose



Holding up the world

Holding himself up-side-down between Hari and Prabhu



Charanjeet peeking through the inside of the Golden Temple Model that is in the entry way of our Gurdwara

 Pretty Girls

 The Girls…



Lakhmi Chand





11 Responses to “Pictures and Family”

  1. Reemas says:

    So cute!


  2. Nice photos. Aww Charanjeet’s growing up! Out of curiosity what camera are you using?

  3. TEJPAL SINGH says:

    We feel proud to be a SIKH.  And when I see the cute family like you.. I can’t stop my tears of Joy..I feel even more proud that our family is increasing day by day…

    May Waheguru bless all his blessings on your family….

  4. I’m using the Canon 40D

  5. Jagjeet Singh says:

    Gur Fateh Gurumustuk Singh ji –

    Are you using some special kind of filters with Canon 40D ?
    Pics are really good, I have nikon D80 but could not take that clarity of pics ..

    Do you edit them ? if yes with which software .. ?
    Is there any special setting do you use  .. ?


  6. Jagjeet Singh, I don’t use any filters on my camera, but a few of the above pics were edited using Picasa. Great program and very easy to use. Download for free at:

  7. Gurmustak Singh Ji I really would like to know which jatha /Kirtani sang the 2 shabads on the slideshow for the Sikhs 2005 (part 1-3) .I have been listening to them & have tried other ways but cannot find who they are by .I would be eternally grateful if i could have the names .
    1st Shabad :Moree Runchun Laaaya Bhaine Saawan aaya
    2nd shabad: Waho Waho Gobind Singh aape gur chela


    Jaspreet Kaur

  8. that seems like magic the one in which narayan is upside down, first because they are two of them, seems unreal, because they look so much identical in the photo like someone used two different poses of them, second because narayan is holding himself upside down and third both narayan and hari, prabhu are smiling and acting like it is the easiest thing to do.

    and fourth and maybe the only one because i am assuming too much…

  9. my bad it isn’t narayan or is it, well i wanted to say that both your kids are interesting and i see their pics not because they are some celebrity’s kids like hey here goes the son/daughter of the one MrSikhNet but because they are always interesting and they never make/strikes any special pose for camera just relaxed always and well charanjit’s every pic here is an art in itself looking away, looking through, looking sideways, that innocent little kid is such a sweet child may god bless her. may god bless narayan

    May Waheguru Bless you all

  10. Fateh Ji

    Thank you so much Gurumustak Singh Ji .