Version 2

You might have been wondering what has been going on with me and why I haven’t been posting much on in recent months. I know I used to post something almost every day, but for the past 2-4 months I have been deep in planning and development of the new SikhNet website. It takes quite a bit of time and work to create a professional website with all kinds services. Also, it is no small task to migrate SikhNet over to a whole new system (which is what we are doing). If we had a staff of 10 people this might go quicker but that isn’t the case for SikhNet so things can take time. 

I was calling this new site SikhNet 2.0 but, I guess SikhNet is way past version 2 since we have gone through many revisions over the past 11+ years. It is however a big change from our current system which has been the same for many years, so this is a big step.


The new SikhNet website is still under development but getting closer to "phase 1" switch over which we hope to do at the end of next week. Those of you who read this on are some of the first few to check out the new website.

Some of the main changes to SikhNet so far are:

  • – Simplified and Re-organized home page
  • – Site oriented more like a media/e-zine focused on articles and content
  • – Flash News Scroller visually showing featured articles
  • – Strong focus on video with featured videos on the home page.
  • – Beautiful custom artwork for major sections by Kanwar Singh

There is lots more stuff that we are in progress with and will be announced after phase one and we do the switch over to the new system. It’s all so exciting! There is so much to do. I wish we had 10 people to work on this. If any of you reading this are skilled in php/drupal/css/web design and would like to help please do let me know.

You can take a look at the new website at: 

Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback, see bugs, or have suggestions. Keep in mind that the site is still under development and things are not finished, so this is just a "sneak preview". It also might be a bit slow which we will optimize more as we get things finalized.

10 Responses to “ Version 2”

  1. Proud (SIKH) says:

    This is a major improvement since the previous site, I happen to be a web usability guy and I can definately say that overall, the new Sikhnet 2 site looks great in terms of browsing, visually appealing, graphics, and content.

    The only thing I noticed is the slow loading process and content coloring of links, rest was all good.

    Proud (SIKH)

  2. Hardeep Singh says:

    that looks great, well done.
    I can help with drupal, php and web disign as I am a web programmer/designer and have worked with drupal before. However I am from uk hope that isnt a problem. Contact me if you would like me to help.

  3. Gsingh says:

    Fateh ji,

    the new website is very impressive and has got a fresh look….in particular i liked the art work at the top of the website….also i liked the news flashing up in pictures and in words….it is indeed a very modern and professional looking website…great work…

    i found out one bug perhaps:…when i clicked on hukamnama on the drop down menu, punjabi letters didn’ showed up…however, clicking on the “hukamnama” button at the top showed them….

    my other suggestion would be to highlight “Introduction to Sikhism” in bigger fonts so that it is visible and more prominent… i may be wrong on the following…. At the moment, the website is appearing to have lesser focus on sikhism. in terms of presentation(though there are links embeeded in under “lifestyle” tab)..personally, i think that is a excellent source of knowledge on sikhi  and it should continue to be so….

    All the best in your endeavours…May you be successful with Guru’s kripa



  4. Ravinder Singh says:

    It’s a great looking website. I was looking forward to an updated version of Sikhnet. I have to say the ‘Introduction to Sikhism’ page is excellent.
    In addition i have to say that Sikhnet TV is outstanding. I love it..

  5. Its an awesome design. The blue and orange color scheme gives a great professional look. Hats off for the great deal of work done to conceptualize this design.

    Here are a few suggestions:
    – Make a separate strip on the top (preferably, with a dark background) for the links and the search box. This would increase the visibility of these links, which are barely visible.
    – Try adding 1/2 more links on the drop down menu section. The empty space at the right side is not looking too good. Maybe, you could also try to fix the widths of the main menu items and add some dividers between them.
    – The RSS link should be placed on a more strategic place. Maybe that could occupy the empty-space on the right side of top menu. The RSS links should contain RSS feeds for Sikhnet News, Daily Hukam, Youth Q&A, Forums, your blog and Sikh Blog Updates. Maybe you could also start feeds for Video of the Day and Image of the Day.
    – The current RSS link is more kind-of ‘Info for Webmasters’ section. Rename it to ‘For Webmasters’. Apart from this, you can also add code for syndicating the RSS feeds above using the Google gadgets on their website.

    – I don’t think the SikhiWiki link fits appropriate in the Lifestyle section. Maybe it could be placed in a section named featured links or something similar. Or, it could be included with the top-most menu near search. That way the search button could still remain on the banner and a separate strip of buttons could be placed on top as suggested earlier.
    Also, I would like to help you for the development of this new version. Contact me through the link on my website.

  6. devinder says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh ..
    Excellent work  !!!!!!
    I have an experience working on In vision power board forum . currently i am developing for a  company , if  you need any kind of assistance please let me know .it would be nice working with you  , and contributing a bit for community ……

  7. Nice layout but just a few suggestions.
    1) If you change the drop down menu headings (home,media,news etc etc) to different colours it may look significantly more appealing. Light colours such as the existing light blue, green, yellow, red.
    2) I kind of miss the images next to the ‘latest news’ as they were really eye catching. Perhaps you could re-introduce them but as a smaller size? (32×32 px)
    3) When registering on the forum successfully you are brought back to the homepage with a message at the top. I think that needs hilighting or needs to be made bold so it stands out a little from the rest of the page.
    Just my $0.02.

  8. Paramjit Singh says:

    Waheguru Je Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Je Ke Fateh
    Guru’s sewadaar’s this website looks amazing! Great job. With Guru’s blessing may you all carry out this sewa with humility and grace.
    Ang Sung Waheguru

  9. Jaspal Singh says:

    Very nice work.  Love already ordered a few posters, just what I was looking for.  Excellent.

  10. singhu says:

    Guru Fateh Khalsa Jee
    This New Web Site is great, however I am having problem to access it!. I am using I/E 7 and whenever I access your web site it will close my I/E after sometime..but other web sites are working fine…so please double check if all is OK at your end?. Thank you very much