“Golf Digest” Magazine made Guru Arjan Dev Ji into a Golfing Guru

Just saw this on my friend Sartaj Singh’s blog. Seems like these days the media is going wild. Last week it was "Burger Singh" and Nihang Singh’s being made fun of and now this. In the recent issue of Golf Digest Magazine a picture which looks just like a typical painting of Guru Arjan Dev ji is used to represent the "Golf Guru".

Read the full report and details on Sartaj’s Blog

9 Responses to ““Golf Digest” Magazine made Guru Arjan Dev Ji into a Golfing Guru”

  1. Meen says:

    I liked the idea of sending an inspiring and educational article on the history of Guru Arjun Dev ji to Golf Digest staff for posting in their magazine. People who are going to read this will be the educated ,understanding and mature rational class who can further enhance the education and spread the word.We know that in this country people are not aware completely of other religions of the world and their culture as it is unfortunatley not taught in the schools here unlike India where all the good schools public or private teaches to their students ,besides academic the knowledge on world ,cultures and religions.No wonder any american student will never have to face any hardship in these schools because of the good tolerance taught to these students towards other cultures in their school as well as home.On the contrary such students are welcomed and kids get excited and curious to know more about them.I had such personal experience myself in our school in Delhi a long time ago when two American students came to our school to see and learn the new experience and they shared their views.They were treated with full honour and respect by our principal in the morning assembly and welcomed as a guest to our school.Special student was appointed to help these students get to the classes and introduce themselves. I got really inspired at that time looking at those beautiful faces of two Gursikh white american boys(I came to know later that they were Yogi Ji’s students).No wonder I got really mersmerised in the Guru’s blessings that they reflected in their personalities.The Bottom line is We are just all one kind of people in this world created by just one God.We are all related to one another directly or indirectly.God has just put us in different places around the planet to test our compatability and success with each other in all aspects of life. As a sikh our primary goal is to bring harmony between people and inspire the world through our words and actions.

  2. ssk says:

    I don’t take huge offense to this, it is in poor taste but I don’t think it was malicious or meant to be insulting.  Someone with a little time and photoshop skills aught to send them a friendly email with an image of a golfing Jesus, that might illustrate the point.
    If golf was around back then and they were contemporaries, who knows, maybe they would have played a few rounds together?

  3. Apostate says:

    People who themselves sell “spirituality” shouldn’t complain about it being used as a commercial commodity by others, you can’t keep on bowing down to money boxes and expect the world not to use what you commercialize yourself…

  4. Karamjit Singh says:

    Authentic pictures of Sikh Gurus do not exit. No one knows as to what
    the Gurus looked like. All pictures of Gurus are artist’s
    impressions. The artists have created the pictures giving vent to
    their imaginations to make the Gurus appear larger then life. Our
    Gurus were humble men; some of the artistic creations clothe them in
    gaudy glittering clothes. Sikhs are not idol worshippers nor should
    we be paying obeisance to “artist’s impressions”. We do not have any
    such pictures on our room walls.

    Those who are objecting to the photo – have they read Gurbani by Guru Arjun Dev.
    Do they think that the paintings of Guru Arjun Dev by artists that they worship are true representation of our Guru sitting in expensive, gaudy, glittering clothes?

    Every one can judge whether this picture purports to be of the said
    Guru. Large number of Sikhs play Golf – it would have been nice to
    see picture of a Sardar playing Golf rather then this caricature. It
    is offensive to show Sikh golfers identity in this form. Sick humour.

    Karam Singh

  5. Karamjit Singh says:

    The blog owner has gone to great lengths to obtain Goole Picture of
    Guru Arjan Dev and shows that it’s the picture that has been used by
    the Golfing magazine to create Of Golf Guru. I fail to understand,
    how can one compare a doctored image with a an artists picture of
    Guru Arjan Dev, without knowing as to how the guru looked like.

    The artists picture has background of Harminder sahib as seen through
    the window. It is my understanding that Harminder sahib upper parts
    were not gold plated until the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh –
    Harminder Shaib was razed to ground several time in history and the
    picture used as background is not of that era.

    Basically, the picture you have obtained from Google is FAKE, Guru Arjan did not look like that at all. Sikhs will make themselves laughing stock, basically, you are saying
    that its objectionable for a FAKE to be Doctored by Golfing magazine. Are you able to provide an authentic picture of Guru Arjan to the Golf magazine to prove that they have
    doctored the real picture of Guru ji.

    Please read Guru Arjan Singhs Gurbani, and spread his universal message rather then take umbrage over an artists fake photo being doctored.

    Karam Singh

    Karamjit Singh

  6. Jasbir Singh says:

    Karamjit Singh is absolutely right.  There are no pictures of Gurus – to say we are insulted by this admits that this is a picture of Guru Arjan Dev Ji and also admit that we are moori pujaris, which is totally contrary to the Gurus teachings.  Such complaints just play into the hands of people who continually call us hindus – idol worshipers. It is in poor taste as so much is now a days.  Let us not give this stupidity any oxygen of publicity and increase Golf Digest sales.

  7. Karamjit Singh says:

    Jasbir Singh

    It was refreshing to read your post. My first reaction was at least common sense has prevailed. I concur with you, lets not give this stupidity any oxygen of publicity and increase Golf Digest Sales.

    Since 1986, I have been studying Sikh Art from the Period of Maharaja Ranjit Singh to present time. An authentic picture of our Gurus did not exist. They did not waste time sitting down for portraiture. Besides, they were aware that idol worship would be created. Guru’s were simple men and did not wear outlandish clothes the artists show them to be wearing. If you closely study the paintings, the Sikh artists used mogul rulers as models, took inspiration from Buddha’s lotus posture and utilised these poses to portray the Gurus. All these paintings of Gurus are Fake. Mere vivid imagination of artists.

    Basically those who are protesting about Golf Digest picture are really taking umbrage at, “a Fake being doctored”.  These fake paintings have been so much part of Sikh culture, Gurudwara and homes walls being adorned by these framed pictures, that it has become imprinted on Sikhs minds that these are our Gurus. Idol worship does take place, Sikhs pay obeisance to these paintings.
    I can appreciate these works of Art but no way equate these with the Gurus.
    Sikhs must not go into siege mentality and cry out foul – favourite sentence being, “Sikh sentiments have been hurt” – Surely to wahguru – we are not that fickle that we would get hurt over a fake painting being doctored. Equally, its morally and ethically wrong for a Sikh to suggest that Paintings of Jesus should be doctored showing him holding a golf club. Sikhism is a religion of tolerance.

  8. Bill says:


    It certainly is true that artists take a lot of liberty. I found this website with ugly paintings of Jesus: <a href="http://www.uglypicturesofjesus.com/” target=”_blank”>http://www.uglypicturesofjesus.com/


  9. Pls do not make fun of sikh guru's. Follow them to see God. Pls dont make these kind advertisement with their names