I just happened across this nice video on Snatam Kaur and Guruganesha Singh sharing their gratitude about being able to do what they do; traveling around the world, singing gods prays, and uplifting people. I feel the same way about the work that we do at SikhNet and also feel fortunate and grateful to be able to do this.

2 Responses to “Gratitude”

  1. Gurmeet Kaur says:

    Guru Ganesha and Snatam are incredible musicians and Sikhs. I had the fortune to hear them in Atlanta twice and each time my soul was awed by the immense love they have for their work; it drips from their voice from their music and from their eyes and tongues…Missionaries of Guru Nanak.
    I am in awe,  for such beings exists. Sweet Sikhi…………

  2. Sarabjeet Kapoor says:

    I thought you might want to post this.  A Sikh guy on Britain’s got Talent.  It’s really cool.