Firewall: In Defense of the Nation State

A friend recently recommended that I watch this video, and because it was a bit long I didn’t have time to watch it until now. I’m in Toronto right now in a hotel taking a break from meetings and networking and had the time to watch this video on my laptop. This video is related to the world economy and effects everyone whether or not you are an American. It is quite informative and just peels another layer of understanding of the current economical situation (particularly affecting the American population right now). It’s amazing how those few in power are driven to get more and more at the expense of the average person in the world. 

You can also view and download this video

7 Responses to “Firewall: In Defense of the Nation State”

  1. Gurinder Singh says:

    Just watched it, very knowledgeable. For those of you who liked this documentary, watch this one as well called “money masters” :
    All these documentaries bring me so much closer to Guru and God. I often wonder what role we should being playing as Sikhs with all this knowledge about this dark age.  Should we be spending more time on spreading the knowledge about whats going on in the world, or stay away from it and focus on our spiriutality. I tend to be doing a bit of both but get side tracked often.  I guess all of humanity will see what kind of “Kalyug”-“darkage” we really live in, and hope it brings everyone closer to Guru and God.
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
    Khalsa belongs to God and Victory belongs to God!

  2. Amrita Kaur says:

    Sat nam!
    how are you liking Toronto? I thought it was so cool to see your name in the Toronto Star :D Congrats on being honored!!

  3. Shama says:

    Dear Gurinder Singh-
    Yes,  we should spend LESS energy on the economy (man-made maya) and more energy on
    the TRUTH within us.  STOP looking outside. It will continue to do it”s thing.
    When you die. You will be amazed,,,the circle keeps going, and hopefully you didn’t waste your life paying attention to the outside.
    YOU need to focus on yourself fully, this life passes by in an instant and if something passes by where you can help then help that is your seva.  But if it doesn’t then don’t fill your precious mind with it.
    Great all this world of money and what they call power is having a run for its money.
    Let us look at the alternatives. Honestly, words, voice intonation and music do make impressions on the mind.  THus we should be diligent what we feed the people. Of course if you are enlightened then and only then you don’t have to mind what you put in your tiny little head.
    Please Post these videos on Sikhnet to offer a solution to  the Fearful Video you posted:
    about Eco-villages emerging around the world.

  4. M Singh says:

    Dear Gurumustuk

    As a student of finance/economics and a frequent reader of your wonderful blog, i watched the video with disgust.Its a very distorted view of the world and i REALLY urge you to take down the video.This video is entire misleading and is more of a propaganda tool.More information can be found on LaRouch’s controvesial and twisted views on the world (i.e believes global warming is a farce ,supports nuclear technologies,etc).

    If you really love to get a better view of the world economy over the last 50 years, pls watch this video (Commanding Heights) produced by PBS.It can be found on the following site

  5. Gurinder Singh says:

    M Singh, I think the video should stay. It’s not misleading at all, it’s the truth. I’ve gained too much knowledge about this stuff to know what’s really going on. The website you have posted up is produced and funded by evil corporations. What makes you believe that has any more truth then what is posted up on Gurumustuk’s website. It’s not hard to figure out the truth when you look back and study the history. It’s a vicious cycle. I really don’t want you to think i’m starting an arguement, but I would really like for people to know the truth. I respect your thoughts and if you would like more knowledge on these things, I would be more then happy to send it to you or anyone else who wants it.  Forgive me for any mistakes I may have made. Shama,

  6. nimrat singh says:

    it is an awsome video gives a in deoth knowledge about global economy drop till date and also shows how we as citizens of these so called developed countries which lok for their own personal interests and deep politics played around the world thankyou.

  7. Mark Yannone says:

    FDR wanted to obey the Constitution?  LOL!  The private sector can’t be as efficient as the government sector?  LOL!  He is a lunatic.