Guilt vs. Self-Discipline

Here is the second video part to the previously posted video topic of "Sin, Guilt, Heaven and Hell".

This video deals with the issue and question of whether guilt is a good thing to motivate and have self discipline. You might think that without guilt you might not do certain things or be disciplined. Guruka Singh shares a nice perspective in terms of relating to discipline and a daily practice. I used to be one of the "yo-yos" (going up and down in my practice) but now take the slow and steady, building over time approach. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

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5 Responses to “Guilt vs. Self-Discipline”

  1. Rachealle says:

    hey – i was just watching that video on sin, guilt, heaven, and hell – and when you mentioned heaven and hell – you said that the christian belief is that if you are good then you will go to heaven and if you are bad then you will go to hell – that is not true – good people go to hell – in order for you to get to heaven – if you are basing it on a christian’s perspective – is you must believe that God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to take away our sins – once He died then he was buried but then on the third day then He rose again – that is all that you have to do in order to go to heaven from a christian perspective – so – if you are going to talk about the Christian religion – then will you please look up your facts next time – i am not trying to be rude – it’s only that a lot of people think that that is what Christians believe and it isn’t at all thank you – God bless

  2. Guruka Singh says:

    Thanks for that Rachealle. I appreciate the clarification. Guru Arjan says: “Buraa bhalaa koee n keheejai” – “Do not say that anyone is good or bad.”


  3. kamaljit singh says:

    great video, cleared alot of things up for me, i am realy enjoying  and learning alot from these videos and look forward to the next one, GSK you are a true leader and inspiration.

  4. preet says:

    WJK WJF guruka singh ji i have learn alot from ur videos abt sikhism, but have u ever thought abt writing books? it will help alot of sikhs

  5. Guruka Singh says:

    Preet Ji –

    Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

    Funny you should mention that. I’m working on a book right now about the experience of living as a Sikh. It should be out this fall and I’m sure we’ll announce it here on the Blog since we’ve already published a few excerpts from it here.