SikhNet Video Shoot

Well, we now have the "SikhNet Video Studio" setup! A generous Sikh donated funds to pay for new video/lighting equipment. Someone in our local community had a small storage room that they were not using so we turned it into our "studio". The room is a bit narrow but it’s much better than jumping through hoops filming in the SikhNet office (which is even smaller).

 We wanted to test all the equipment so asked Guruka Singh to join us so we could do a test run by doing some interviews. So, we are now queued up to edit and post some brand new videos for you all in the coming weeks. We are almost done with the first video (on the topic of "Guilt, Sin, Heaven and hell"), but had some issues with the lighting of the green screen, so it has been quite time consuming working it out and editing the video to make it work.

 My thanks go out to all of you that have supported SikhNet and have enabled us to continue creating these educational videos and to serve in this way! If you have not yet supported SikhNet and value it’s many services please to show your support.



Me and Gurujot Singh running some audio tests.



Guruka Singh full of bright smiles (as always) 



Taking a break. 

9 Responses to “SikhNet Video Shoot”

  1. Gurinder Singh says:

    This is Great, I look forward to all the up comming videos!!
    Just a suggestion, could Guruka Singh do a Video on the topic of FreeWill in Sikhism?
    There seems to be so much controversy around this issue lately from what I’ve seen in the sanghat here.
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

  2. Stuart says:

    That’s a nice looking camera! What media does it record to? I would absolutely love to afford a high end camera like  that, unfortunately  I’m stuck with a great lower end model.

    I’m currently writing a film about a young English boy who discovers Sikhism and has his life turned around because of it. Although it’ll be a few years before I direct it due to wanting good equipment and to use the music of Cat Stevens (a man who’s songs are so beautiful and spiritual even before his conversion to Islam) so I’ll have to wait until I can get some funding.
    Funnily enough the film started life as a short for Sikhnet Film Festival (if you were to run one this year that is) however it just grew and grew.

  3. Stuart…. SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival will be happening again this year to definitely plan to submit your video :)

    Gurinder Singh, I’m not sure what you mean by “free will in sikhism”…and what the controversy that you are referring to. Maybe you can elaborate a bit more. Are you talking about fate vs destiny?

  4. Gurinder Singh says:

    Sorry Gurumustuk, I wasn’t clear. Yah it is pretty much fate vs destiny I guess. What I meant was many sikhs here believe that we have absolutely no freewill at all and everything is in Gods hands.  I however don’t agree to that extend and believe we do have some what of a  freewill. It’s not really a controversy, wrong word to choose. Just been a big topic that has been discussed lately and you can take about so many hymns from gurbani which go both ways.

  5. Ahahhahah i wondering if Gurujot kept on saying
    [in thick desi accent] “hello testing testing… hello testing testing, one two three, hello testing testing! “

  6. Gurinder Singh, we already did a video on this very topic. It is titled “Fate and Destiny”…. also see the video titled “Karma and Dharma

  7. Gurinder Singh says:

    Thanks Gurumustuk :) …… I haven’t seen those videos in a while and forgot if the topic was already covered.

  8. Ah! The green screen. Some people use a frame to stretch the screen in order to be left with an even screen. I’m not sure if that will help improve your video’s further as they’re already good in quality (and content!).

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