Mata ji’s 60th Birthday Family Slide Show

Last year I made a family slide show to celebrate my mother’s 60th Birthday. It shows pictures of her when she was just a little girl along with her brothers and parents. It then progresses to when she became a Sikh……then has a child (me)….and then becomes a grandmother (Narayan and charanjeet).

Be sure to also check out the first video that I made a few years ago for my papaji’s (Siri Vishnu Singh) 50th Birthday! You can watch that video here.

5 Responses to “Mata ji’s 60th Birthday Family Slide Show”

  1. Wonderful video! What a full life Mataji has had. BeLAted HAppY BirTHDay and Many MAny MoRe RETuRnS!

  2. Devakaur says:

    Thanks for the wonderful slide show!

    I remember bunking with Sat Kirn Kaur and 11 other women my first Winter Solstice 15 or so years ago. 

    Us underlings were awed by this dynamic warm woman who generously taught us the ropes.  She was incredibly disciplined, but was also quite witty and liked to joke and have fun.

    She is Khalsa all the way. She would get up at 3:00 am to take a cold shower, chanting all through it..oiled her body with almond oil and brought her tremendouse lion’s mane of hair into a neat rishi knot and tied a beautiful turban before heading out to sadhana–2&1/2 hours of prayer, yoga and chanting followed by gurdwara.

    She would often lead the chanting along with other musicians or be on the stage in gurdwara belting out kirtan while playing the harmonium with gusto.   

    Later in the day she would turn up as our teacher for a class such as how to read gurmukhi and could also be spotted combing the camp with clipboard in hand signing up readers for the acompot, or holding a meeting for the Amrit candidates and then being one of the Panj Piaray during the Amrit ceremony and so on…
    She is a great role model for women in the dharma today just as she was then.  I like the strength she exudes while being femenine and elegant at the same time.

    Her love of the guru is the best thing about her.   The guru is not some abstract concept far off in the distance to her. She embraces thou with her whole heart and soul and helped teach me to do the same.

    Happy B-day friend!!  Devakaur

  3. peter micic says:

    a beautiful tribute to your mother!
    Could you tell me the music the plays in the last few seconds of the video?  
    wahe guru ji ka khalsa, whaheguru ji ki fateh.  
    ps. your site is wonderful!    

  4. singh khaalsaa says:

    WAHEGURU JEE KAA KHAALSAA WAHEGURU JI KEE FATEHgreat videoi think you should write and document lives of all those first generation Sikhs of america, who are now living their lives according to Sikhiit is an important documentation if it can be done how their lives underwent transition their feeling how they felt earlier and nowhope you would spare your time for it.WAHEGURU JEE KAA KHAALSAA WAHEGURU JI KEE FATEH


    Waheguru Jee Kaa Khalsa, Waheguru ji kee fatah.
    Beautiful slide show. Waheguru bless your mother long & happy life.