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(Page from the 2008 Golden Temple – Inspirations Calendar

Another day gone by…another year gone by. 33 years on this earth for me. So much to do and experience and so little time. Every day is an up and down roller coaster; Always trying my best to make the good choices, stay connected to the source and the purpose for being on this earth. May God bless us all to connect with our soul and create peace with ourselves, our neighbors and everything around us.

14 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Siri Dyal K says:

    Happy Birthday :-D

  2. manvir singh says:

    Janam Din Di Mubarak…What is the message that we can take as we age? There are always answers to that which we reflect upon in our minds. Time to change, time to move forward, time for something more?Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    Today should be a holiday for Sikhs!Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa Ji’s unique seva has reached thousands upon thousands. We couldn’t even describe his legacy. If you think about it, inspiring even one person by sharing the Guru’s word is great! It can even change a whole person’s life. When you think more, Gurumustuk Ji has reached thousands with the Guru’s word, and shared many of the other blessings of this lifestyle. People have shifted their lives and made meditation part of their daily habit as a result of what Gurumustuk has shared. People becoming better makes the world better. Therefore we should all celebrate his birthday!WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

  4. Happy birthday. With Waheguru’s blessings, may you enjoy many hundreds more. Relaxxxxxxxxx! In this world, don’t run so fast that you fail to see the beauty of the Lord all around you. Slow down! All is under the control of the Lord. When you walk slowly, you will appreciate and enjoy more and tire less. He calls the shots in this world – not us! We are the lovers of the loved one. Do the loving and He will do the doing!Love to the family!

  5. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa
    Vaheguru ji ki fateh!!

    Happy birthday and thanks!

  6. Balwant says:

    Prabhu Ji, do you remember Bebe Nanaki’s Birthday? Baba Buddha? Bhai Mani Singh? Baba Attar Singh? Baba Jarnail Singh? Let’s not make someone an idol until you compare the past legends.

  7. Congratulations to a very dear and wonderful son of Wahe Guru. You have blessed your Creator by dedicating your 33 years of life in service. Your smiles when you were young light up hearts and your words and pictures in these years have lightenedminds and connected to so many souls across so many boundaries.Live in happiness and grace yourself each day to sit and sing the songs of your Guru and feel the peace and timelessness of these moments of simple devotion. I know how you are driven and how time seems like an unrelenting task master. This is our family inneritance.  Yet, Your entire existance is filled with so much grace that you have only to pause and breathe and feel it all around you and within you.My dear beloved son of Wahe Guru, Guru Gobind Singh let God forever bless you and all your generations with this Chardi Kala of knowing how wonderful you are in your life and how wonderful you are in your seva.Many blessings to you from your Mata-ji

  8. Happy Birthday Day brother Gurumustuk Singh Ji

  9. Kiran Kaur :ex-housemate says:

    Vaheguru Ji…..HaPpY birRR-dAy!!!!

    Hope you AT LEAST TRY to relax and Switch off today!


  10. Ravinder Singh says:

    Happy Birthday Gurumustuk Singh Ji. You’re a real inspiration! You’ve forever changed my life – from a Sikh to an Athiest to a Sikh again.Your brother,Ravinder Singh

  11. Prabhu Singh says:

    Balwant Ji, with all due respect what is the point of comparing current greatness with past greatness? What do you care which birthdays I celebrate?Besides, one of the people you mentioned doesn’t inspire me to celebrate like the others you mentioned or like the way Gurumustuk Singh Ji inspires me."Sabhnaa Jee-aa Kaa Ik Daataa" "All souls come from the one giver"So I don’t see a reason to compare.Sat Naam.

  12. Sukhbir Singh says:

    Happy birthday brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no words to say how you caused me to conceive the meaning of life, which I have missed out for the past 15 years, you have worked very hard during these years in life and hope you would lay off the computer for an week and relax for a bit, and spend some time with your family or Sat Sangat or just visit the Gurudwara to ward off daily stress. Its no wonder that confident Sikhs can really make an difference to our community today, and for the future.
    Your brother, Sukhbir Singh

  13. ujjal says:

    Sorry Gurumustuk I missed out this one occasion. MAY the ALMIGHTY HELP TAKE YOUR EFFORTS TO EVEN HIGHER HEIGHTS . Good wishes belated though, nevertheless  there with all our prayers for your CONTINUED CONTRIBUTION .MAY  GOD  BLESS AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY .

  14. Mother of four says:

    Happy Belated Belated BIrthday.  Many you continue your good work.  Your sister