What’s your poo telling you?

There are facts of life which we don’t normally talk about publicly, and one of them has to do with something that we all do every day (at least if you are healthy and regular). Ok, I know this is going to be a far throw from my normal blog posts. Don’t expect any cute pictures of Charanjeet, Inspirational stories, or videos.

I can be serious and spiritual, but I also like to have fun and laugh. A few weeks ago I went over to a friends house for dinner and while I was there I made a funny discovery while stopping in on the washroom. Normally when I go to the bathroom (#2) I like to read a magazine. I’m normally pretty busy all the time so this is my one time to "relax" for a bit and catch up on my tech magazine reading. I have a rack for magazines next to the toilet and take my pick when I sit on the "throne". Charanjeet has been copying me lately. She says "poopoo"….and then goes and sits on the toilet…and then says "magazeen" and acts like she is going to the bathroom and reading. It’s quite funny how kids copy their parents.  Anyways….as I was saying earlier I was at a friends house and noticed this small hardcover book title "What’s Your Poo Telling You?". Interested, I picked it up and started reading it. It was soo funny and educational at the same time that I couldn’t put it down. So much for socializing! I took it in the living room and kept flipping through it reading. It then was time to leave and I had to part with my dear "poo book" (and I’m not talking about a Winnie the Poo book). I hoped that one day I would be re-united with the book for more good fun and laughs.

 A few days later my wife Arjan came back from shopping and she told me that she bought an early birthday present and wanted to know if she could give it to me early. I said it was up to her, and that I didn’t mind either way. Lo and behold she had picked up on my poo interest and bought me the book. It was quite unexpected, and I was happy to get such a unique present and felt compelled to share this joy and humor with you all (even though it might be embarrassing for some of you). If you like to laugh and have a good sense of humor then this is one item that might have your name on it. It will bring lots of fun and enjoyment while educating you about some of the interesting things about your poo.

Here is a summary about the book:

Like a snowflake, each poo has a wondrous uniqueness. But what does it mean?

This witty, illustrated, tell-all tribute to poo demystifies the inner workings of the digestive tract and provides medical explanations for what one can learn about their health and well-being by studying what’s in the bowl.

Over two dozen different types of poo are featured, in addition to fascinating sidebars, trivia, and unusual case histories. This book is the ultimate bathroom reader. Who knew you could learn so much from your poo?

The book features hits such as: "The Log Jam, The Glass Shard, The Deja Poo, The Hanging Chad". It’s sure to give you lots of laughs and educate yourself at the same time. Poo will never be the same again. You can read some excerpts from the book and get a copy of it at www.drstool.com

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9 Responses to “What’s your poo telling you?”

  1. Hari Singh Khalsa says:

    Ah great, some one else talking about poop. I’ve been known to talk about the subject even while eating, of course most of my conversations are relating to what happens to the poop. I’m always extolling the virtues of composting, and having a composting toilet. I think it’s funny how, at least in the US, the culture equates shame with poop and farts, etc. The book that I read which made me determined to have a composting toilet in my home was "The Humanure Handbook" and this book was humorous in tone as well. I think our culture is more welcoming of taboo subjects when they come from a comedic source, so I wonder if the authors felt any pressure to make these books funny, if it was their conscious choice, or if it was cultural conditioning that lead them to feel like this was the only way to approach the topic. Whatever the case, you have definitely got me interested in this book, and my cultural conditioning has definitely primed me to enjoy this topic being presented in a humorous way. To tie it all in as Sikhs we must be committed to good health (so we can serve to the best of our abilities) and we must be good stewards of our environment (I’m talking about being conscious of so-called "waste", i.e. composting) so that we don’t detriment others and future generations. So if we can improve our health by getting a health status every time we have a bowel movement, then we should by all means do so. BTW, can I borrow the book when you’ve finished it, I can lend you my humanure book ;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment Hari Singh. When I saw the notification of a comment…I braced myself ready for either a good comment of someone liking the review….or someone getting on my case about talking about “poo” on a Sikh website. Hahaha….

    I haven’t finished the book yet….but you can definitely borrow it for me when I am done.

  3. manvir singh says:

    I suggest a part of the website that relates to recycling, composting, and environmental care. I recall that you yourself have a compost outside your home bathroom, additionally you recycle the water in the tub to bathe your plants?This would be a welcomed addition to the website.

  4. M Singh says:


    You can tell a lot from a person’s garbage…in this case…too much…


    Looks cheap…go for it!

  5. Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh Khalsa says:

    The poop of George Bush is considered a State Secret. Read the story

  6. Jasmeet Singh says:

    Do you have to wash your hands everytime you’re done reading the book? lol.

    I amuse myself so easily…hahaha

  7. Sat Bachan Kaur says:

    I heard the last year that in a very important London Museum, they were having big bills in the item of energy and electricity, so….found that they can  do another thing.If you want to go to the museum you can :1. Buy your ticket or2. Give your poo ;)So you  can go an do your poo in the museum to get in an see the most wonderful pieces of art.I don´t know if this is really happening but think that is a good idea =D

  8. Rajwant Kaur says:

    I remember an article in the 3HO magazine written by Siri Singh Sahib Harbajan Singh some time ago (26yrs) about poo. Only he was not so polite and used another word for it.

    It is amazing what can be learned from ones pooooo.

  9. Navneet says:

    Great article! From memory doctors in India (perhaps only a minority) actually test poop to check for certain illnesses or medical conditions! Dont underestimate poop!