Sikhi and Our Youth

In the past I have posted quite a few audio lectures from Gurdwara by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji which I thought were very inspirational and educational (and have shaped who I am today). This weekend has been a very thoughtful and pensive weekend for me. I was not feeling so well so stayed home with daughter Charanjeet Kaur and watched quite a few old videos of lectures and questions and answer sessions with Sikh youth from England, Canada and USA. 

In the videos he answers many common questions related to Sikhi, and more specifically questions related to Sikhs of western origin. Normally most of his lectures are one way to the sangat in Gurdwara, so the ones I watched are very different because people ask questions and he answers them. As I have time I’ll watch them again and edit them down to smaller chunks so you all can benefit.


It’s interesting as I watch these videos and realize more and more how much slander, hatred, violence, abuse, and negativity Siri Singh Sahib and others from our community faced for over 25 years. People have become so set in their mis-understanding and judgment that they can’t accept or hear anything that he says. They just want to nit-pick at this and that. It’s kind of like when you are arguing and are so set in your opinion that you cannot hear the other person. Sometimes people complain that I give a lot of attention to Siri Singh Sahib and am always posting quotes and lectures by him. They are so caught up in the personality and their judgments that they miss the jewel of teachings that he shared with all of us. A teacher is a just a medium. It’s not about the person, it’s about the teachings. I have received countless emails from people that love the videos with Guruka Singh and others. The content of these videos is the result of the many years of learning and listening to SSS. It’s as if we have to sometimes re-package the "teachings" with a different face for some people to actually watch it and be ok with it. Myself and countless others have greatly benefited from how he taught Sikh Dharma. For someone who doesn’t speak Punjabi and is from western origin I don’t know of many other people that are as inspiring as he was, and was able to explain things in a way that someone like me could understand and relate to. So, for this reason I will continue to share this and whatever I find to be inspiring and useful to others. I know some might think of SikhNet as "3HO/Yogi Bhajan" but sadly those people have missed the boat and are the ones who are losing out. The sooner we are able to drop these mental divisions of "This sikh, that sikh, your sikh, my sikh, etc", the better. We have much to learn and I for one will do my best to share anything that I think might help you or others (no matter who or where it comes from).


Here is one of the videos which is an eleven minute excerpt on the topic of our youth and being a Sikh. This is from Dec. 29th 1988 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The video is mostly in English but switches into Punjabi from time to time.



Download: Audio / Video 

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  1. H Singh says:

    check out for some rare pics of Bhagat Puran Singh of pingalwara,Amritsar. I am also trying to put his biography there from the book "His sacred burden" by Reema Anand.

  2. Satnam Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Singh,Everytime you post lectures or videos on Siri Singh Sahib, I get very excited and I want to quickly absorb in everything Yogi Ji has to say. These lectures and videos are changing my life, my thought processes, and I am observing the world through a new light and different angles that I did not know existed. I surgically listen to each word and then I contemplate on them; especially when time is challenging me.Thank You So Much!fateh!Satnam Singh  

  3. Navpreet Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka KhalsaWaheguru Ji Ki FatehI agree with you 100%. I think Yogi Bhajan connected to the Western people in a way that no other Indian Sikh would have been able to. I doubt that North Americans would have first learned Punjabi and then would have learned about the Sikh lifestyle. His lectures show that he had a very thorough understanding of how to teach and inspire people of western origin, and helped them follow the Guru’s path. I think he had a greater understanding of the western culture  than someone like me, who was born in North America. Just because the lectures or the yoga lifestyle is not right for some people, doesn’t mean that they should judge or criticize it. I noticed that some people act like they’re humble and that they have lots of humility. They say things like " If I’m wrong, please correct me" etc. but when someone tries to give them a different opinion, they become very defensive and stubborn in their views. I think these people have the biggest egos because they think they have humility and are inclusive, but when in fact they exclude and feel very superior to people. I don’t know what’s worse, being blind to the truth and knowing your blind and crying to see, or being blind but thinking that you are the only one that can see.

  4. palo singh says:

    thanks  i must say the video was really good    i have seen a dvd  from him   i think   he is great as us said  its really good for people who dont understand the deep punjabi   péople like me   so do keep sending 

    thanks again

  5. i really enjoy it when Siri Singh Sahib Ji speaks in Punjabi, it def adds the feel of sitting in the lap of or sitting beside one’s "Nana Ji" (Mother’s Father)  just that awesome feeling of pyaar its so wicked =) does KRI have any more lectures in punjabi (audio & video)

  6. Damanjeet Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
    Thankyou very much for puting  Yogi Ji’s new lecture.I liked it and i think Yogi ji’s lectures are effecting me somewhere deep inside me.He has a very simple and effective way to make people understand that they donot have to go anywhere to search for God but God is always with them"Ang Sang Waheguru".Thanks again for giving us an opportunity to learn by providing Yogi Ji’s lecture.WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh.

  7. Balwant Singh says:

    I think one of the turn-offs is the 3HO’s insistances on calling the members SSS, MSS, SS, etc. These titles are not approved by the Guru Khalsa Panth – therefore they are against gurmat and they give a wrong impression of 3HO.

  8. Gurvinderpal, there are other lectures of him talking in Punjabi, however I specifically chose lectures of him in dialog with Sikh youth, so they happened to be mostly english. More to come in the future. Maybe when you are here in the summer you can help with this.

    Balwant Singh, I think you don’t know the whole picture. Actually yogjiji was given status and permission to do these things by the Akal Takhat. Also before he came to USA the “Sikh Religion” wasn’t even recognized in the USA. The titles of “Singh Sahib” and “Mukhia Singh Sahib” were part of this “ministry”. You can read a summary about it on the SikhDharma website.

    What is the purpose of picking at things like this? What is the purpose in the bigger scope of things? What does it mean “Approved by the Guru Khalsa Panth”? Are we not Guru Khalsa Panth? So called leadership in Punjab doesn’t qualify in my mind. One could pick at things all day that they do that is against the basic principles of Sikhi. Sikhi is not Christianity with a hierarchy. There is no pope. Our Guru is Siri Guru Granth Sahib and we don’t have to get approval from anyone else.

    Anyways….in time I’ll get together more details on these topics and post them so that it can be more clear and we can get rid of these mis-understandings. After all…that is the purpose of this blog.

  9. Sukhjeevan Singh says:

    WJKK. WJKF.Thank you for taking the time to post his lectures.He has a profound influence on my wife and I with his words…ultimately helping us in our quest to grow more into Sikhi.Thanks again Singh.

  10. Jaswant Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing the excellent lecture Gurumustuk.
    hope you could post more of it.God bless you…

  11. Sundeep Singh says:

    WJKK WJKFyou’re 100% right on about the excessive nindya in our community. It’s like someone  gets up, reaches out a hand to help others, and people in our community swarm to grab that hand and yank him down. Not just SSS, but sooooooooo many others as well. —Benti, would it be possible to post a description of some of the terms you guys and SSS commonly use in your kathas? For example, I don’t understand what ”latitude and longitude” mean. There are a lot of other terms I don’t get and I feel that we would learn a lot more from these kathas if these terms were defined. A lot of other people are in the same boat b/c much of the terminology used is unique to Guruka Singh, Hari Naam Singh, & Yogi ji and the rest of the community that learned directly from him. Thank you so much.

  12. SundeepSingh says:

    Sat Sri Akal…….Im a newcomer to this site….but ive known of it for many years…I dont know why for so long i never cared to listen in on anything but i find myself on here more an more lately. The video above really hits home to me though because i see it happening all over. Yet when i look in the mirror i see that im not following what i think should be happening. Seems theres so much i want to learn and do for our community and i dont know whwre to start. Easy answer to my own question is that I have such a passion for sikhi deep inside but cant seem to bring it out completley. I wish that there could be more done in our local Gurdwara to get people and kids involved into the understanding of Sikhi. It makes me feel uncomfortable inside knowing that i wish i could do something but im not as knowledgeable about doing so or else i would for our community. Its sad to say but i feel helpless in a way, Somthing no Sikh should ever feel no matter how westernized he/she is.

  13. Sukhvir Singh says:

    Thank you for this post. I am a regular visitor to As any sikh youth, I have the same confusion today that Sant ji had discussed in  this video. This was my first clip or lecture that I have ever watched from jogi ji, and I just got absorbed into it.  I also got a lot of questions answered through this video. Thank you again

  14. Sat nam Ji-o.  Love this video!  Thank you for posting.  Admiring the new look of the blog as well!  Well done.

  15. amandeep kaur says:

    waheguruji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.
    i am aregular visitor of sikhnet ever sincei am going through seperation i am not sure whether you rmember me or not i had once writen to you as i desperatly wanted to talk to guruka singh uncleji, to seek his help in taking a decision . idid get a reply from him.thank you for that . however today i want to thank you for another reason. i have been listening to yogiji’s lectures ever since and it has been a great help to come out of the dipressing time i was going through because of the seperation and it also tought me that i was not wrong in taking a decision to get seperated. in yogij’s lecture a no of times i have heard him talking about indian not liking him and i use to always wonder as to why indian sikhs disliked him when is approach is so practical and logical. anyways not here to discus that but actually wantewd to THANK YOU  as i had an erge to see who this great soul was and this video actualy fulfilled my desire of listening to yogiji siting face to face . and i regret that i got to know about him when he is physically not present with us. lot many emotions are oosing out of my heart right now . i feel like being amoung the your sangat as in physically be with you all as i feel i will be a big time gainer in that . lets see when god blesses me with that .
    lots of love to each one in the sikhnet and the sangat of Espanola especially guruka singh uncle ji
    amandeep kaur

  16. Jagwinder Singh Sidhu, Principal HEadway School, Edmonton, Alberta says:

    Sat Sri Akal!
    After all is said and done, my very humble opinion can be said. I think Yogi Bhajan Ji was truly Sri Singh Sahib! Kudos to him.
    His next SSS should be appointed and aI dont care if it is his wife. A living leader [not a wanna be guru] can be a great inspiration.
    Keep upthe good work GSK ji!

  17. Gurinder "G" says:

    I disagree with Jagwinder singh sidhu, regarding " next SSS should be appointed." Because our living leader is SGGS and  yogi ji showed us the path towards sikhism. If it was necessary then it would have been thought about it SSS. These kind of election and selection always gives rise to conflict and I don’t think that sikhs in western hemisphere are willing to take his spot. But they will strive to become better than him because that what he wanted. 

  18. Gurinder "G" says:

    Gurumustak singh jiIs there a way to preview our comments before posting them, because lot of times there are typo errors are left unnoticed.  

  19. Gurinder, there is a way to preview your comments before posting them, and that is to re-read it before submitting. I have considered using a plugin that allows you to edit a comment after posting…but that has some cons to….since people can change what they say and this might cause problems if there is a whole discussion and someone changes what they wrote. If you use Firefox web browser it has built in spell check so you can at least get that part out of the way.

    BTW…do you see the new rich text editor for comments that allows you to easily do some basic formatting and links?

  20. Gurinder "G" says:

    Thank you Gurumustak singh,Just leave it the way it is. I don’t like people editing their notes or others. Therefore, lets keep it safe.

  21. HARDEEPSINGH says:

    Also people have habits good or bad whatever they are all made by us humans and we always judge people for things we don ot have responsibility of. Because god is the one who pulls and loose strings of us humans and we are just the puppets. People always have different ideas and views towards anyone who does good even at Guru ji’s time people didn’t prevent throwing stones at them or even trying to poison them etc etc..what i mean to say is that our habits do not stop talking at people’s back and the only thing we can all do is ti meditate to wash away all the karmas get into our way. I have had many good experiences with yogi bhajan when he would come here in Amritsar,he asked me one day where i live i said near Harimandar sahib(Golden temple) he smiled and said replied after couple minutes you stupid you  will rule…. What ever he meant to say was nice and cool cauz the only thing i could understand was that i should rule over my mind…it’s hsrd and challenging. I loved all his live lectures and when specially i listen his punjabi lectures make me feel more cool hnnnn after all i amalso a punjabi hehehelol. well i miss him a lots and will always remember the things he did for me…. It have been real hard for me for last couple of years to keep up in my Bana,Sewa,and simran CAUZ MY WORK and one  solid thing hehehe i have been facing challenge in is finding life partner.Cauz i would love to wear Cholas all the time and families here do not want to give their daughters to the one who wears chola…..funny but truth…. well yogi ji’s way of teaching is such a great experience to anyone who hears them. And like always he use to say go for what he was after….His Guru Guru Ram Das Ji… every one of his students.WJKK WJKF

  22. Supreet Singh says:

    Thanx for the valuable content, would like to have more on it and also the next step to quench the thirst to meet that Almighty with the help of Guru, in this birth cycle.

  23. GURPAL SINGH says:


    I really liked the way this website is going
    I am a regullar viewer of it from last one year & accesses aproximatly thrice a day

    I am a doing M.E. Software Engineering &
    Would think that Guru is happy on me if i can be part of sikhnet family

    May Guru make this website & all devoted give all that u desire
    & make this website the best in the Web World


  24. Dalvinder Kaur says:

    Fantastic, thank you for posting  and hope to hear more from Yogi Bhajanji .It does indeed help me in certain ways to improve myself .The life of an ordinary person without purpose means nothing .

  25. HARDEEPSINGH says:

     well lets all get together more and rally care for each other.everything meant to happen on purpose and i am sure their are solid reasons behind it.yogi Bhajan was a  big loss for everyone and no one can fill in for him not even his own close relations.I have seen all that how it looks.I would like to be in touch with everyone who wants to more and you can always reach me at [email protected] singh ji i met your mom today in Amritsar she is doing great and really care for you guys.hmmm and you r babies and of course you already know that.sat sri akal,wjkk wjkf,nosvemos…akaaaalaaa

  26. ujjalbir says:

    Ihave been visiting this site for about a month or two because I was unaware and short of time for my job which has western conotations.  Ihave not listened to Yogi Ji lesson but his teachings are reflected in the high degree of faith that the western originSikhs have in Sikhism . Yogi has provided the path to these western people which as Navpreet has rightly brought out Yogi could connect well with  them.The earlier Sikhs who came from Punjab could not relate very successfully  with the westerners  as far propogation of Sikhism is concerned . In fact they under cultural influence could barely retain the basic Sikh    symbols . The fight for the turban is still to be won . These earlier Sikhs lost many of their children to Western influence . It is a wonder that  you see a young boy in the villages of Punjab with his hair not shed forget abot in the west. It is indeed strange that some are trying to  point a finger at Yogi Ji. The Sikh net Team is indeed blessed and please keep it going as I had said earlier you are doing a yeomans service . The Yogi Ji need to be seen for his efforts and not for his person . Sikhs in Punjab cannot save thier religion  forget motivating the Westerners to take up Sikhism. Iam away from Punjab for many yrs when I last went toTHE GODEN TEMPLE I was surprised to see western originpeople in Sikhi bana , it is now after four years that I learnt about the existence of the full American Sikh community and was wondering at the source of the influence that made them take up Sikhism as a way of life. It is indeed extraordinary that the Yogi Ji has made such inroads into Western culture and convinced people who today as Sikhs have such astute comprehension about the Sikh ethos . Wonder who will keep it going and the community may not such wither away . Iam into a job profile where bieng Western is in the in thing and going to the Gurudwara is seen as a lesser cultural status. Insome affluent Punjabi families being a  devoutSikh is considered as something not modern . How many Sikhs in Punjab have influenced thier children not shed their hair. It is a status symbol for youngestrs to cut thier hair in Punjab what do you expect from those in the West. To see a western Sikh community is perhaps THE TENTH MASTERS way of ensuring Khalsa will be every where how can you undermine Yogis contribution who was only carrying the flag forward. The Sikh net team will obvisiouly qoute SSS because no one else is relating to them . In fact we Punjabis are learning from them . I wont be surprised when the Western origin Sikhs will take the propogation further much more than the Punjabi Sikhs atleast in the West. I can only pray the Almighty GURU GRANTH SAHIB give all the strength to the Western origin Sikhs to proliferate and grow far and wide in the West and people like in this Sikh Net team are very clear in their perspective about Sikh ethos and capable of espousing the cause of Sikhism .May WAHEGURU BLESS ALL OF YOU.

  27. shanu says:

    You guys at Sikhnet are an inspiration for loads of people – never let any slander or w/e make you feel otherwise. It’s because of this website and SSS Ji that I came into Sikhi (although born into Sikh family) and I thank God everyday for it. You guys do more seva and keep better reht than most ‘punjabi-sikhs’ so why be ashamed?
    To those out there who are against the teachings of Yogi Ji and the Western origin Sikhs just remember what Guru Ji says…

    paraaee jo ni(n)dhaa chugalee no vaemukh kar kai bhaejiaa outhhai bhee muhu kaalaa dhuhaa vaemukhaa dhaa karaaeiaa ||
    The faithless baymukh was sent to slander and back-bite others, but when he went there, the faces of both he and his faithless master were blackened instead.