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You might have noticed the new pictures on the top of the blog. A random picture will display every time the page loads. I hope you like them. I have looking through my pictures finding different images which I think represent our local community (though so far they are mostly of kids and the youth). Even though I write and post lots of things un-related to our local sangat, the main purpose for having is to share "my world" and to promote better understanding of Sikhs who are not from Indian origin. This website is a personal (yet very public) online journal to share my family, experiences, thoughts, local sangat, and how we live as Sikhs. One of my goals with this website is to build bridges of understanding between the different Sikh communities (particularly Sikhs like myself who are not from a Punjabi Origin). There is so much mis-understanding in this world and my hope is that as you read articles, watch videos, Listen to audios, and look at pictures that you get to know us better. Hopefully you learn something new and share it with others.

2 Responses to “Blog Header Pictures”

  1. VJKK VJKF! I usually just read your posts from my inbox unless there is more here or I have something to say.  I see I’ll have to start coming here regularly to see the pictures.

    I totally agree that Sikhs from different ethnicities must get together.  I remember you reading a poem some time ago, What Would Guru Nanak Say?  I have it saved and play it sometimes for my stuck-in-Punjabi-culture friends.  I think many of us don’t even realise what we’re doing until it’s pointed out to us.

    Let me add, I love the pictures of your family; they always bring a smile.  I especially like to see the interactions between Narayan and Charanjeet.  The love in your family is almost tangible and it’s beautiful to see.

  2. ujjalbir says:

    There is nothing personal .The blogs are accessed allover the world . Please continue the efforts . Our prayers are with you. These blogs are a reflection of the spirituality levels that prevail in the community particularly at Esponala NM. The pictorial depictions are for others to emulate as far as Sikhi life style is concerned . There is an Indian based blog where the blogger a Bank manager puts forward his views and the same can be a source of learning. These issues shown in this site and related family blog are actually unveiling   a path towards devotion and are an exhibhition of Sikhism as a way of life . I have friends who are well read and still devote a lot of time iin furthering the progressof spiritualism by imbibing the Sikh values. The family photos , the Blog, the matter pertaining to lectures by Yogi Ji are all but media based tools that the site Organisers are using to good effect to help achieve the larger aim.My heartiest congrats to the site team to for using all innovative methods so meaningfully and professionally.  There is only one request to the site team, that is to keep four letter words out in some of the comments which unfortunately the respictive writers use in the same para as Gurubani . Possiblly some code of conduct may have to be mentioned politely ,diplomatically