Siblings of Destiny

Here are a few pictures from yesterday in the morning before Narayan went off to school. Arjan wanted to send out some cards to family with a picture of the kids so I took a quick picture as best I could. It’s a challenge taking pictures of kids. Once they are in the right place….the best strategy is camera motor drive (click-click-click-click-click….) This way with all the movement you’ll hopefully get a smile at the right moment. These kids sure are growing up fast!

Siblings of Destiny  


Siblings of Destiny


Bundled up for playing in the snow. We had some good snow earlier last so the kids wanted to go play around outside and make snowmen.  

Bundled up  

Trampoline jumping in the winter?  Charanjeet trying it out….


3 Responses to “Siblings of Destiny”

  1. SSN says:

    Gurmustuk jee..when i saw the topic of the post…children of destiny, i was a little perplexed. Strangely though, after reading the post, i am still :(!

    It has been 5 years since i discovered Sikhnet… and the blog later. As usual, kids look happy and great, charanjeet is growing up fast… however please explain why you titled it the way you did?

    Yours truly
    Sarabjeet Singh

  2. SSN: for me “Siblings of destiny” in this context just means “siblings” (brothers/sisters) on this spiritual path of Sikh Dharam.

    In Gurbani the “Siblings of Destiny” is mentioned quite often:

    bhaaee rae sa(n)th janaa kee raen ||
    O Siblings of Destiny, become the dust of the feet of the humble Saints.

    bhaaee rae guramukh har naam dhhiaae ||
    O Siblings of Destiny, become Gurmukh, and meditate on the Name of the Lord.

    bhaaee rae gur bin bhagath n hoe ||
    O Siblings of Destiny, without the Guru, there is no devotional worship.

    bhaaee rae guramukh boojhai koe ||
    O Siblings of Destiny, one who becomes Gurmukh and understands this is very rare.

    sa(n)th janahu mil bhaaeeho sachaa naam samaal ||
    Meet with the humble Saints, O Siblings of Destiny, and contemplate the True Name.

  3. 1199443 says:

    wjkk wjkf
    these are so beautiful pics gurumustuk singh ji. charanjeet kaur looking soo sweet.