Musical Meditation – New CD by Sat Kirin Kaur

Sat Kirin Kaur - Musical Meditation

My mother (Satkirin Kaur) just came out with a beautiful new CD titled "Ignite Your Light". I have been listening to it often since I got it in December. The CD was made to use for meditation and has directions for each meditation included with the CD.

Here is one of my favorite tracks from the CD for your listening pleasure:

You can hear more clips from the CD and order it online at SpiritVoyage

8 Responses to “Musical Meditation – New CD by Sat Kirin Kaur”

  1. S S says:

    I remember this kirtan meditation. I would hear it all over the campus at solstice. It was very influential to many participants. Even when I was not around any speaker system, my mind would vibrate to this mantra. Sat Kirin Ji had definitely struck a chord. The power of this mantra, had definitely filled the air and water. From time to time now, I inherently call upon it and remember it. Thank you for this post.

  2. kenny says:

    Is what she singing from Gurbani? Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavra Guru Waheguru…I cannot find it.

  3. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    By direction from revered teacher (Sangeet Kaur Khalsa /Womanheart AZ)
    Blessed to host Full Moon sacred circles my home.
    The January Moon brought newcomers, three women… wounded healers, one might say.
    We concluded the evening with 11minutes of Pavan Guru.
    All three nurses were amazed (first experience of mantra).
    The first exclaimed “I felt like I left my body!”
    The next exclaimed “every cell in my body was vibrating”
    The third sat in silence, ear to ear smile on her face said it all.
    Sat Kirin Kaur Ji…. Grace Is …
    thank you
    Sat Nam

    Jasdeep Kaur
    Glastonbury Connecticut

  4. Satkirin says:

    Satnam ji,

    The mantra is taken from a portion line from the Guru Nanak. Pavan Guru Panee pitaa……..and Wahe Guru.


  5. Pardip Kaur says:

    I’ve been humming this mantra eversince I heard it, it’s truly vibrating my soul. Satkiran, you’re blessed with such a vibrating voice!!!! truly appreciated. May Guru’s blessings always be with you.

  6. PSL says:

    I can only say…how beautiful!
    I’ve been playing the clip all day.
    You are blessed.
    thank you for this!

  7. vikram malaysia says:

    satnam,satkiran ji,kia baat hai,ur indeed the best,just heard ur cd yesterday,it was fantabulous,just started listening to u about a month ago,ur earlier cd  gobinday mukanday is mind boggling,me n my family start our day with it.may WAHEGURU send more good waves to u.congratulations ji,satnam

  8. monu says:

    satnam ji i like ur voiceeee