Beautiful Amrit Vela

The past few weeks have been great in a very different way for me. I recently started getting solid with getting up early and doing my sadhana and it feels awesome! Cutting out all the TV watching and spending much more time in meditation and doing banis really changes a lot in how I feel and react during the day. I used to feel a bit of monotony from work and daily chores of dealing with kids and house stuff. But now it feels like I have so much more time, and my day centers around the time in the early morning when I get to "connect with my soul". My life feels more real and less about the daily comings and goings. It’s a pretty cool feeling. (Of course the challenge is to maintain this and keep up!).

In the past there were always things that pulled me away and made it difficult to get up early and have this time for myself. For whatever reason the circumstances and my will to have this time was just right. I was telling my wife last night how odd it felt for me to be ready to go to sleep at around 8-8:30pm. And I was actually excited to get to sleep, so that I could get up early! In the past my way of relaxing and disconnecting from work was to watch TV at night (which often went late). This has been replaced with something much more fulfilling! Today I realized that I need to even wake up earlier in order to fit everything in….since Charanjeet wakes up around 6am…so have to be mostly finished by that time. So, I think tomorrow I’ll wake at 3:30am. It’s starting to become more of a habit to wake up which is great, so it is not a "mind struggle" anymore and I just wake up.

  • I start the morning with brushing teeth and taking a Cold Shower while massaging my body.
  • I then do Japji sahib and continue till I finish my morning banis. Sometimes If I am getting sleepy I do some yoga in between to get my energy moving.
  • I then do some Kundalini Yoga (Ten Bodies Set: pg1, pg2) which gets my body "tuned up" for the day.
  • I then end with about 60 minutes of meditation (Long Ek Ong Kaar, Waheguru Simran and other Mantras using the CD by Chardikala Jatha which is energetic and easy to sing along with). That’s almost 3 hours which seems to fly by!

For me, having this full practice is really balanced and a great experience. The shower wakes you up and gets your circulation going. Then the banis create a wonderful vibration and feeling inside me…like my spiritual batteries being recharged. Then the yoga deals with my physical body and tunes me up, and then taking all this and going inside and meditating. I’m ready and set for the day!

It feels like I have just discovered something, when I know lots of people probably have this experience every morning, and it’s not like I haven’t had an Amrit vela practice before….but something feels different this time. Hopefully some of you who have been wanting to get up early take the step and try it out! "That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."

There is something special about the Amrit Vela time that cannot be replaced at any other time. Those of you that get up in the Amrit vela…what do you do at this time? I’m curious how different people spend this time.

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  1. Gurinder "G" says:

    Gurumustak Singh,

    Matter of fact, I was going to ask this very question about Amrit vela yesterday if you are able to maintained it or not. Its very impressive that you now you are trying to make a lifestyle of awaking up in the morning time.

    You are right it is extermely difficult to get out of bed. Thank for sharing your experience because it shows how other people are also struggling to change their lifestyles and how they manage to overcome minds power.

    I also go to the regular gym for cardio workout and weight traiing, the days that I have off from the gym is devoted to kundalini yoga which really stretch the muscles and enerzies the body for meditation.

    At the moment I am working towards it.

    Again thank you for sharing your experience because it gives us hope to battle our minds over laziness.

    Gurinder “G”

  2. Rasminder says:

    Thank you for sharing beautiful amrit vela.
    Whilst visiting the carribean in sept last year. i had a craving to start my day at amrit vela. so a i began with a morning jog to the ocean, did an ardas and i felt extremely energetic at that moment. i then ran to my accomodation with energy, did japji sahib followed by yoga and from then on during the holiday had the most amazing spiritual experiences i have ever had and this continued for the rest of the year.
    Unfortunately though i have been inconsisttent with the yoga and my paath since the start of 2008. however reading your comments have reminded me of this, so i shall begin again in the morning.

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    Way to go Gurumustuk Singh Ji!
    Thanks for sharing, it is all inspirational.

  4. Ahhhhhh, I love the Amrit Vela, Gur Sat Gur Kaa jo Sikh Akhaa-ay…..Guru Ram Das treasured this time and I am gifted with the love for rising way before the dawn when the energy channels are so quiet. It is so still and easy to meditate and do my Nitnem.
    However, it is NOT easy to get up because my mind keeps begging for more sleep…not now, just a few more minutes won’t hurt. But the going into the shower is my real turning point. If I can just navigate myself to that nice stimulating flow of cool water that clicks all my 10 bodies that scattered through the night. I am good for Amrit Vela and ready to roll into the meditative zone.
    I especially love to sing Gurbani is a simple slow chant style….Moohl Mantra, Morning call, Anand Sahib….it all has such a deep feeling like ecstasy and infinity are more present than the loud voice of maya and the noise and mental distractions of the day. As soon as the light of the sun comes up I experience the buzz of the day begin and the magical mood of the nectar hour is over.

    Guru Ram Das was so great to give us that Shabd…One who considers himself to be a disciple of the True Guru. Should ride before the coming of the light and contemplate the Name. During the early hours of the morning s/he should rise and bathe. Cleansing their soul in a tank of nectar pure, while you repeat the name. By this procedure one truely washes away the sins of the mind.The one who repeats the Name with their every breath is a dear disciple of the Guru and inspires others to do so.

  5. Harvir Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    plz let me introduce my self first. i am Harvir Singh from village GURRA, Near Jalandhar (Punjab, India). I am 3 month old new born baby in Khalsa Family. My birth date is 15-October-2007.

    Same things happened to me. I used to watch the t.v. late night (10:00 pm) earlier. Now i find it very difficult to leave this habbit. Due to this it is very difficult for me to get up early. Although i have set alam at 2:00 am on my cell phone. Sometime I get up without any hesitation/laziness, and sometime I feel very hard to get up… after half an hour, I always won the battle with mind & laziness and do my meditation. (I am not very good with english, plz try your immaginary power to feel my situtation). I want to do something extra to overcome this problem. please suggest me. plz do comment on this. my e-mail id is [email protected]

    Gur Fateh…

  6. It is very simple – you have to have the desire. If you have the thirst you will do it. What is it that you are interested really? It isn’t doing sadhana, so then what is it. What is it that the television is giving you that you do not feel complete unless you watch television? You have to be completely, unadulterated, honest with yourself. If I do not like the outcome, that what am I willing to do to change, so to get a different result? That is it – in a nut shell.

    Only you can determine that for yourself!

    I hope that helps

    Chardi Kalla!

  7. waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji fateh
    i have been suffering from deep depression for years
    i do not want to go the doctor
    i feel like the guru has turned his back on me.
    it feels like i’m in a deep dark pit and cannot get out.plz help.

  8. Gurinder "G" says:

    Paramjeet kaur ,

    I think you have taken first step to fight depression by asking for help. Its good sign because in the past you might have been very resistant to any kind of help that was being offered to you.

    I think Guru may have tried to help you in various ways in the past but sometimes our thinking gets too cloudy in deep depression that we keep on refusing for help or we tend to become more paranoid about people around us.

    The reason you wrote on this blog it shows that Guru wants you to be happy! and with every breath enjoy the liveness in yourself.

    First of all, My person opinion would be to go to your doctor and open up in detail so that everything could be evaluated. Doctor may ask you to go medication for Some time, which will accelerate your healing process then gradually come out of it at the advise of your doctor.

    Do not shy away from professional help.

    Next step would be People like Gurumustak singh and Guruka Singh ji to respond to your comment.

    It going to take some work to be done on your part, such as keeping your appointments, doing excercises (provided by Guruka singh ji) and change the way you think about life.

    Life is a struggle for every being on this earth. But we have to accept those challenges even in defeat and death. Defeat is just a transition period but if we keep ourselves in that transition period then depression creeps in and gets worse over period of time.

    Trust me you have to do take initiative to work at it. I hope this helps.

  9. Avtar Kaur says:

    I truly believe, Amrit Vela provides a chance to enjoy God’s creation before getting lost into the Man’s creation!!

  10. Devakaur Khalsa DOM says:

    Dear Paramjeet Kaur Ji,

    You are not alone in your depression. Depression, anxiety etc. are more rampant than ever these days!

    The cusp period we are in–moving into the age of Aquarious is a very intense time for people emotionally. The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan spoke of it for decades and now it’s upon us. He called it the “time of insanity”.

    We can sail calmly through if we keep up with the practices outlined in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib like reciting Bani’s and with yoga and kriyas taught by Yogi Bhajan.

    I know that when people feel depressed, they generally have difficulty with motivation as well. Even committing to a few changes like : making one dietary change, chanting to uplifint CD’s and getting out in nature for a few minuets every day day could make a huge difference.

    Here are other suggestions.

    I personally think a rigorous yoga set followed by: sat kriya and sodarshan chakra kriya (FYI instructions for Sodarshan C.K., found in Siri Guru Granth Sahib) would be the ultimate combo. for depression as well as for anxiety, fear or any uneasiness of the mind.

    To do it during the Amrit Vela would make it all the more powerful, but doing it any time of day would be a great help. What would other people suggest as a daily practice?

    If you are not familliar with them a yoga teacher in your area could teach them or other tequnikes to you.

    It is helpful to play bani’s or specific chants on auto reverse constantly: while you sleep, during the day in all your environments, in the car and work. (people can play them at work at very low volumes that other people can’t hear, but the subconsciouse is picking it up nonetheless).

    We must also eat healthy (avoiding sugar, caffeine and other stimulants, liquor, meat and other acidic foods etc.) reduce electro magnetic frequencies as much as possible.

    Shanti Shanti Kaur of Espanola has an excellent course and yoga set to follow along with on video (probably on DVD by now)to combat depression that can be ordered. I believe the clinic she works at is called the GRD center for humanology located in Espanola, New Mexico.

    Dr Marshall of Premier Research labs is one of my health mentors. He defines depression as:

    Feeling gloomy, lifeless, avoiding social interaction, sense of hopelessness, feelings of poor self worth, feeling life is not worth living etc.

    He lists causes for depression as follows: Depression is liked to acidic pH (deficient mineral status, thus poor oxygenation to the brain), brain infection, WEAK ADRENALS (very common!), Vitamin B deficiency, toxic liver, digestive dysfunction, heavy metal toxicity.

    Many medical drugs can interfere with brain function and cause depression.

    (My own note: as much as I avaoid pharmeceudical drugs myself, they are sometimes helpful to stabalize a person to get them to the point of functionability so they can then take the steps necessary to get their health together, and then wein off the drugs).

    Special considerations: Depression can often be triggered by consuming toxic food chemicals (asparatime, MSG,) toxic foods esp. white sugar and flour, soft drinks, processed foods, hydrogenated oils.

    Constipation can have a dramatic effect on brain chemistry. It is important to have regular bowel movements.

    Other support: studies show regular walks in nature helps dramatically clear depression.

    If a person still feels depressed after a traumatic event (i.e. death of a loved one) and cannot function normally after 6 weeks or more, professional counseling and or support groups may help.

    All the best to you dear sister,


  11. sharen bhattal says:

    thanks a lot for sharing experience of “amrit vela”i can’t explain in words that how i got inspired and get energy from “amrit vela”experience.certainly we just wasting our time in useless things”heerey jaisa janam kaudi badaley jai” paramjeet kaur ji thanks for sharing your problem with us depression is very common seriously problem which is evident all around us.sometime i also feel iam in a pit with no where to go and it does test our belief in”waheguru”but never the less,it comes down to the basics.that life has to go on and we have to face it couraglously and for that”amrit vela”plays very critical role and dictates how our day will is my experience if we totaly surrender to”akaal purukh”definately we will get rid from stress.forgive my limited english.

  12. thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my problem.please let me know how i can get in touch with gurka singh and gurumustak singh.

  13. Amrit Kaur Khalsa Davila de Wagner says:

    Great Article!!
    Last year I started doing sadna here in Germany with some other kundalini yoga teachers, after being living here for 3 years, it has been difficult or me to connect with the khalsa and to start with my kundalini yoga courses since I do not speak German and we live in the East of Berlin, to push a little bit the energy to keep up and in the economic direction we decided to do sadna for 40 days, being a mexican it is hard for me to practice sadna at the correct times here since the sun in the sommer comes out at 3.30 a.m., and in the winter at 8.00, the night falls at 17 hrs., and it is very cold in the long winter, so I loose my mexican rythm with the sadna, in the yoga sikh center in México the pupils knock at our door at 3:45 to start with the jap- ji, I did not recognize how great it is to have the sadna when I was living in the ashram of Baba-ji, until I went living in the Hacienda Cazadero of Gurú Ram Das with my, now, exhusband and 2 daughters, how great when the Jeharis came with their girls to live with us for 2 years and we did sadna together, then we did some yoga courses, tai-chi, courses during the year and the most great thing was the Gurú Ram Das Birthday, doing sadna sometimes with 350 people for 3 or 4 days, and having the ragis to singh after Sadhna, that was GREAT. I could spend many months alone there in that place in the middle of nothing, as some sikhs told me some time, just waiting to join women camp, that we started in México at this place, with just 15 people, and 15 for staff, then came 40, then more every time, doing sadna with all those women, then the group for ladies camp moved when they got enough money to pay for another place, my house was offered for free to start, I would be paying the expenses of light , water etc., in the next months from my own money, that was my gift to Yogi Bhajan for my #4 as my mission in this life to serve and love . Then after 10 years of serving in our Hacienda Cazadero of Guru Ram Das, 10 months to recover my soul after the divorce, living in the Sikh Center in México City what a blessing, then changing to marry again and live in Berlin, not speaking the language and not knowing anyone here, since I am very shy to connect with people easily, and being little bit alone here, but last year starting again with these 2 sikh men yoga teachers and 1 of their pupils, was just great again, we decided to contiue on practicing another 40 days and so on until the summer vacations, then in the winter again it came hard, some days we do, some days we do not,
    Now my Saty, she is 16, asked me to help her to construct her practice after we went to the Gurdwara of the Sikhs from India, she felt comming back to where she belongs in her soul…. and since she wants to go to Miri Piri, and we have no economic resources, as we have a big house with a cultural and spiritual project, that eats all our resources, to send her to study her last 2 years in India, is not so easy for us now, but she wants now and she believes in miracles trough Sikh Dharma and Yogic practices!!!! teach your children even if you do not believe it and they will make it happen!!!! she knows that the Lords energy will help her if she can keep up with her sadna practice, she reads her bannis and started getting up 3 times per week, she must go to school at 7, she gets up at 5, but normaly here in Berlin people stearts sadna at 6, then it gets late for her, now she reads her Bannis also at night and she is commited to move the energy through her practice, after next white tantric in Hamburg she wants to continue for 40 days and so on.
    If somebody knows how we can get her a scholarship for Sat Kirn Kaur to go to Miri Piri Academy for 2 years, from 11 to 13th grade, she will be greatful, we will be grateful too, since her father, my exhusband, does not want her or her sister to continue with their sikh practices, it is hard for her.
    Years ago, after we Left the Hacienda el Cazadero, (God and the Gurú may protect the place as in the future the girls want to use it for the Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga practices if their father does not sell it before,) our family was separeted now we are together again thanks to the Gurú.

    The strong practice of the Sadna with the reading of the bannis, at least the Jap Ji and the Jap Sahib 2 times in times of hard trouble in our life, together with the tripple mantr 11 mins. at night sometimes 31 mins. if there was time, and the ap sahae hoa during the day for 11 mins., as well REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE in a positive way, as well as practicing Sat kriya 40 mins. in the sadna time and 40 mins. at night,after that I was blessed to join the Arjans marriage from Toluca to go to India and take Amrit there with the Sikhs, wow what an experience after I had been longing so many years for it, but I was forbided by my exhusband to do so, but I am named Amrit myself!!!!, even my astrologer in Méxioco asked me how I did to change my astral chart after doing that!!! it changed to my present life where I now have lots of love and respect from my husband for this sacred spiritual practice, he joins me whenever he can since we grow in every aspect of our life when we do it in the right way. When the things stop and do not move, adding 1 hr. of Sodharshan chakra kriya to the sadna helped a lot last year to grow the physical health, the economy and to take negative blockages away, now we are committing to start again since we have flavored the honey and even when we go to practice 3 hs. and 4 in the weekend with a longer relaxation and a longer kriya session that really feels great. A tip that has helped me a lot to get up early in the mornings since 30 years ago is to drink two glasses of water before going to sleep, in the morning I must get up to go to the toilet! then after that I make myself to go in the cold shower without thinking about it, and Io, it just wakes me up!!!! I have tried other ways but for me that is the most effective one, I hope that helps some of you.

    I feel so super blessed for this spiritual path that Yogi Bhajan gave to us, it is such a treassure for me and my family, and my sister Ram Das Kaur, I have no words to express my fullfilment and happiness, thank you, thank you, thank you, God , Thank you Gurú, Thank you dear and beloved Yogi Bhajan, who comes to my dreams in times of hardship to bring me up, thanks to my first yoga teacher in México that inspired me to meed Yogi Bhajan and follow him as my spiritual teacher, S.S. Babaji Singh from México, Thankyou to the whole sangat and Sikh Brotherhood in my country and all around the planet, wherever you guys are: THANKS for being Sikhs, have all of you in my heart. Humbly Amrit Kaur Khalsa (Dávila de Wagner) from Berlin.
    If you visit Berlin you may come to sleep with us, for a small donation, and practice sadna, we will be blessed to have you around

    Can I give my data here? thanks. Tel. 49-030-53 00 57 64.
    E-mail: [email protected]

  14. Amrit Kaur khalsa Dávila de Wagner says:


    Doing Sadna at Amrit vela has changed my life several times, even my destiny, In times of hardship I added 40 minutes of sat kriya in the morning and 40 in the evening, another time I added 1 hr., of sodharshan chakra kriya, even if our practice went to 3, 3.30 and 4 hrs., in the weekends, it removed the blockages for physical health and in the economic field when we went from 40 days of practice and repeated it 80 days more, now we want to go for more of it, My daughter Satkirn Kaur, she is 16, just asked me to go again into a strong practice with her, since she wants to go to Miri Piri Academi for her 12th and 13th grade and she should go now!!! she said. She believes in miracles and this is one we need to get a scholarship for her, if somebody can help her here we are just thankful, her other family is not in accordance that she is a Sikh, so she does not get money to go to India to a Sikh School! I am a Sikh for the last 30 years, then she started again to read her bannis, even at night and getting up in the middle of the night to do yoga and to meditate, sometime she discovered it was before 4 a.m., now she does check it is at least 3.30, she must go to school at 7 and travel 1 hr., so sadna starting at 6, Berlin style is not enough for her, she comes back at 17:00 hrs., sometimes she is babysitting and must do lots of homework, now she remodels her room with her sister, plastering etc. o here we go again!!!! Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga practice are just a miracle in our life that gave us lots of miracles. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU, GOD, GURU, YOGI BHAYAN and Sikh Sangat from all around the world. Thanks!
    Wanting to practice sadna in Berlin? come to sleep in the Guru´s home!
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Tels. 49-030) 53 00 57 64

  15. Pardip Kaur says:

    All your articles and comments made my heart melt. Guru’s kirpa is emmense, indescribale, it shows in all of your words. May guru’s blessings always be on your humble heads..;-)

  16. Tamhane aju says:

    1) will it possible to live without food by doing sadana, if  mind is not functioning , body is in rest .
    2) How to control Sex. or Is it required to control it or sex is not releted to sadana.

  17. Tamhane aju says:

    I am doing Sadana & enjoying. I have asked some question on May 16,2008. Please give me reply.

  18. mahamoorakh says:

    i am a lazy couch potato but some time satguru ji wakes me up blesses me with amrit vela….i do waheguru simran sometimes while speaking and listening and some times with my breath……..actually i get bore easily so i have different types of simran to keep myself involved……it mostly last 1-1/2 hr and then i go to sleep again……….that’s y i’m mahamoorakh