Espanola Happenings

Espanola, New Mexico is a small town so there is not very much to do compared with big cities. One of the nice things about having the sangat here is that it is very cozy and everyone gets together often. Throughout the year there is always something happening at someone’s house. It’s like a big family and everyone is almost always invited. So when someone has a birthday (which is often) there is normally a meditation/chanting/kirtan; and then of course, food and socializing. There always seems to be something that is a reason to have Kirtan and/or meditation at someone’s house. For example, before Guru Gobind Singh ji’s birthday every night (for a few weeks) someone different in the sangat hosted Rehiras, Kirtan and food at their home. There is something sweet about getting together in people’s homes and being together in this way. Here are a few pictures from this weekend.

Gurujot Singh, Hari Singh and Others chanting as we meditate to Gurbani Kirtan at someone’s house.

Matamander Singh playing some beautiful kirtan.


[photopress:IMG_0312.JPG,full,centered] Charanjeet with Prabhu Singh (known to Charanjeet as "paboo!").

Funny picture of charanjeet being silly and holding the lid of the blender in her mouth.

The family…

Prabhujot Singh

Narayan with his hair down

6 Responses to “Espanola Happenings”

  1. Hari Singh Khalsa says:

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh,

    I read the first line of this post and I knew I had to comment. “…[N]ot very much to do compared with big cities”? Are you joking? I suspect not, but I know I would be if these words came from me. I just thought I’d share my perspective on things. I’ve heard people say this type of thing before in a way that was meant to demean (as if somehow demeaning the place in which people enjoy living is somehow constructive). I know you love Española so I know you’re not part of this crowd, yet you echoed one of their sentiments.

    It would be easy to adopt this mindset when, I believe, the majority of US society would conclude that there is more to do in big cities than in smaller towns. On the other hand, I find that there is so much more to do here than in a large city. There are especially many more constructive things to do here. I believe the content of your post shows why. We are so blessed to have a large sangat all within a relatively short distance from each other. This facilitates the ability to do these many sangat events. This could also happen if Sikhs lived close-by in large cities, which sometimes happens, but is unfortunately the exception and not the rule. Many large cities offer encumbrances, lack efficient travel infrastructure and require expenditures in time and money just to reach a destination within the very city. This is regardless of whether the destination is the dwelling of a sangat member, a cultural event (something which people often incorrectly assume only occurs in large cities) or a hub of social depravity/intoxication (such as a nightclub or bar, which certainly exists in larger numbers in big cities).

    There may not be as many places to go in a small town where you can offer your money and receive entertainment, but that just makes you more apt to use your creativity or broaden your mind and hobbies whenever your are fortunate enough to be gifted with free time. With more creativity you’ll certainly enjoy your time more anywhere you go.

    I offer this perspective not as condemnation of anyone who disagrees with it, but as simply a different vantage point.

  2. Sifar says:

    I agree with you Hari Singh jee on “Not very much to do compared with big cities” part. But on the other hand where you recommed the advantages of living in a small city that everyone lives close by and that makes them able to attend Sangat at everybody’s house, I have a little bit of different opinion. Remember, it is not the “means” that restricts one from reaching a place where Sangat is gathered. It is the “will” that matters. I have experienced it myself. When I moved to Canada long ago, I had no personal travel means (no car). I used to yearn to go to Sangat (at peoples home on weekends) but then I used to check with the transit and usually on weekends there would be no service in late hours to come back. But then Guru who is the Karta Prurkh, would arrange someting for me that I would get a ride to go and come back. So for me, it is the “will” that matter not the means because, sometimes people who have the means would not have the will to go there. Coz now I have the means but sometimes I am not willing to go to Sangat for some reason or the other. As Guru himself says, “You take one step towards me, I’ll take hundreds of thousands of steps to bring you closer to me”. or “Charan Sharan Guru Ek Penda Jaye Chaal, SatGuru Kot Penda Aage Hoye Let Hai”.

  3. Harneev Singh says:

    i am amazed to know that in foreign countries also there is so much craze of kirtan, chanting, & even meditation.

    i will like to seek more information regarding this . if you have then do tell me at my account

  4. Harneev Singh says:

    do tell me more about this at my web adresss

  5. sarvjit singh bhachu says:

    “u guys find the way to truth
    i just born in sikh family”

    hi my name is sarvjit singh bhachu

  6. Sukhjeevan Singh says:


    Hello everyone….
    Can somebody please inform me of any upcoming events in New Mexico. My parents are very interested in visiting from Toronto and taking part in Sikhi related events with the sangat in Espanola. I’ve read a lot about Espanola and listened to Yogi Bhajan and know that this will be an excellent experience for anyone.
    Sukhjeevan Singh
    [email protected]