I am YOU and you are ME

Continuing on the theme of my previous blog post…

This morning I was driving to work and I remembered something that I do in my mind to curb judgments, "otherness", division of people, etc. The normal tendency is to react and treat people differently who you don’t know or are not part of your family. We tend to be less compassionate and understanding to these "outsiders".

Guru Nanak taught us about God being in every thing and every person. So how do we start to see the sameness, the human-ness of everyone around us, rather than finding the differences. No matter what the person is like, I always try to think of the other person as a mirror of myself. Like they are a different cell in a larger body (God). Just as in your own body there are trillions of cells that are different, and work together to be a whole person and create the miracle of the human body. Every human around us has it’s own role and path. I think we merely need to start recognizing that the other person is YOU and you are THEM (even though we are different!). This helps me to not look at the other person as something other than me/God…and gives me more compassion and understanding towards others, no matter what they do.

When I see another person I say to myself "I am YOU…and you are ME". So if I am driving my car to work and the person in front of me is going really slow and frustrating me because of this or some other random thing, I visualize myself actually as that person imagining myself in their life. Try it the next time you see someone else…or something angers or frustrates you!

Too often we have a one sided perspective and only see from our own ego and perspective. This makes us more critical and judgmental of others. As soon as you open things up and see the person as you and part of God, you start to see a much wider view. With this wider view you are able to be less reactive and more compassionate, servicefull, humble, and in the end more happy in your life!

So the next time you feel/think something about a person give it a try! Imagine that they are you…and you are them. Feel how they might be feeling. Become one, and feel yourself as part of this Universal Organism (God), each serving it’s own function.

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    Credit: Top "Faces Painting" by Liezl Rabie

    10 Responses to “I am YOU and you are ME”

    1. Jagtinder Singh says:

      Firstly i want to appriciate the thought and its writer who has gone deep in his soul ,secondly it is truth which is difficult to accept wt whoever will accept this truth, will become “brahmgiani”or Guru Gobind Singhs “Sikh”.

    2. G.S.Guglani says:

      excellant vsuallization.But how to make this as experience ,for that one has to shed so many negativities and ego is foremost to leave before one can experience such thought.

    3. Manjit says:

      Like Gurinder "G" said that (good) thoughts remain thoughts and are seldom executed; similary if we can let the negative thoughts of judgement remain just a thought and do not actually act upon it, we still have won half the battle….slowly it becomes habit to let the thoughts flow and not make home in your mind; where only Guru's name should reside which is ultimate cure for ego.

    4. Gurinder "G" says:

      Great thoughts by everyone! But majority of the time thoughts are left as thoughts and they are never executed.

      Seen lot of people with great thoughts ( including myself) But when the time calls for a great thought to be used practically in life then no one has the strength to standy by their thoughts.

      Its just like politicians with great lectures and speeches but none of them are executed.

    5. Jagjiwan says:

      Very Good thought. Yes, all who have left comments you do agree but then disagree on the part where this thought has to be executed? If we as an Individual fail to practice it, that doesn’t mean find ways to get out of it by blaming it on politicians or so on (lol).
      It’s our own weakness our own fault that we are unable to practice it. Guru Nanak Dev Ji achieved and spread the word that this can be done. We are too busy in our life’s, Yes, we talk about it read it, hear it etc but when it come to practical terms we fail on it. WHY?
      We all can begin on it, Practice, Practice and more practice and one day it will become our habit and then our mind will do it on it’s own will. Like Gora Sikh :) said you can teach your mind just like you teach your dog. So train your mind to do it on it’s own. You cannot win your mind in a day so train it to do one good thing at a time, it might take few months when you achieve that goal move on to next to change your bad habits and make urself better human and finally receive to that Akal Purak as a better Human form of Khalsa. “Be Optimist” Everyone can do it.
      SIKHISM IS ALL ABOUT BEING PRACTICAL rather than following false nonsense rituals.

    6. Gurinder "G" says:

      In my previous comment, I did not blame our weakness on politicians rather I gave an analogy that we are no different from politicians who give great lectures and speeches but fail to execute them.


      You wrote a great comment in second and third paragraph, But in the first paragraph you ended it with (lol). It seems that there is a long way to go yet, its easy to talk big.

    7. Jagjiwan says:

      “G” that (lol) held a meaning behind it, well I am not here to get in an argument with you. Place urself in my car seat and try to think from my point of view. “Don’t feel Guilty”
      Yes, I still have a long way to go and at least I am trying.
      Thank You.

    8. Tej Kaur says:

      May I offer this humble comment. What is being suggested is easier said then done. Practically speaking, it is easier to accept people who look like you. Human beings gravitate to sameness just like in the animal kingdom. And it is hard to accept people wo are different than you if you are not around them. What has happened in many instances is that we separate ourselves, or we only associate, worship, or work with others who think, look and feel the way we do. So that when someone who is different, or speaks differently crosses our path, we react negatively. We withdraw or are less then hospitable. We are a nation of groups and sometimes these groups don’t interact because of geographical and cultural boundaries. It takes great effort and constant practice to see someone who is ‘different’ as the same in spirit. It means that you have to step outside of yourself. It is a dfficult task as it means letting go of ones ego and yes seeing God in everyone. So tough to do! Lions and elephants are the best of friends in the animal kingdom but they respect each other’s right to exist.

    9. palo singh says:

      hello everyone

      i just totally agree with all of you everyone is different and of course its hard but its a wonderful thought i will diffently give it a go

      of course its easy to say so and so is the way they are but when we step or listen to what these people have been through i think we would diffently think twice over our first thoughts so lets all give it a go we can do if i want too

    10. Gurdip singh says:

      Guru fathe,Puchatt pathak teh marag na dharre pagg, preetam ke dess kaise battan sion jaaiea.Man is asking for good things &if not putting them into practice but still if he thinks that he can enjoy the taste of those
      good things,he is just fooling himself,it is the majority of us. guru sahib has given us a practical way
      of lifein which (hassandian,penandian,khawandian whiche
      howei mukatt)dharam di kirat,nam jap,wand chakk.All the above comments are very good.The need of time is to understand Gurbani in its true sprit & put into practice.(Kabir burra jo dekhan mainn challia,burra na deesse koi-jo dil khojon aappana mujh se burra na koi)
      Listen gurbani,understand it,loveit,put into practical way of life& while practicing keep our puratan gursikhs
      jeevan as mirror,Akal purakh will definately bless us
      the vission of I am u & u r me.wahe guru ji ka khalsa,wahe guru ji ki fathe.