Mul Mantra Meditation

Here is a short soothing Mul Mantra introduction that Hari Bhajan Kaur played in Gurdwara yesterday before she started playing kirtan.  (with Gurujot Singh on Dilruba). Download; set your player on repeat; and relax to the soothing sounds.

[Audio: – non traditional/hari bhajan kaur/Hari Bhajan Kaur – Mul Mantra Intro 2.mp3|loop=yes] Download

You can also download another variation of Mul Mantra by Hari Bhajan from a previous Gurdwara..

[Audio: – non traditional/hari bhajan kaur/Hari Bhajan Kaur – Mul Mantra Intro.mp3] Download

6 Responses to “Mul Mantra Meditation”

  1. Varinder says:

    An absolutely beautiful voice.

  2. The rendering by Hari bhajan Kaur is soul elevating. Normally we are given to understand that Mul Mantra ends with ‘…Gurparasad’. Aad sach.. is part of Japji Sahib. So says Giani Sant Singh Maskeen Ji also



  4. Sukhbir Singh says:

    Great am speech less.

  5. kate says:

    Great discussion! You’ve got a good blog going here.

  6. R P Singh says:

    mool mantra touches my soul and good for meditation