Charanjeet Kaur Talking

Last night I was writing about Charanjeet talking and saying different things and this morning she was at it again talking away. I sometimes try to record her with a video camera….but as soon as she sees the camera she wants it, and starts saying "Baby" because she likes to look at the pictures on the camera or the video. So this time I got Narayan’s new little mp3 player which records audio and just walked around with her for about 20 minutes this morning. Here are two edited clips. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks they are cute because she is my daughter….but then again this blog is sort of a family journal and it will be interesting to look over the years of my family recorded on the internet. By the way…She just turned 18 months old.

Wahe Guru and  Nitnem
In the morning when we do banis she always wants a nitnem. Here is one of the "Nitnem" encounters along with her cute "wah-hey-goodoo". 

[Audio:] Download

Various Talk
This is some different snippets of her saying things. Some of her common "expressions" are in this clip: Parantha!, Sikaboo (translation: Scooby doo)

[Audio:] Download

9 Responses to “Charanjeet Kaur Talking”

  1. Kamaljit Kaur says:

    aww its nice to hear Charanjeet’s sweet voice..She is a cutie pie..Wow she’s already 18 months old, time just flies..Seems like she was just born yesterday..

  2. Gurinder Singh says:

    Excellent…really cute voice. God bless Charanjeet Kaur. Reminds me of my two daughters when they were smaller. They are now 14yrs. and 11yrs. young. Time really files and I admire you for spending quality time with your children and rest of your family

    Enjoy life!

    Gurinder Singh

  3. Parvinder Singh says:

    AWESOME !!! It is so freshening to hear she chanting wahegurooo in her baby voice..May guru bless her and the parents who have been taking pains to teach her and they themselves living a truly inspiring life

  4. Gursharn singh says:

    God bless u beta charnjeet kour and apne guru parmatma ke sath jodne wale parents ko parmatma khushian de ese parents or aise like baby god har kisi ko de Thanks sorry for i am not known english

  5. Sandeep Kaur says:

    aww she sounds really cute!! My little cousin is about the same age as her and the first Punjabi word many kids usually learn is Waheguru. Its nice that you record all these moments beacause kids grow up really fast and moments like these are always precious.

  6. Hartej Singh says:

    Dear Veerjee,

    May Waheguru bless you with many beautiful moments with your children. For all the Seva you do for the Panth and your family, may you and everyone that you care for keep Chardi Kala.

    Warmest best wishes,

  7. Sat Atma Kaur says:

    Wahe Guru!
    I always find it nice to read blogs, news, anything about kids and in the process one learns so much from these youngsters. Reading your blog makes me feel happy and cheerful, thank you :)
    Sat Nam.

  8. kk says:

    she is so cute. wow she can speak that. thats awesome! may waheguru bless her!

  9. Simran Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa aheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    And you said your were the only one that thought that these clips were cute ; )

    She is beyond cute and I know that she means much more than just cute to you, but for us, the sangat who you have given the chance to see her growing through the years, she is what we would refer to as guru sahib’s dainty angel.

    May God bless her, may God bless us all,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa aheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Simran Kaur