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For those of you who have been procrastinating about supporting SikhNet, Here is another short video (1 min. long) highlighting the many services that SikhNet offers (with an introduction by Guruka Singh). After you watch the video…the question is "what choice are YOU going to make?" In case you missed the last video you’ll know what I mean when you watch the funny "SikhNet Choices" video. 

I know some of you might be tired of all this fundraising-shmun-raising stuff, but as a non-profit organization we do rely on your financial contributions to grow and provide the many services that SikhNet does. So, at this time of year from Nov-Jan we ask for your help. I hope you will consider supporting SikhNet with a recurring monthly donation (in any amount) instead of a one time donation too. This ensures that SikhNet gets regular ongoing support and we are able to spend less time fund raising and more time working on SikhNet services. (Plus, if you make a monthly donation of $20 or higher you can choose one of the donor gifts!

Make a Donation to Support SikhNet

Ps. In case you don’t see the mysteriously missing button that Guruka Singh pointed to in the video, then don’t worry, you haven’t lost your mind. The button is currently MIA…so till we find it… you can click on the above link to donate to SikhNet. 

Pps. Oh yeah… and THANK YOU to all of you who have made contributions to SikhNet! It is greatly appreciated and will only return back to serve you more! 

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