The Grace of God

"Don’t be proud that you have money; there are millions and millions of millionaires. Don’t be proud that you have a beautiful woman or man; each woman or man is more beautiful than the next. Don’t be proud that you have children; there are people who have dozens of them. And don’t be proud of what you have; in the spur of the moment what you have can be washed away.

You can be only proud of one thing – if you have found your soul within yourself. You can be only proud that you have found the selflessness within yourself, and you become grace of God. Then there is nothing which can bother you, there is nothing which can take away from you anything, because you have been created by God. God shall then create all the circumstances to create happiness for you and when he creates the happiness it is everlasting.

Therefore, dear ones, as nearer we are coming to the summer solstice the highest day of light, the highest day of grace, the highest day when the sun energy, the life force prevails on this planet, I’d like you to sit down and assess in yourself what you have gained, how much you have gained. Let this day be a day with you that you should leave something behind, some elementary pushing habit, some ego habit, something that keeps you away from your soul and being victorious.

May God bless you, may He prevail through you, may His grace be your grace, may you become the true teacher of the coming Aquarian Age, may you move forward to spread the truth and the light to the humanity. May each one in you practice the grace of God and become grace of God." – SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa – June 19, 1971 (Summer Solstice Camp)

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  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I’m speechless!!! Absolutely amazing…

  2. Baljit Singh says:

    I have a question for you sir What is this Age of Aquarius you talk about in your articles?. I have also heard this mentioned on many of Bhai Harbhjan singh jis audios but never understood the full meaning of it. I believe its referring to the age of Kalyug but is there additional information on this, I would like to know if the definition is deeper and with more meaning than just another word for the age of Kalyug. Thanks

  3. Guruka Singh says:

    Baljit Singh Ji – The Yugas are very long – different from the cycles of our own solar system.

    Sat yuga = 1,728,000 human years
    Treta yuga = 1,296,000 human years
    Duapar yuga = 864,000 human years
    Kali yuga = 432,000 human years

    So this Kali yuga we are in now still has 426,892 years to run. (Talk about long term thinking!)

    Astrological ages occur because of a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes. The astrological ages are about 2000 years each. The Piscean Age is ending in 2012 and we are moving from the Information Age (Piscean) into the Sensory Age (Aquarian.) To survive in this Age, it will be mandatory for humans to use the sixth sense.


  4. Baljit Singh says:

    Thank you Guruka singh for the reply. I actually went on the web and searched on it a bit more. I had never before heard of this until I listened to some audios of Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Ji and then today reading this article. It is very interesting, though I have my doubts because first of all stuff like this isn’t mentioned in the SGGS(age of Aquarius) and its not preached by akal takhat or even written in books by important scholars like Bhai Veer Singh Ji or preached by any 20-21st century spiritual leader like Bhai Randhir Singh Ji. Im not in any way saying that Bhai Harbhajan Singh doesnt know what hes talking about but it just doesnt feel like its part of sikhi. I dont think we can make predictions of the future based on astrology which is no way near sikhi. If we know the future and can prepare ourselves for it then aren’t we undermining GOD.
    Actually tell you the truth I’m much more frustrated and in fear after reading up on this. There is so much on the year 2012 like how only few religious ppl will survive the big war,a lot of suffering, devastating weather, atheism on a rise, fear and destruction will be prominent. I mean as growing up I didnt hear about any of this, so Im not prepared for the future that you describe as having to use your sixth sense. I cant even use the 5 senses properly I dont know how im going to reach that state of mind in a matter of 4 years. I want to believe in it and start meditating and disciplining myself but I dont know how spiritual is it to do this out of fear for the upcoming future.
    PS I love your videos on youtube. I check them out every time I get a chance. You explain it better than any gyani Ive met at the GD Sahib:) Thanks!

  5. Guruka Singh says:

    Bhai Ji – There is nothing to fear. It is simply a natural process of evolution and change. The sixth sense is your intuition. You already have it. It is simply a matter of becoming attuned to it. It is like a radar system. Our morning sadhana and daily Naam Simran develops this attunement naturally. Ages or no ages, your intuition is your friend. The mind is slow. The intuition is fast. You can know what to do in any situation in 9 seconds or less. No thinking required.


  6. Baljit Singh says:

    Thank You Guruka Singh for helping and preparing another Guruka Singh actually Im in the process of becoming a Singh of the guru. What you said is pretty assuasive and I will start doing my paat and early morning sadhna and see where my intuition takes me. Right now Im a confused gerbil that knows nothing of a gursikh jeevan. Your videos online have helped me a lot. Whenever I would go out drinking with friends or partying like an animal(a typical crazy youth bogged down with social pressure) your videos would always bring me back to the gursikhi life which deep in my heart I know is the right thing but its so hard to maintain the discipline especially when you have tremendous amount of social pressure where no matter how hard you try to overcome your emotions something or someone(TV,radio,random ppl)always manages to bring you down. I will try to wake up early tom. and do early morning meditation. I dont have any experience on meditation but I do have an idea from watching your videos. Wish me goodluck:)and Thanks for your reply! Takecare, Sat Sri Akaal.

  7. DR Sandeep Singh says:

    as far i knew Duapar Yug belonged to Krishna and historicaly only 5000 years back and treta belonged to Ram -10000 years back.
    But Guruka as you quoted-
    Treta yuga = 1,296,000 human years
    Duapar yuga = 864,000 human years

    Ain’t these Yuga Mixed up here.
    if i am wrong then Guruka SinghJi which scripture or ved describes above claimed years of yuga.

  8. Balbir Singh Khalsa says:

    Veer Baljit Ji

    Sorry I am offering my advice without asking for it.

    GuruKa Singh is right. We develop this intuition naturally with Naam Simran and Gurbani. With this our mind become very sharp and we can think very fast and accurately. I would suggest you to start as follows:-

    01. Do Jaap of Mool Mantra in the morning before sunrise for 45-60 minutes after taking bath.
    02. When chanting the mantra, speak slowly and listen to your own voice.
    03. Abstain from Drinking and eating meat.
    04. Do brief Ardas before you start and do complete Ardas from Gutka Sahib after Simran.
    05. Do this for 40 days minimum regularly. preferably at the same place and room.

    If you are Amrtidhari, which I don’t think you are, you can practice Waheguru Mantra in stead of Mool Mantra.

    When you start practising, then you won’t have to ask anyone any spirtual question, you can understand yourself with Grace of Guru Sahib. And we better understand thinking of Chardi Kalan Singhs like SSS Harbhajan Singh Ji Khalsa and other spirtual beings.


  9. Guruka Singh says:

    The Hindu Puranas describe a number of cycles within cycles. Discussions of these cycles can become confusing because different cycles are measured in different types of units. For example, the cycles are often described in units of deva years, each of which equals 360 human years.

    Maha Yuga is 4,320,000 human years.

    Sat Yuga (Golden Age/Age of Truth) is 1,728,000 years.

    Treta Yuga (Silver Age/Age of Faith) is 1,296,000 years.

    Duapar Yuga (Bronze Age/Age of Doubt) is 864,000 years.

    Kali Yuga (Iron Age/Age of Darkness) is 432,000 years.

    The ratio of Yuga duration is thus 4:3:2:1 totaling the 4,320,000 years of Maha Yuga.

    Dawn of the present phase of the Kali Yuga is 3606 B.C.
    Middle is 582 B.C.
    Twilight is A.D. 1939
    End is A.D. 2442

    The Astrological Ages

    Each ‘Great Age’ lasts approximately 2,000 years, roughly speaking, and they move backwards through the constellations: therefore, we are now moving out of the Piscean age and into the Aquarian age.

    Before Pisces there were the Arien, Taurean, Geminian, Cancerian, Leonian ages, and so on.

    Age of Leo (Sun) 10,000 BC – Atlantis – early Egypt (Ra worship)
    Age of Cancer (Moon) 8,000 BC – destruction of Atlantis by water
    Age of Gemini (mind) 6,000 BC – Babylonia Assyria (cuniform writing)
    Age of Taurus (bull) 4,000 BC – Egypt (worship of bull portrayed with sun between horns)
    Age of Aries (Mars) 2,000 BC – Romans (war, exploration, conquest)
    Age of Pisces (Neptune) 0 BC – Buddha, Zoroaster, Confucious, Lao-tse, Jesus
    Age of Aquarius (Uranus) 2,000 AD – Universal consciousness, Khalsa Raj


  10. Kaur says:

    wowww this is too much to digest..THIS IS SOO COOL..thanks for putting this up.

  11. Mani Singh says:

    Guruka I am a little bit confused. Please excuse my ignorance if I am missing something obvious.

    Earlier you said that we have 426,892 years left of Kali Yuga, so that means Kali yuga started 5108 years ago. That means Kali Yuga started around 3100 BC (you say 3606, which is close, whats a few hundred years in the scale of things!!!)

    The bit I am confused about is…. Did Kali yuga start in the middle of the taurian age? Or do the yugas and ages align, so Kali yuga started when the Taurian age started. Actually I am no longer sure of what I am trying to say…. I guess what I am asking is, does each yuga always start with a specific age (ie taurian age) and run through all the ages a certain number of times. Or, are the ages (pician, aquarian etc) not linked with the yugas (kali, duapar etc)? Sounds like the human race goes through a cycle within a cycle, which confuses me a little bit.

    Very interessting stuff, thank you for providing this information!! And sorry if my question makes little sense : )

  12. Guruka Singh says:

    Yes, the Kali Yuga began during the Age of Taurus. The astrological ages are completely different from the Yugas and do not correspond. Much smaller cycles. Cycles within cycles…..

    Puts thinking about next week in perspective, doesn’t it?


  13. stev pitt says:

    I request a little more clarification on sub-cycles within the Kali yuga….
    let’s start with the Maha Yuga as being  4,320,000 years.  How does this relate to the astronomical event of our sloar system revolving around the galaxy? There are cuniform tablets from the ‘libraries of Sargon the II’ which indicate the exact length of this cycle in seconds. Also there is a ‘cycle number’ for the complete revolution of the planets to there exact position. The ‘great year’ as it were for the astrologic calendar.  Again measured in seconds. This facilitates the measuring of sub-cycles and harmonics very easy. For instance, the solar system cycle number contains the cycle time for the destroyed planet. But this is not to the point! let me refocus….
    Where can I find information on how the galactic alignment in 1987 (astronomically speaking) and the presumed dawning of a more spiritually based society after 12/21/2012 is part of a subcycle in the Kali yuga? 
    Surely as the ‘long count’ of solar years in the Mayan calendar is a cycle, there somewhere is contained in the vedas a ‘relating’ of galactic alignment as a cycle……
    Hasn’t anyone found that? Or is the apparent awakening of spirituality I experience now in society not even worth mentioning?  
    Tough questions!  Do your best…
    love as light,
    stev pitt