Love of Horses

More weekend pictures. This past week we got a lot of snow and for the first time this winter got really cold. On Saturday we went out to visit the horses. Arjan has a horse and loves riding. Horses are for her like computers are for me… :)

One of the things that my wife Arjan is excited about is to setup a "Guru Gobind Singh Training Center" where people can learn martial arts, horse riding, games on horses, archery and physical training. We’ll see what happens :) 





Through the eyes of the horse…

Arjan and the kids making cookies and muffins! Yummy…

9 Responses to “Love of Horses”

  1. Amrit Kaur Gill says:

    The idea for setting up Guru Gobind Singh Training Center sounds really cool. I am pretty sure that if the centre is promoted and Sikhs living in the US and Canada are aware of it, then many Sikhs and Sikh organizations will support it and donate money to help build it. In Canada, there are so many Punjabi radio programs, TV shows, newspapers, and if you reach out to them and tell them about the plan, I am sure Sikhs will help out. It can be a great learning experience for Sikhs and anyone living in the West. I personally know many Sikhs who are attracted to gatka but they do not get the chance or opportunity to learn it because there are not many gatka centres in North America.

  2. khushwant singh says:

    “guru gobind singh training centre” is a good idea.i think u should start promoting your idea and give it a concrete shape.

  3. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    I think the idea of the guru gobind singh training center is a winner. Think of the various subsets of American who would find this a wonderful way to grow and evolve in every way. Just as Summer Soltice is attended by many different people, so this would be. Kushwant ji is right when he says — promote this idea. There should be backers for this.


  4. Ranvir Singh Bassi says:

    The idea for a Guru Gobind Singh Training Center is a deffinate winner.

  5. Baljit Singh says:

    Oh that would be sooo Awesome!!!! if there was a Guru Gobind Singh Ji Training Camp. I love horses! My most favorite animal. I always wished for a camp that would teach us Horseback riding and also if I may add even training Falcons just like gurus time:) Gatka is pretty common with many camps but archery, horseback riding, taming falcons, and also wearing all blue banaas, maybe even making food on campfires, sleeping outdoors in tents, meditation early in the morning all this is a dream come true….all this may seem silly but man I would pay a million to live such a life with other gursikhs even for a week,but a month would be ideal:) I just want to feel exactly the way the singhs and singhnis did back in our Beloved father Guru Gobind Singh Jis time.

  6. Arjan Kaur says:

    Thank you all for these inspiring words! This is a dream of mine for the past 3 years, and I believe that it could happen even beginning this summer… the beginnings of it. My riding teacher is a classically trained European rider and has had her own riding center in the past. She came up with this idea even without me mentioning it to her. She has 160 acres here in Espanola, and she said that her husband has been having dreams for the past 11 years, in which, Yogi Bhajan has been coming to him telling him that he is to give this land to the Sikhs to use. So, I’m sure that he’s not giving it to us, but they are saving it for horse and training use. We’ll keep you all posted! Blessings, Arjan

  7. Pritham says:


    I’ll be around this summer and would love to help make this happen. I loved the horse we would ride up in Mussoorie. Great seeing you and Charanjeet.

  8. Paola di Paolo says:

    Wahe Guru, the horse is a beautiful and noble creature. When a horse looks at us, I believe a horse can see us as we truly are – a horse can see and know us more than we know ourselves. And, for me, the horse is in a neutral space when he looks at us. How amazing the horse is. But I have a terrible thing to bring to your attention – please do not turn away from what I am writing about, do not abandon horses in need. I am living in Canada and we have a terrible and cruel practice here of slaughtering horses for human consumption. Horses are forced into crowded trailers, driven for miles and miles without food, water, or rest, and then forced into crowded feedlots where they can be aggressive due to the stress. Many die from being trampled in the trailers, some give birth on the way to the feedlots. Then they are forced into a line to be slaughtered. Because a horse lifts his or her head when startled, many horses are not fully dead when the slaughtering begins. The US has banned the slaughter of horses for human consumption; however, the US still ships horses to be slaughtered to Mexico and to Canada. Often a racetrack horse or a riding school horse or just someone’s pet horse may not serve that owner’s needs any more. The owner might not realize that by sending his or her horse to auction, the chances are that that horse will endure terrible suffering on the way to and at the slaughter house. People need to know what happens to horses and that they are not disposable, we all need to work together. We have to stop this barbarism against the horse.

    The horse carried the Sikh warriors into battle, the horse is loyal. Let us be loyal and grateful.

    Please help us here, visit websites that help defend horses and their rights to respect, love, and lifelong care. In Canada we have the Coalition to Defend Horses and many rescues who need financial donations. In the US, you have many strong groups working tirelessly to protect horses and to stop their export to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Please put some of that Sikh energy and strength into this work and defend these creatures – as Guru Har Rai defended the weak.

  9. alan says:

    Hi ,
    Oh what beautiful animals horses are. Your photographs are wonderful too.
    kind regards,