ABQ – ESP : Winter Solstice Ride Sharing?

Are you going to the Winter Solstice? Let’s pool our resources and ride-share! 

  • Looking for a ride to/from the ABQ airport before and after Winter Solstice?
  • Have a car and are willing to give someone a ride with you on your way to or from the airport?

To let others know if you are looking for a ride or are able to give a ride please post your Name, contact info, flight time/day and wether you are looking for a ride or able to give a ride.

Post your info below in the comment area at the bottom of this page.

9 Responses to “ABQ – ESP : Winter Solstice Ride Sharing?”

  1. Gurujot Singh (espanola) says:

    i would like to carpool with someone on the way to Albuquerque on wednesday morning. i’m on a southwest flight that leaves at 10:10 am, so i would like to leave at latest by 8.  i just found out that 3HO is not doing the shuttles, it is contracted to a company called “sunshine limousine”. they said if you go to the baggage claim you will see someone holding a sign saying “3HO” and they will have a shuttle going to site at “Circle F dude ranch” every 2 hours. they will be doing this on wednesday the 17, thursday and probably other days. their number is 877-472-5466.

  2. I’m looking for a ride TO the ABQ airport on Thur, Dec 18th (me and son Narayan) to get the 10:10AM flight on Southwest. Anyone have space for me and my son? Will pitch in for gas if you like…

    email me: [email protected] or call: 440-2994


  3. Sat Gurprasad Kaur says:

    My flight leavs at 8:50 am on the 17th and I have room for 1 or 2 persons

  4. Dhanwant Kaur says:

    RIDE AVAILABLE WITH Dhanwant Kaur:

    “I would love to give someone a lift if they want to hop in with me. Can you please post my info on there.

    I am leaving Espanola on Friday the 19th at 4 am to make it to 6:30 flight
    Coming back to ABQ on 25th at 9:35 am

    – don’t know if anyone else will be here that early but I would not mind giving someone a ride as well.”

    email: [email protected]
    call: 692-6627

  5. Gurujot Singh (espanola) says:

    by the way my number is 692-9093 and the sunshine limo service charges $20 both ways

  6. Hari Singh Khalsa says:

    I’m not going to Winter Solstice, so this isn’t as great of a concern for me, but I am curious as to why you put this page together when there is already a category dealing specifically with ride sharing for Winter Solstice 2008 on Yogi’s List http://yogislist.3ho.org/index.php

    Maybe there are some downsides to this that I’m unfamiliar with, but it seems like it would be more advantageous to pool everybody’s efforts in one place rather than have disparate sites that people have to visit.


  7. Hari, I didn’t know about that part of the yogi’s list. The link about rides is pretty small on 3HO and I didn’t even know about it. Would be good to promote it a bit more since transportation is always a big issue for people. Should be a part of an email you get from 3HO when you register.

    Anyways… there is always next year :)

  8. siri deva khalsa says:

    we’re full  going there but i will have room coming back dec. 31 (new year’s eve) around 4pm.

  9. Dhanwant, maybe I can ride with you. I have a flight on Friday.