SikhNet Choices

Here is the latest in the SikhNet FUN-Raiser. This is a fun video that me and Gurujot Singh put together. The video is a spoof on Gurujot’s video titled: "Choices", and was a submission for the 2007 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival.

Many of you have been browsing and seeing the different messages throughout the website asking for your support. This video plays upon the story of an "every day Sikh" browsing SikhNet and a few choices that he has when he comes to the website and see the fundraiser messages.

We had fun making the video, and hope that it brings a smile to your face (and of course encourages you to support SikhNet!) 

5 Responses to “SikhNet Choices”

  1. gurvinderpal says:

    what the… wow GJ def nutz homes in a good way

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    It’s entertaining, but definitely Gurujot’s first movie is the best and should have won the festival. I liked the other movies, but the winners to me were Gurujot’s “choices” and “Guru Nanak please come back” and Angad Singh’s movie. The movies that ended up winning seemed like professional movies, but they weren’t as inspiring as the above mentioned.

  3. Anu says:

    HOW DOES GOD LOOK? I am a true believer of sikhism, living in the us for 20yrs, have gotten closer to sikhism with every passing day. For last couple days my mind has been pondering on one question: HOW DOES GOD LOOK? I have heard some mention of God having no shape, size, form, or physical attributes, but my heart says God must have some form? I really want to know how God looks. If anyone out there can help me find the right answer, please do. Thank you.

    I love your website Mr. Sikhnet, keep it up! I would love to help fund this site to spread the True word of the True Guru to the whole world.


  4. Gurinder "G" says:

    Anu, good thought.

    Just like light has two properties, it behaves like a particle and a wave.

    your question HOw God looks like? God has two properties. God is everything that we see in the energy form, from plants to animals, from wind, mountains, stars, galaxies. This is the physical form, which we can see.

    Yet God is also separate from everything at the same time ( just like light has particle and wave like properties at the same time) Therefore, God also has no shape, size or physical attributes.

  5. Anu says:

    Thank you Gurinder G, I think I’ve found my answer finally! Thank you so much, it’s so clear to me now…! Wow!